Vintage wedding decoration original for your special day

path vintage table center table vintage wedding style ideas

Do you want to organize a wedding and a celebration of luxury, memorable? In our article today we show you some original vinatage wedding decoration ideas to inspire you. The first thing you should do is have a great attention to detail when dealing with the decoration of your wedding . Why is this so important?

Vintage wedding ideas to decorate the grooms table

vintage weddings original decoration sweethearts table ideas

Because a well-selected wedding decoration will create a grandiose and solemn harmonious atmosphere full of glamor romanticism and luxury. Many companies specializing in wedding decoration offer a large number of design options for the space where the ceremony, the banquet, the church, etc. will be held.

Vintage weddings and ideas for wedding arch decoration

vintage weddings original decoration bow ideas

But you can not miss this diversity of ideas that you have in this article and that can help you find your own style. And because we want to help you - in this section we have put together the most interesting photos related to the decoration of vintage weddings, the wedding tables for the celebration.

Ideas for outdoor vintage weddings with very original decoration

vintage weddings original decoration benches ceremony ideas

In addition, this style and decoration is combined very well with other styles as you can see in these images. For example if you want a romantic vintage ceremony to enjoy a unique atmosphere remember that bright and very bold colors are not recommended.

Retro details to decorate the wedding party table

vintage weddings original decoration center table ideas

Our advice is to opt for a dull pink color in combination with white so that the accents of color are in harmony. First, select some shades of pink, in which you want to see the decorative elements.

Very nice white steel wedding bow

vintage weddings original decoration wedding ceremony ideas

Then choose some classic accessories usually color or complementary colors. For the decoration of the banquet room you can use transparent fabric or satin fabric that looks very nice tied in the chairs or hanging in decorative arches. To all this you can add some delicate rose petals.

Luxurious decoration hanging from the ceiling

vintage weddings original decoration hanging ideas

The originality of the vintage style is that it brings together elements from different periods and you can even add elements from different cultures such as metal vases from the 60s decorating a table with a path with African motifs.

Ideas of centers for very nice round tables

banquet wedding vintage decoration design ideas

You have the freedom to experiment but do not forget that you must create a harmonious environment with coherent details.

Ideas to decorate the entrance of the reception and surprise your guests

vintage weddings original decoration entrance ceremony ideas

If you choose a vintage wedding decoration but want something interesting our advice is to opt for natural colors and materials and ornaments with ethnic patterns or floral motifs. These details will be perfect for a summer wedding in the garden or on a terrace.

Original decoration for outdoor weddings

vintage weddings original decoration ideas garden

A vintage decoration is an ideal choice for outdoor celebrations in spring and summer. Since some of the main characteristics of the style, are the naturalness and simplicity, the use of vintage accessories and natural materials.

A decoration option with cages for your wedding

vintage weddings original decoration cages table ideas

In combination with dark and muted colors create an even better scene. To recreate the retro atmosphere you can use fresh dark colored flowers, retro wooden furniture, wine boxes, grapes, candles and boxes.

Vintage decoration with flowers

vintage weddings original decoration table flowers ideas

Choosing yourself the decoration of your wedding is a great opportunity to show your imagination taste and style. And let's say what you say is the only one that is going to decide how you want your decoration to be.

Centerpiece and decoration for the dishes very nice

vintage weddings original decoration wooden table ideas

We have already commented that the vintage style can be combined with other styles and soft color detail but if this is not for you. Then forget the muted soft tones, because a vintage decoration can be full of bright details of purple, red and crimson.

Ideas to decorate the entrance and the plane of the seats of the banquet guests

banquet wedding decoration vintage style options ideas

The banquet room can be decorated with ribbons of these colors. For the center of the table you can choose bouquets of flowers and vases with berries, which will also be a delight for guests. The berries can also be used to decorate garland garlands that decorate the room.

Ideas to decorate the table of the couple with branches and candles

wedding weddings original decoration grooms table ideas

Who would not like to enter a room where the decoration has recreated the luxury and radiance of a bygone era. For your vintage wedding it is most appropriate to use a variety of vintage decorative elements.

Vintage decoration ideas for the cake table

vintage weddings original decoration table pastries ideas

The decoration of the table and the room can be in a retro style complemented by sequins, rhinestones, multicolored feathers and skins to add luxury.

Decoration with fresh flowers of dark colors for the tables of the reception

vintage weddings original decoration table red white ideas

Usually, a banquet room in gold and light beige decorated with candles, wooden boxes and vintage pearls will be perfect. For your vintage wedding you can rent a retro car with which all the guests can take photos.

Options for wedding rings

vintage weddings original decoration options rings wedding wood ideas

If your wedding was held in winter and you want a little warmth in the cold season, creating an atmosphere of comfort and luxury will be your purpose.

Wedding reception table with very nice decoration

vintage weddings original decoration plants center table ideas

And to fulfill it our advice is to try to focus on the decoration of the room with decorative elements of knitting: tablecloths, frames for candlesticks, chairs, glasses. For better lighting choose a bright but also off, which is diluted in its bright accents.

