Vinyl floor click: Advantages of this off-road floor covering


More and more houses have a vinyl floor click . And for good reason: this modern floor It combines an impressive functionality with an incredible design. Find out more about these soils here.

The practical technical characteristics of this vinyl floor click make it a true all-terrain, so it fits very well in any room. Also, visually this floor has a lot to offer.


Design floors with click system that succeed

The vinyl floor It has been available in the market for more than 50 years. However, click vinyl flooring is a relatively new variant that took the laminate floor as an example and linked its ease of installation with durable material polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so it is sometimes referred to as vinyl laminate . Thanks to this intelligent combination, the vinyl floor click manages to impose itself on others floor coverings .

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Vinyl floor click vs. PVC floor

The PVC floor Classic is known as a roll product with subtle or extravagant designs. Because it is designed with a thin layer, it should generally be glued over the entire surface, so that it does not slip or deform under heavy loads. In the case of vinyl floor click, the name already gives an idea that the ground It is not going to stick, but simply click. Instead of using roll products, the planks are joined to each other thanks to their click system. This makes the installation very easy and can even be carried out by anyone without previous experience or knowledge and still obtain a good result. In addition, in case of damage individual panels can be easily replaced.

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Vinyl floor vs. Parquet

If you want to enjoy a natural environment in your rooms, you will normally have to choose between parquet floors or design floors . An important argument in favor of click vinyl floors is, above all, the huge price difference compared to the real wood floors : while high quality parquet often costs € 80 per square meter, the vinyl floor click has a price of approximately € 20 per square meter. At the same time, modern vinyl floors are hardly different from authentic wood floors, as they have an incredibly real effect thanks to their raised surface. In addition, the tables are extremely easy to care for, while the parquet It should be greased or varnished regularly to maintain its attractive appearance.


Vinyl floor click vs. Laminate floor

But what about the little brother of parquet, laminate flooring? This theme is famous because vinyl floor click is more demanded by its price more cheap compared to his great role model. But it's not just for that. The vinyl floor click has other characteristics that make it superior to laminate flooring. Some of them are, for example, their moisture resistance , which makes them a suitable soil option for the bathroom and the kitchen. In addition, it scores for its greater durability, which is due to the robust polyurethane layer. Compared to conventional laminate flooring, the vinyl flooring surface is warmer and the low construction height reduces the risk of having to sand the doors for attachment to the substrate.


Even easier installation with the Drop-Down system

The already simple placement of vinyl laminate it was further improved by the manufacturer of the Gerflor brand. In addition, the company equips its premium vinyl floor Senso Clic Premium, which is produced in France, with a special click system.

Normally, the panels must be maintained at a 45º angle to each other in order to be able to join them later by means of click connections. But with Gerflor's Drop-Down system, you no longer have to worry about keeping the right angle! You can easily download the table you want to place from the top of the other table. This makes installation easier and faster and you can also step on your new floor immediately after installation. With this refined design, Gerflor demonstrates its experience and development of future-oriented products and presents Senso Clic Premium, a click vinyl floor that will set a trend.

But that simple accessory is not the only advantage offered by this floor. Likewise, it has a resistant wear layer of 0.55 mm thickness and, therefore, can even be used in commercial areas . At the same time, it guarantees greater security, since it is fire retardant Y anti-slip. The collection includes more than 25 different decorations that you can find in the online store BRICONEO . Among them you will find several designs of imitation of wood, as well as variants of stone imitation, so you can let your imagination fly when designing your rooms.


Buy vinyl floor click: important aspects to consider

If you want to ensure a stylish vinyl floor click for your next renovation project, you should take a look at its wear layer. This will tell you if the floor covering can withstand future loads. A wear layer of 0.3 mm is more than adequate for households, While for shopping areas a thickness of 0.55 mm is recommended. In addition, you can orient yourself with the class of use of the product and, therefore, verify if the floor is suitable for the desired location

If you want to combine a heating system with the boards, check beforehand if the product can be combined with it. Keep in mind that the electrical systems of underfloor heating they can quickly reach high temperatures and cause material damage. Knowing this, you can equip your facilities with a vinyl floor click safely!


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