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The theme of interior decoration is always in fashion and we always have many questions and doubts to solve. One of these questions is how to decorate the interior of the house, what elements or details we can use, how to combine the colors, etc. That is why in this article we are going to talk concretely about the paper for walls that you can use to decorate your interior and walls in a very elegant and original way.

Wall paper to decorate the interior

paper for decorating walls

You always have to take into account the rest of the colors that are inside you and what is the predominant style to be able to choose an appropriate wallpaper for walls. Today there are many models and styles of paper that you can use to decorate the interior. You can choose the classic style, a wallpaper with inscriptions or some of the examples that you will see below.

A wall decorated in a very cheerful and lively way with paper

paper for walls decorating interior

The paper for walls that you can bet on may have some landscape or floral motifs. In the interiors where soft colors and pastel colors predominate, these ideas are very good. You can also choose a decorative wallpaper for walls with additional decorative details. In the photo above you can see that these details are the squares that appear on the paper.

Painted paper to decorate the interior with landscapes

paper for walls decorate interior house

On the other hand, the landscapes will help you create very original and attractive interiors. The landscape can be of Chinese or oriental style in the broadest sense of the word. There are some papers for the wall that have the 3D effect and in this way the feeling of depth is created when looking at the wall. It is a very good idea for living rooms and living rooms. However, this type of ideas we advise you to apply only on one of the walls of the interior because otherwise the originality will be lost.

The imitation of a window with wallpaper for walls

wallpaper for walls decorating lounge

On the other hand, you can also choose a wallpaper for walls with an illustrated window. In general, this wallpaper is also 3D effect and this way when you look at the image you will have the feeling of being able to go out the window. This effect is very good in interiors in which the white color predominates because in this way the contours of the window stand out and attract the attention of our eyes.

Wall paper with bamboo images creating a Chinese landscape

interior wall paper

On the other hand, the landscape or the Chinese element can be recreated also with a paper for walls that has other reasons that correspond to this culture. One of these reasons is bamboo and if you choose a paper to paper walls of this type you can create that landscape. The colors and tones of this paper will be very good both in the interiors where the dark color predominates, and in those where the white color predominates. The difference is that in dark interiors there will be a diminishing effect, but in interiors where the predominant white color will fill with light and open. Also with the white color for the furniture you will also create a very beautiful contrast.

Decorating with waterfalls in the living room

wallpaper for interior decoration walls

Among the landscape wall papers you can find many different landscapes and you can choose the one that best matches the interior. The waterfalls are very good and you can also combine the landscape with a soft interior decoration and pastel colors. In the photo above you can get an idea of ​​how the landscape would look in a white interior.

A very attractive and interesting wallpaper to decorate your house

wallpaper for walls decorating lounge

On the other hand, the paper for learning allows you to innovate and create spectacular interiors with images not only of landscapes, but also of the Universe or the Galaxy. In the photo above the decorated wallpaper for walls is also 3D effect and that feeling of depth so typical of it immerses us in space.

The combination of colors with wallpaper and the rest of the interior tones for original walls

wallpaper for walls decorating living room

On the other hand, bright and lively interiors can be obtained with striking colored paper for walls. Near this wall or the wall portion in which you have placed the paper you can place another decorative detail of another striking color or you can hang some curtains. On the other hand, in the rest of the wall you can use another paper to line walls with a strong tone. In the interiors in which you are going to use this idea, we advise you to opt for white furniture to create a balance in the environment.

Decorating the dining room with a paper for walls with original figures

paper for elegant walls

On the other hand, there is paper for walls with figures that will give an elegant touch to the interior. You only have to choose the colors of the figures that will match the colors of your interior. This idea is very good for classrooms and dining rooms. In the kitchen you can also put a wallpaper but we do not advise you because you have to be very careful not to stain it especially if you put it on the dashboard. For the kitchen we advise you to decorate this area with a material that is easy to clean and above all that can be cleaned.

The interior decoration of your home with a very modern and elegant paper

paper for walls modern decoration

On the other hand, for the rooms in which modernity is given by the wood of the furniture you can opt for a paper to decorate brown walls. In the image above you can see a wallpaper of these tonalities that fade and also has another type of decoration in the form of squares. In this way you will increase the style and elegance of the interior.

A paper with flowers leaves flowers falling

wallpaper for walls decorating dining room

However, in interiors that are smaller it is better that you opt for some papers to decorate light colored walls. These papers can have some type of decoration but this decoration will have to be combined with the style of your interior. You can paste on the wall a wallpaper with falling leaves and place some flowers near the wall. In this way you will create a decoration very well combined with each other and the flowers will allow you to finish it.

Decorating the interior and walls of your house with dot paper

paper for walls decorating hall

You can do something similar with a wall paper decorated with dots or circles. In this case you will have to choose the color of the circles. This type of decoration is very appropriate for small interiors because it will open the interior and fill it with light.

A pastel wallpaper with decorations with lines for the interior

wall paper decorate hall 1

On the other hand, you can get the same effect with decorative papers for pastel walls that have a decoration of lines that give a very special shine to the paper and thus give the same brightness to the walls.

Recreating a Chinese landscape with a paper for the wall with a Chinese tree and Chinese letters

wallpaper for living room decoration

In this photo you can see an example of a wallpaper with an inscription. In this case the inscription serves to help define the style of the landscape. However, you can find other wallpapers in which there are inscriptions with quotes, proverbs or some other reason that can help the decoration.

A wallpaper for the interior with a decoration with vertical stripes

paper for interior walls houses

The decoration of the wall with wallpaper with the figure of a girl and butterflies flying

paper for original walls

The same motif of the previous image with a girl and butterflies

wallpaper for walls

A wallpaper with triangles turned to the left of soft tones for the interior

wallpaper to paper walls

A very elegant paper for your interior with black and orange circles

decorative paper for walls

The image of a female face on the wall with wallpaper to decorate

decorated paper for walls

A very modern and elegant two-color wallpaper for your living rooms

papers for the wall

A very spring bedroom with orange and white flowers

decoration paper for walls

The contrast of the colors in the wallpaper to highlight the image

paper for lining walls

The pink paper for the walls of the rooms of your daughters

paper to decorate walls

A wallpaper that increases the elegance and style of the interior of the living room

wall papers

A wallpaper with 3D effects to decorate the interior of your house


A decoration of the walls with striped paper of different colors

papers to decorate walls

A decoration for the interior with a paper of rustic style

decorative papers for walls

A bedroom with more classical decoration with wallpaper on the wall

wallpaper for interior walls

Increasing the style and elegance of the interior with wallpaper for the walls

paper to wall interior walls

A golden-colored paper for the elegant decoration of your living room

decorative paper for interior walls

A landscape in the bedroom created with wallpaper on the walls

decorated paper for bedroom walls

The use of wallpaper on the kitchen wall

papers for the kitchen wall

A paper for the walls with some branches with illustrated leaves

Decoration paper for bedroom walls

A very soft and sweet decoration inside the room of your girl

paper for lining room walls

Some walls decorated with paper with planets and stars for the room of your children

paper to decorate room walls

A paper to decorate the walls combined with the colors of the bedroom

bedroom wall papers

A very cheerful decoration for your daughter's room with pink wallpaper decorated with colored circles

bedroom wall papers 2

A wallpaper with vertical stripes of different colors to decorate the interior

papers to decorate living room walls

A modern decoration of the interior in black and white with a paper for the walls of white color

decorative papers for living room walls

The modern decoration of your bedroom with a white wallpaper with stripes

wallpaper for bedroom walls

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