Walls decoration and style in creative interiors.

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The murals give a completely new air to the walls of our home. Undoubtedly, the air of life that permeates them. They enhance the color in them and give a lot of depth to the walls adding color, life and depth. We have made a compilation of ideas for murals on the wall. Some that of course we can put into practice with simple steps. Although there is no doubt that the most popular method is based on the pictures using triptychs or photographs in random order.

Walls decoration, effect of dynamism

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Walls decoration and murals will be our theme today and especially, the variants using the pictures. The wall that we select is preferable to be in a visible area of ​​the house. An ideal site are those that have the sofa in front, we can select photos of the same series and place them in a row. The frame can be of equal size and with a range of uniform color, can be chrome frames, which combine with some accessory in this area of ​​the house.

Walls decoration, mural with size-shape variation

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In concepts such as decoration walls and murals, originality is always the key. If you do not want to include photos, frames alone can be an option. This will make them very striking, and if we select them from different designs, the set will be more dynamic. Among the pictures we can choose to frame other objects or flowers. We can also create an artistic composition with small objects that we have not used. For this case we should only set a center as a starting point.

Mural abstract theme

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It can be a photograph or a clock and around to go incorporating everything. A triptych with photos of the family or some vacations is a great idea. It can be placed anywhere in the house, including the kitchen. A serious option would be to fix the images to a frame and thus avoid damaging the walls. Walls decoration, materials the possibilities are endless ... enjoy our selection, which is also full of good ideas

Integration of funds

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Enhancement of color and shapes

walls decoration furniture table furniture

Variants for compositions

walls decoration samples samples design

Design from wall angle

walls decoration living room decorated pale

Different elements mixed

walls decoration pictures colors mix

Triptych in watercolor

walls decoration salon wall triptico

Simple low wall

circles creative ideas simple pictures

Mural of painted dishes

creative bird painted mural dishes

Colorful design with dishes

decorative colorful mural dishes designs

decorative diy mural dishes ideas

examples mural box design shapes

contemporary lamp mural wood plants

wood bottle palet diy mural

mural pictures lamapara creative diy

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numbers table furniture lamp wood

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fish dishes house decoration ideas

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zen landscape leaves table composition

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