Vintage bow perfect for an intimate wedding

wedding weddings original decoration intimate wedding ideas

We have already commented how you can decorate summer weddings for spring and winter and if you think that we have forgotten about autumn a beautiful time for organizing a wedding.

Very nice bouquet of flowers and fresh plants to decorate the table

vintage weddings original decoration bouquet flowers center table ideas

That thanks to the great abundance of colors with very nice tones that can be used to impress all the guests. You can experiment with shades of yellow, red, copper, beige, gold and even with olive tones.

An idea of ​​a pretty vintage bridal bouquet

vintage weddings original decoration bouquet bride ideas

Nature is the best inspiration for decorating the banquet room. For decorating the table and the room you can use dried leaves, sunflowers, red apples and many more typical autumn details.

Ideas to decorate the ceremony room with fruits and flowers

vintage weddings original decoration room ceremony ideas

If you can and time allows you can select a scenic area in the park with a spectacular fall landscape for a magical photo session. If you want to have a wedding that is distinguished by the warmth, comfort and style, you can choose some details of the rustic style.

Three very original ideas to decorate the ceremony room

vintage weddings original decoration several options ideas

Especially when your most special day is in winter. For decoration in general you can use soft colors such as white, brown, cream, beige. They can be diluted with more vivid tones of blue, dull yellow, light blue or green.

A very romantic vintage decoration

vintage weddings original decoration candles center ideas

Usually, in the decoration is very good option to use natural materials such as wicker baskets, plants, branches, wooden boxes, tree branches and everything you can imagine.

Ideas to illuminate the table of the couple

caremonia weddings vintage decoration table ideas

Easy and fun are the main advantages of rural vintage style, in which luxury ornaments do not take place. Of course, a wedding with rustic and vintage decoration is better organized outdoors in the nature surrounded.

Very original decoration ideas

center decorate table vintage style vintage wedding ideas

The place can decorate it with elements of thematic decoration: barrels, straw, sunflowers, baskets, cones and other typical attributes of these two styles.

Vintage decoration with bottles and candles of different colors

center table wedding vintage candles ideas

Any vintage wedding with forest motives are always distinguished by a magic and special mystery. For this type of celebration it is best to choose a nice place in nature with a forest landscape.

A very attractive centerpiece with vintage design

high centers table weddings vintage original decoration ideas

To make use of soft muted colors with predominance of green. Decorate a space inspired by nature with natural materials such as, for example, the tables can be decorated with wild flowers, branches, candles, ferns. Bark of trees with candles inside and wreaths of flowers.

Plants and candles to decorate the table at outdoor vintage weddings

centers table weddings vintage flowers pots ideas

All these combinations of vintage weddings in which you play with details of other styles may be for you. But before choosing, we propose one more thing.

Very elaborate vintage wedding decoration

spectacular design vintage wedding decoration ideas

For a romantic atmosphere that you and your partner will never forget you can accentuate your decoration with details of some favorite place you have traveled or want to visit.

Vintage decoration for the very colorful and attractive table

flowers plants wedding center table ideas

The main emphasis of this theme will be to emphasize things typical of the country, for example if it is Italy, the olives, the Italian wines and of course the wild vines.

Ideas for lighting outdoor weddings

lighting original vintage wedding table ideas

To succeed with vintage wedding decoration do not forget the arch and chairs that can be decorated with green leaves and branches or an ideal composition of herbs and rare plants for wedding decoration.

One more idea of ​​a vintage centerpiece to decorate the table at your wedding

wedding table design simple vintage ideas

Now finally we will comment on the typical vintage style without any combination. The good thing about vintage style is that it is not limited to a certain range of colors, but more often for events for which a vintage decoration has been chosen, dark green, blue, burgundy and peach tones are the most appropriate.

Very nice details to decorate the table in vintage style

table weddings vintage outdoors options ideas

If you want to decorate with many fabrics, you can use velvet and satin, woolen fabrics and other natural materials.

A wooden table with vintage decoration

decorated table wedding vintage design ideas

Often used as decoration elements the walls of the banquet room provided they are made of brick, wooden beams or spiral staircases will be another thing that if your room has you should choose a vintage decoration without a doubt.

Very original snack table that the guests will love

table entrance guests ceremony wedding vintage ideas

The current vintage style combines perfectly with the charm and simplicity of a bygone era and with any modern luxury trend.

Small sprigs to decorate the chairs of the ceremony

chairs ceremony wedding vintage decoration ideas

For a vintage atmosphere, we recommend that you use antique furniture, mirrors, books in poor condition, old dishes, flowers and interesting decorations.

Outdoor vintage wedding options

vintage wedding options cobinar styles ideas

As we have realized the vintage style can be different. But regardless of the trend you choose for a wedding.

Path to the precious altar with rose petals and candles

road altar wedding options style modern ideas

Make sure you like it so that after many years you see your newlyweds photos and be happy about what you are seeing.

Table with beautiful flower path

center table design interesting wedding ideas

Now we leave you with our images with vintage wedding decorations to inspire you.

Ideas to decorate the ceiling of the room with flowers hanging

flowers hanging ceiling wedding decoration vintage ideas

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