Vintage mirrors - retro designs that mark style

deco interior vintage mirror

Today we present the return of the vintage mirrors ; thirty eight models of retro design mirrors that will give the decoration of your home a very special romantic touch. The interesting thing about these mirrors are their elaborate frames with ornaments and in some cases also their shape.

Decorate interiors with vintage mirrors

shabby white deco mirror

The mirror that we see above presents the characteristics of classic style that we will find often; ornaments with classic vegetable motifs in the frame and an oval shape. The frame has been painted white with some flaws, this has given it an aspect of Shabby chic style very original.

Large retro design mirror

pretty mirror lavender flowers

This next model has also been decorated with paint, although in this case pale gray to match the rest of the ornaments. The mirror It is large and rectangular in shape or rather pentagon. Due to its size, it is ideal for entrances and receivers, accompanied by a classic dresser.

Bathroom with vintage mirrors

deco bathroom retro mirrors

The design we see above shows a very original retro decoration. Different vintage mirrors have been placed on the wall of the bathroom. The mirrors are retro style and none have a frame. All of them are of different shapes and together they form a very pleasing rhythm to the eye.

Wall decoration with retro style mirrors

deco walls mirrors retro style

Something similar happens in this entrance wall decoration, but in this case the mirrors do have frames, all of them white. Modern design mirrors of geometric shapes have been combined with a super oval retro mirror with ornaments in the frame.

Oval-shaped golden mirror

golden mirror design vintage style

As you can see, the vintage mirrors stand out and complete the look of the interior spaces. Retro fashion can be characterized wonderfully if we add a mirror of this style to the decoration. Then we leave you with the rest of the images from our gallery, we hope you enjoy the tour.

Luxurious bedroom with retro mirror

bedroom retro style luxurious mirror

After having commented on these designs, we will talk a little about how to decorate the house and about the idea of ​​using mirrors in interior design. With the help of mirrors, you can not only decorate your home, but also transform it. There are furniture with mirror, full-length mirrors, mirrors with lighting and much more.

Retro mirror with golden frame

mirror design golden retro style

The ways of using mirrors to create the illusion of space, emphasizing the reflection of light and to give more charm to your decoration are many. The mirror is one of the most common objects of the house, in fact, it offers us many decorating opportunities, according to its quality it is comparable only with the interior lighting.

Rectangular gold mirror

golden mirror rectangular shape frame

With the help of mirror surfaces we can create a spatial image of the design, to complement and give life to the interior. In interiors with fireplaces it is a good idea to put a glass mirror right in front of it to create the illusion that the fireplace is right in the center of the room.

Nice retro-style golden mirror

mirror retro style globe

The interior of the room, reflected in the mirror, allows it to look much wider and brighter. Large windows will fill the room with light. But a large mirror with an elegant vintage frame, can emphasize the height of the ceiling or the architectural details of the space.

Vintage style mirror with unpainted frame

retro style mirror unpainted frame

The mirror inside your home will be a nice decoration as long as the frame is well selected. Although there are unique options that can fit any design. As you can see in the pictures here are vintage mirrors with frames with original finishes but you can order copies for mirrors of any size and style for this you should look for specialized workshops.

Retro mirror painted in light blue

retro mirror color light blue

The classic frames are made of wood. However, a mirror in a sturdy wooden frame can make the space look visually heavier. You can also choose a very suitable bronze frame in spaces with baroco design and decoration. A frame made of colored aluminum can be combined with the interior designed in contemporary or modern style.

Retro mirror with white frame

white square retro mirror

One of the decorations to which we have been accustomed is the sweet and moving compositions of photos or paintings. They are placed on the tables and the fireplace, hanging on the walls. To do this, we chose a few photos that are appropriate and have to do with the theme, color or texture of the frames. Our advice is to try to do the same with mirrors.

shabby chic vintage style mirror

For example, the arrangement of several mirrors in different ways will add refinement and depth to the space. When creating a composition with several mirrors they have to have some relation. This may be the color of the frames or the function of their finishes. These solutions are used to design the bedroom area, the living room or the hallway.

large mirror retro design

The mirrors reflect the opposite objects, so you have to think carefully about what you are going to place in front of them. It can be furniture, decorative objects and lighting. Mirrors are an effective element in many difficult situations related to decoration. The mirrors can be arranged in groups or individually, have an absolutely smooth surface or ingenious inlays. They can even be an object of art, when they are decorated with patina, engraving, paint or other details.

oval mirror retro design

oval white pineapple pine mirror

retro style mirror pretty design

gold retro style mirror

mirror retro style original design

golden oval vintage mirrors

vintage style mirrors classic design

golden vintage rectangular shape mirrors

original round mirror decoration

vintage style mirror aged frame

vertical rectangular vintage style mirror

retro mirror white frame

super modern deco vintage mirrors

super round mirror retro bolanco

original design retro white mirror

original decor wall mirrors retro

original design frame mirror mirror

original design mirror retro style

original mirror frame retro design

luxurious salon retro mirror

manor halls vintage style mirrors

toilet design mirror retro style

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