Vintage furniture in the kitchen classic ideas very original

furniture vintage kitchen color blue wood ideas

The style vintage and the ideas of vintage furniture for the kitchen that we show today in this article can help anyone who is open a classic style, playful image and a leap back in time dealing with the design of your kitchen. Whether you are thinking of a design full of vintage furniture that makes a strong reference to a bygone era, or are simply trying to arrange your design in general with some period decorations, today we present a lot of options to choose from.

Vintage furniture from the original kitchen

bar chairs green leather vintage style kitchen ideas

Since we are talking about vintage design and decoration, it may be useful to first delineate the differences between the old, vintage and retro styles - all of which are commonly cited by the owners and designers of the kitchens that we are showing you in the images. In general, "old" is the design in which elements with more than 100 years old are used. "vintage" refers to an article that is both very representative of a particular time or not simply not more than 20 years old but has a lot of value is the style that most favors recycling.

Vintage furniture in the kitchen for lovers of classic style

Bryan Reiss cooks traditional furniture white wood ideas

The current design that is called vintage refers generally to the styles that originated between the 1930s and 1950s. In particular, the playful, optimistic and futuristic "retro" designs of the post-World War II era are the popular styles that Today we call vintage. Decorating a vintage style kitchen with furniture of reference styles can offer us an infinite number of options.

Vintage style table and chairs for the kitchen

kitchen large dining room table chairs vintage ideas

From works of art to kitchen accessories, all of them can be paired with specifically vintage designs, or incorporated in different design styles. One of the simplest ways to decorate a kitchen with vintage designs is with classic kitchen utensils and accessories or time.

Vintage style island and gray wood floor to ceiling cabinets

kitchen large vintage furniture blue island ideas

Blenders, coffee makers, toasters and other small appliances that are available in period styles, often with restored or new designs that are copies of those used in the 1950s and 1960s of course come in bright and striking colors such as yellow , green, orange and red.

Island of wood and white and brown cabinets in vintage style

Kitchen Vintage Style White Island Countertop Marble Ideas

A work of art can also be a good option to add a vintage appeal to your kitchen design. From paintings and prints from the 1950s to vintage advertising or political posters from the Modernist or Impressionist World War II era, works of art can add great visual interest to any kitchen design in vintage style.

Vintage wooden chairs for kitchen in vintage style

kitchen furniture vintage chairs wood neutral colors ideas

Another option for decorating period kitchens is wallpaper. Colors and playful designs are often incorporated, sometimes covering entire walls, and other times they use as a flourish on a back wall or as a lining for the back of a vintage closet. Polka dots and other popular wallpaper patterns from the post-war era can be a great addition to a vintage kitchen design.

Light green walls in the designer's vintage kitchen Darlene Molnar

Darlene Molnar furniture vintage kitchen traditional island ideas

The first distinctive feature of the vintage kitchen is the brightness. For the creation of the kitchen in the vintage style, the designers as we can see in the photos prefer the juicy and cheerful colors. Often, in an interior several bright colors are combined, so the kitchen becomes fun and attractive.

Blue vintage style home appliances

rustic style vintage kitchen appliances blue ideas

The color in a vintage kitchen can not only be noticed in the decoration, but also in the furniture and appliances. Another characteristic is ingenuity and even primitivism. Of course, it is perceived as such from our point of view since we are living in another era.

Marble for luxury Mediterranean style kitchens

island countertop marble cabinets contemporary style kitchen vintage ideas

We continue with one more feature that is the abundance of decoration. As already mentioned, the desire for minimalism has not yet manifested and did not have much influence on the designs of the last century, so that people actively decorate the interior with a multitude of small and large objects.

Kitchen in the designer's vintage style Jamie Herzlinger

Jamie Herzlinger yellow color furniture kitchen dining ideas

The basic materials for the walls are wallpaper or paint. Of course, they have to be very bright. Use wallpaper with ornaments or drawings. The design of the vintage kitchen emphasize the wallpaper with stripes, polka dots, pictures or flowers.

