Wall decoration - the 50 most current trends

original wall many shapes colors

Today we want to present the most current trends in Wall decorations ; paintings with geometric shapes and combinations of exquisite tones, do not miss our collection of photos and decide what style would be best in your home, we hope you enjoy the tour.

Wall decoration in the latest fashion

nice decoration of walls shapes

Pastel shades and pale neutrals take a lot this season. Matte finishes that provide a pleasant sensation of softness and all kinds of figures and forms star in the walls of the most modern interior designs. It's time to find your own style for each space, and this is an original and simple way to do it.

White wall decoration with a pink circle

wall salon circle pink

We can make the decoration of walls in different ways, although in this case we suggest using paint. To create the shapes we can use molds that we have previously acquired, or we can create the figures on our own using adhesive paper tape and also a meter.

Steps to paint squares on the wall

how to paint squares wall

Fashion colors are many, usually pale and dry. To be able to use many different tonalities in the same wall, it is preferable that the set is not too flashy to prevent the environment from being too overloaded, or to apply the color note in one or several walls, but not in all of them.

Walls with colored triangles

pretty wall decoration triangles colors

Above we have two really great designs that show this trend in two different versions but that follow the same pattern of Scandinavian style . In a white, illuminated and simple environment, triangles of different sizes and colors have been painted, the result as you can see is really original.

Decorating walls with mandalas

forms mandalas wall color blue orange

Another really impressive design is the one that we can see in the image above, in this case it appears a mandala quite elaborate in blue and orange tones. Its elaboration is not really as expensive as it seems if we use molds to paint it on the wall, the final effect will be truly amazing and original.

Aquamarine bedroom walls

color walls green water dark

In the bedrooms that are bigger you can bet on darker colors for the decoration of the walls. However, to create a contrast effect and to open the interiors it is better that you also use some light colors for the furniture or for other decorative details that will help you create this effect.

How to paint horizontal bands on walls

how to paint walls walls wall bands

On the other hand, to decorate the apredes you can also use the paint to make horizontal bands on the walls. For that you can use different colors and you can make a very original color combinations and you will also have to combine the tones with the other colors of your interior.

Beige wall with gray rhombs

wall decoration kitchen dining room

On the other hand, the decoration of walls can also be done with geometric figures. You can choose the wallpaper with these decorative details or you can also use some panels. In addition the vinyls are also an option in the decoration of the walls and you can also choose them with geometric figures.

Wall decorated with blue shapes

Celestial wall decoration

In addition to the decoration of the apprentices you can also use lighter shades to make the figures compared to the general color of the wall. You will also get a very modern and original touch to your interior using these colors to complete the decoration with furniture and cushions. In this way you can use a white sofa with white and blue cushions of different shades.

Wall decoration with gray triangles

decorate walls gray triangles

In addition, the triangles are also very suitable for the decoration of interior walls and also look great when they are made in different colors. On the other hand, to make these triangles you have to bear in mind that you will have to use a triangular shape that marks the margins. In this way your shapes will have straight lines.

Decorate the walls with blue triangles

decoration of walls dining triangles

On the other hand, you also have to take into account that the triangles can be done in vertical position or inclined as in the previous photo. In this way the vertical triangles will introduce more order in your interior and the inclined ones will break with the order and will give a very interesting touch to your interior.

Walls with colored triangles

decorate walls triangles colors

Also if you want to introduce color and joy in your rooms and bedrooms you can make the triangles of different colors. On the other hand, to make the most complete combinations you can add these colors with other decorative details.

Wall decoration with blue arrows

wall decoration celestial arrows

In addition, the decoration of the walls with figures can be done by replacing the triangles with arrows or other original and interesting figures. On the other hand, these figures can be combined with curtains with the same motifs or similar ones.

Bedroom wall decorated with black triangles

deco bedroom black triangles

On the other hand, you can also choose to use small triangles with a vertical base. In the bedrooms, these triangles fit very well on the wall behind the bed. Besides the decoration you can extend it in the headboard of the bed.

Beige wall decoration

beige bedroom wall decoration

On the other hand, if your bedroom is more spequeños you can choose to make a decoration of walls of clear colroes. You have to bear in mind that light tones open the interiors and fill them with light. This way, your bedrooms and living rooms will look bigger than they really are.

decorate yellow circle wall

On the other hand, bright and intense colors will help you to introduce life and joy into the interiors of your homes. These colors you can use not only in the decoration are furniture, but also in the decoration of walls with paint.

decorate wall bedroom painting

decorate pink triangular walls

gray pink wall decoration

decoration of walls with spots

modern wall decoration

decorate walls pale colors figures

children's bedroom wall color light blue

wall two circles pink color

great decoration wall triangles

great decoration triangles walls

super deco wall baby room

super wall decorated pink shapes

geometric figures color gray red

light blue gray geometric shapes

modern shapes decorating walls design

shapes triangles colors walls

baby room celeste wall

room wall blue arrows

original Nordic wall decoration

original bedroom wall decoration

wall room classic motifs

wall color blue silhouette cat

wall color blue flowers black

white wall pink stars

wall headboard brown shapes

wall living room circle pink living room

classic wall decoration purple

orange ocher wall

nice design modern walls

Decorated wall red shapes

wall decorated doradsas shapes

walls decorated gray shapes

gray wall white shapes

aquamarine room wall

wall brick mandala shapes colors

modern wall squares colors

wall salon square colors

how to paint bands deco wall

paint square ribbon wall

living room deco wall gray

gray blue tones modern wall

triangles rows pink color white

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