Wallpapers for kitchen walls

paper wall kitchen color green

Are you thinking of giving color to your kitchen? Do not think twice and choose wallpapers for the walls of the kitchen, we assure you that you will hit one hundred percent. We present twenty-seven fabulous models of colored wallpaper and motifs that are repeated to give that special and cozy touch.

Wallpapers for kitchen walls

pretty paper wall kitchen flowers

Starting with this spectacular example, we will see that there are types of wallpapers for every taste and style. This in particular is very modern but also natural. The beautiful flowers are very realistic and their large size stands out attracting our attention, it is one of the most current trends at this time.

Wallpapers with classic motifs

link painted papers for kitchen

But we will also see that the style is worn retro and vintage in kitchens and dining rooms, for this reason we want to show some examples of wallpapers with some classic motifs that we are used to seeing in the kitchens of our childhood, a nostalgic touch that will create very special atmospheres.

Retro kitchen with yellow wallpaper

kitchen island yellow wallpaper

Wallpaper for the wall offers many advantages such as easy cleaning and maintenance, and that is why so many have opted for this element to decorate the walls of their kitchens. It is also possible to order a specific model from specialized companies, in this way we will also obtain a personalized space.

Modern kitchen with painted wallpaper

modern kitchen paper wall painted

In the image above we can see a very modern design kitchen and a somewhat minimalist and quite functional style. However, the single wall wallpaper has given it a rustic and traditional touch because, although it is a wall paper with plant motifs, it is also of contemporary design.

Kitchen with lime green wallpaper

modern kitchen wall paper green lime

Another example of modern design is shown in the photograph above. In this case it has been tried to break with the neutrality of the white color adding lime green notes but without overloading the environment. The result is really great because the colors have brought vitality and intensified the lighting.

Wall paper painted with colored bands

kitchen paper wall painted bands

An interesting and original way to introduce color and joy in your interior is using colorful wallpaper. You can choose some like the ones you see in the photo that consist of colored bands or you can also choose a paper with motifs and figures of another color. however, if you opt for the second option you will have to combine the paper's motives with similar or similar motifs inside.

Wallpaper in warm tones for kitchens

kitchen red paper wall figures

On the other hand, if you want to make interesting combinations you can choose the range of cool or warm colors. You can use these colors not only for the decoration of the walls with wallpaper, but also for the furniture. In the photo above you can see the combination of orange with yellow on the walls with the color red for furniture. However, you must bear in mind that in this case the use of white is very important to achieve a balance between the tones.

Shabby Chic style kitchen with light blue wallpaper

shabby chic kitchen celeste paper

On the other hand, light colors can be used to create specific styles. The Shabby Chic style is suitable for almost all interiors and you can use the colors of the range of warm tones, but also those of the range of cold tones. In the photo above you can see some blue painted papers that have decorative floral motifs that give a lot of life to the interior. Also as you can see combine with the flowers that are placed on the table.

Wallpaper with glasses and bottles

glasses bottles wallpaper

On the other hand, you have to take into account that the paper that has motifs or decorations that are directly related to the kitchen or dining room are also very appropriate for this interior. In this way in the photo above you can see a paper with decorations with glasses and with very well combined colors and that stick very well. However, you will have to combine the colors of the paper with the colors of the interior of your kitchen.

Shabby Chic kitchen with wallpaper

great shabby chic kitchen paper

Shabby Chic style you can also create with wallpapers with flowers. In the photo above you can see a kitchen in this way and as you can see the color of the paper and flowers corresponds to the characteristics that we have already mentioned. You can also add other decorative details that complement the image of your kitchen.

Kitchen wall paper with swallows

blue swallows paper wall kitchen

paper green bricks kitchen vintage

papers wall kitchen flowers roses

wall papers yellow kitchen wall

wallpapers walls glasses glasses

wallpapers wall kitchen wall

wallpapers wall kitchen pink

wallpapers kitchen retro walls

paper wall kitchen classic style

paper wall kitchen oranges small

paper wall kitchen fake stones

paper wall painted fake bricks

paper wall silver futuristic kitchen

wallpaper color yellow kitchen

dark blue indigo wallpaper

paper wall kitchen zebra gray

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