Combination of rustic and vintage style in the kitchen

Jorge Ulibarri kitchen beige stone ideas

If you find wallpaper with pattern or gastronomic themes: for example, with the image of sweets, cakes, pots, trays, fruits, coffee cups and the like will be perfect. For those surfaces that must be protected from moisture, grease and high temperatures, the tiles are perfect. On the dashboard of the vintage kitchen, we find small white tiles or because of not one shade or several bright colors.

Kitchen with small wooden island in black color

Jorge Ulibarri furniture vintage style mediterranean kitchen ideas

For flooring in a kitchen with vintage design, you can select large tiles of two colors, arranged in a chessboard pattern. They can be created in black and white, blue and brown and beige, etc. In those days, this type of flooring is very popular not only in vintage space.

Large kitchens with stone walls and vintage wooden furniture

Jorge Ulibarri furniture vintage tuscan kitchen ideas

If floors with this pattern are not to your liking, there are other options. For example, it is possible to place tiles in two colors, fishbone stripes or zigzags. Or give bright linoleum preference with a geometric pattern. The floor of the vintage kitchen should be the same attractive and should draw attention, as well as to any environment as a whole.

Kitchen with leather and wooden chairs of different colors of the designer Kerrie Kelly

Kerrie Kelly neutral colors kitchen combination chairs ideas

If you do not want or can not afford to change all the furniture in the kitchen but if you want a vintage design, you can choose to paint your old white furniture. This also applies to people who do not want bright colored furniture. The doors must match the cabinets.

Large kitchen with white wood vintage furniture

Lauren Jacobson white cabinets countertops black ideas

You can also include in the kitchen details of minimalist and modern style, but with a condition they must be very bright and colorful. This furniture will make the kitchen elegant and fun.

Beautiful designer kitchen Lauren Levant Bland

Lauren Levant Bland furniture color white wood ideas

If you already have custom-made kitchen furniture, but want a vintage design, you can include the set with retro kitchen design such as a table with lower drawers or you can add shelves to the wall instead of built-in wall-mounted furniture. This not only emphasizes vintage design, but also makes your workspace more practical and lighter.

Kitchen with vintage style cabinets and decoration

Melissa Newirth vintage furniture kitchen cabinets ideas

Vintage kitchen furniture with glass doors and appropriately chosen accessories also accentuate the style. The cupboards acquire "vintage patina", thanks to retro handles. Another piece of furniture, indispensable for the vintage style kitchen is a buffet. But the buffet better add them if we are designing a kitchen with dining room to give a special retro charm.

Kitchen with white wood furniture and gray island

furniture wood kitchen vintage island gray ideas

vintage furniture open kitchen dining wood ideas

vintage furniture kitchen large wood island big ideas

vintage furniture kitchen white cabinets yellow wall ideas

vintage furniture kitchen cabinets island high chairs ideas

vintage furniture kitchen cupboards dark green ideas

vintage furniture kitchen candelabra basin ideas

furniture vintage kitchen kitchen island chairs high wood ideas

vintage furniture kitchen blue color wood cabinets ideas

furniture vintage kitchen color black white ideas

vintage furniture kitchen dining white wood ideas

vintage furniture kitchen shelf original lamp ideas

vintage furniture kitchen contemporary style white cabinets ideas

furniture vintage kitchen rustic style wall stone ideas

vintage furniture kitchen blue island modern ideas

vintage furniture kitchen island chandeliers hanging ceiling ideas

furniture vintage kitchen island small color white wood ideas

furniture vintage kitchen island traditional wood ideas

furniture vintage kitchen lamparas cabinets island wood ideas

furniture vintage kitchen long table dining ideas

vintage furniture kitchen white wood cabinets floor ceiling ideas

vintage furniture white wood kitchen shelves ideas

furniture vintage kitchen wood gray wall red ideas

furniture vintage kitchen wood island floor precious ideas

vintage furniture traditional kitchen cabinets white red ideas

vintage furniture vintage kitchen cupboards doors glass ideas

vintage furniture traditional style kitchen black cabinets ideas


Regina Bilotta Yellow vintage furniture kitchen green brown ideas


Therese Kenney furniture vintage kitchen contemporary style ideas

Therese Kenney furniture vintage kitchen wood ideas

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