Vivid colors for the decoration of living rooms

Salon style shabby patterned flowers

The living rooms and living rooms may be the largest living quarters in the entire home, and also the most social areas. In them we meet to hang out, eat or even work; It is for this reason that these spaces must meet all these needs and also do it with style. Today we will show great ideas for decorating interiors using a variety of colors .

Design of living rooms with various colors

carpet letters salon various colors

As we already know, each tonality provides sensations and modifies moods, but what will happen if we mix different colors in our design? We will obtain wonderful results whenever the selection of colors be suitable for the interior space and also combine well yes, for this we will show several fantastic examples.

Navy blue color lounge decoration

navy blue wall salon deco

Let's see this fabulous model in cold tones where the intense marine blue predominates. This color represents seriousness, knowledge and power. It is free of emotions and passions, unlike the colors of the warm range, making it perfect for those areas dedicated to work or studies.

Design of living room in green tones

green curtains black deer bambi

If we go to contemplate the following design in which the green tones contrast with the white, we will see that an atmosphere of freshness and harmony is breathed. Green is the color of nature par excellence, but also represents growth and hope. On the other hand, if we have already decided on a water-green design, we should know that this color is associated with healing and emotional healing.

Interior design in neutral tones

blue color indigo blue

The combination of muted green and gray in interior decoration is very current, and this is the easiest way to bring naturalness to places without creating too intense contrasts. Next, let's see some examples of living room designs and rooms in which colors of the warm range have been used.

Dull colors for interior decoration

fireplace column metal black armchairs

Starting with the yellow color, we will point out that it symbolizes the sun and represents feelings and sensations of energy, happiness and intelligence. It is often associated with meals and is proven to produce certain reactions in us such as generating muscle mass or stimulating our mental creativity.

Interior design in an intense orange tone

fireplace chair color red skin

Orange is a mixture between the happiness of yellow and the energy of red. Although it is not such an aggressive color, it brings heat to the environment in which it finds itself; for many it is known that it symbolizes enthusiasm, attraction, success, encouragement and encouragement. It is also very visible, so it can be used to highlight or highlight key areas of our design.

Purple living room

living room purple lilac

The shades of purple or lilac also provide energy, but in a different way. This color symbolizes power, ambition and wealth, although it is also associated with wisdom and independence. In the image above you breathe luxury and extravagance, every detail occupies its ideal place creating a perfect harmony in the decoration.

Warm colors for salon design

warm colors off salon deco

Taking into account the reactions that different colors can produce in us, you can start from these ideas to start choosing which shades you will use for the decoration of your living room or living room. In any case, it is not necessary to change furniture completely or change the color of walls or floors,

Living room with beige design

picture colors decoration salon

Just add colorful details to start and in this way we can see how we feel in the new environment. Simply by replacing some accessories such as curtains, carpets or decorative items ... for other complements of the colors that we have selected, we will have made a visible change in our interior design.

Picture of warm and intense colors

intense orange tree

Lounge design with muted tones

design salon colors several off

Living room with blue laminated wall

blue laminate wall room

Wall mosaic in golden tones

mosaic wall fireplace golden colors

Living room furniture in navy blue and gray

living room furniture navy blue gray

Living room with intense blue wall

wall color blue living room

bright orange yellow wall

wall light orange blankets

walls celeste salon colors deco

green walls water clear

bluish gray wall carpet

wall color gray tiles decoration

wall color brown waves sofa

Intense orange wall living room

pink wall living room

wall color green clear water

beige small living room

living room cushions warm colors

living room color navy blue

living room living room column wall

living room several bright colors

Living rooms warm colors

Living rooms furniture colors

salon yellow classic furniture light

salon white furniture yellow toys

Classroom shabby classic style

green decoration salon

modern living room wood round table

living room small living room beige

small room several colors boho

living room green color water blue sofa

armchair color light blue modern

armchairs color orange wall

maroon armchair bright colors

red armchair modern decoration

Celestial sofa green cushions

light green color wall living room

green pistachio colors column armchairs

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