Wall design and textures, 50 ideas to be different.

wall design texture curtains colorful

Sometimes some of the walls of the house have textures with which we are not satisfied. It can simply be damage that we need to touch up. When it comes to wall design and textures you can take some measurements. All aimed to make them look better and conform to the style we are looking for. Let's see some creative ideas that will make our walls something different.

Wall design and texture of rocks

wall design black carpet

Wall stickers are great for walls that may seem boring. The positive thing is that there is a great variety of designs and everything can come out for a really competitive price. Styles range from the most modern up to the three-dimensional and artistic. It does not matter if it is the living room or the bathroom, there will always be solutions.

Wall design for room in wood

wall design pictures stool wood

The best thing regarding wall design and adhesives is its ease of assembly and disassembly. If you do not want to paint or prefer to furnish first, it is a viable solution. Something we will see in some images today are the lights on the wall. A variant for small rooms in which the lamps would have little room. It is also a good idea to increase the luminosity in this space.

3D panels, bright room

wall design lamp room spheres

The lights would be embedded in the wall and would be a way to make them different and also save space. Luckily there are panels that bring lights LED incorporated, but of course let the assembly in the hands of professionals. A wall without texture we can say that it has almost no life. Wall design and texture are essential aspects for a modern and harmonious interior.

Elegant wooden deck and rocks

wall design wood bonfire walls

To add texture look first at the state of the walls. Repair and cover the damages first if necessary. In addition to the 3D panels that we will see in the gallery there are simpler and cheaper solutions. You can buy a filler or sand to mix with the paint. Once the paint is mixed with the additive, two coats will be applied to improve the damage and increase the texture.

Panels with integrated lights

wall design modern chair wood

Wood panels are a great way to hide the irregularities that exist on the wall and add texture to your design. On the other hand, a coating of this type can serve as a thermal and acoustic insulator. In addition the wooden panels look wonderful and is used mainly in suburban homes, they are widely used in ethnic style interiors.

Modern cover with floral elements

wall design modern living room led

In the countries of northern Europe and Scandinavia, wood can often be found as a material for the interior decoration of the house. Therefore, the wood is covered with a very thin layer of paint. For example, to add a modern or contemporary touch you can paint your walls bright or black.

Contrast of brick and wood, Studio-TA

wall design bricks kitchen led

With a variety of colors we fall in love with the interiors in which we play with the texture of the stone, with this material you can easily make a memorable and spectacular interior. The stones that are most frequently used for interior walls are granite, marble, limestone and volcanic travertines. Excellent appearance we can obtain with the use of special cloth brick.

Living room with rock panels

wall design woman rocks salon

For the decoration of the chimneys the walls and backs of the kitchens and the walls of the corridors in a retro style, as well as in the style of minimalist, "raw" materials such as stone and brick are often used. The coating with marble is mainly used in indoor bathrooms.

Living room with natural accent

wall design salon music pots

Many people opt for the type of lining material cheaper is the plaster. With it, the surface of the wall can be smooth or with relief, matte, multicolor, texture, etc. To obtain a pattern of relief several stamps, which are applied to the surface while it is still not dried.

Segment of wall with rocks

wall design salon rocks spheres

For tile surfaces in soft plaster, small pieces of broken glass, stones, shells, bricks are pressed. To create a very original interior you can apply different painting techniques, which means your wall may be scratched and because you do not paint the plaster of any color. We can also create a drawing will be more extensive.

Environment contrasting brick and wood

wall design texture apartment wood

Due to the high resistance to moisture and durability, widely used in the interior design of kitchens and bathrooms we can find ceramic tiles. Modern technology offers a great selection of texture and variety of color so that we can create original and luxurious spaces.

Focal lights on walls

wall design texture led glasses

To date, a universal way to decorate the walls is still the use of wallpaper. A wide variety of designs and textures, allows us to use wallpaper for almost any room, no matter if it is a bedroom, living room, nursery, kitchen, hallway, wall paper is appropriate for walls in any style

Surfaces with marble in TV area

wall design marble texture lamps

One more way to decorate the walls are the decorative plaster panels, which are considered the most elegant, resistant, durable and practical option. Each figure is a unique decorative element, which can not be repeated again. An important advantage of this plaster is that it is a natural material that has antibacterial properties, is permeable to water vapor and reflects light, properties that can also have natural stone, marble, fabric, paper, etc.

Bricks in contrasting colors

wall design texture mountains vista

If you are not fond of wallpaper you can create decorative wall paintings that can replace it. With the paint you can create on the walls different elegant designs so that they look very natural thanks to the great selection and variety. The main advantage of the paint for the wall is that it has no smell and is made of natural materials, so it is definitely not harmful to health.

Luminaires integrated in the wall

wall design texture woman gray

Modern minimalist lounge

wall design texture panels table

Luminous atmosphere with skins

wall design texture skins fan

Version with corten steel

steel elegant stairs corten

wall design texture modern living room

high elegant walls chairs carpet

rare seats modern design wood

fireplace stove lamp curtains cushions

cobeetura wall armchairs pictures lamps

kitchen panel wood aesthetic plants

colorful attractive red yellow tables

corative dog brown carpet chairs

cut steel walls apartment lettering

cut steel walls exterior concrete

dark pictures walls sofas texture

elegant wood teccho curtains study

study modern table gray paper

high vase rack stamen detail

cool lose living room white TV

gray modern tapestry paper chair

traditional room lamp pink table

wood stairs sculpture glass apartment

traditional furniture house cushions chairs

stone salon lamp spheres rocks

stones stair wood floor table

stone glass furniture luminous box

silver floral design sofa carpet

comfortable rock living room led house

roses wood kitchen living room center

modern living room bird cage flowers

small deer head decorated candles

window table decoration flowers lamparas

elegant yellow wall staircase snail

aged exterior gray garden wood

fresh blue dining room wall





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