Walls design and functionality, creation of 2B.Group.

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Walls design and functionality is all that distills this apartment created by 2B.Group. The proposal has been designed for a young couple in Ukraine. Account as we mentioned at the beginning a rusty wall of 30 square meters. In addition to having something very unique and striking a dining table that covers six meters. The walls design and the apartment as a whole receive an abundant light from dawn.

Walls striking wall design

walls design interesting rusty couple

The reason is also its location in one of the most picturesque areas of Ukraine, on the slope of the Dnieper river. Next to the wall and the table that we mentioned, a four-meter lamp is integrated. Although as we can see everything has been shaped in a way natural . Although it should be noted that the apartment has 250 square meters. In general, the design achieved by 2B.Group is charismatic and welcoming.

Walls futuristic lamp design

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Design walls and curtains is how we could summarize the determination of the zones. There is walls of glass that contribute to keeping the space visually open. At the same time, electric operation curtains have been implemented that create spaces by themselves. The effect is very similar as seen in the images to a theater. It could even be thought that the apartment is not inhabited thanks to the vacuum created by the white walls. As you can see in the images of Andrey Bezuglov and Slava Balbek.

Blank walls

walls design curtains white spaces

This also has a very positive effect as other small details of this beautiful creation are enhanced. The table is undoubtedly the meeting point of the family. It is a meeting point to share with friends. Thanks to its dimensions and functional aspects it can also be perfect for work. Undoubtedly personalization has been reached at incredible levels. By saying of their creators This apartment reflects the state of mind and soul of the people who inhabit it. Supremacy of freedom, simplicity and joy.

LED illuminated frame

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Room with a cozy atmosphere

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Curtains next to glass walls

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Open distribution of space

walls design plants furniture flower pots

Visual continuity of space

walls design beds windows glass

Creative projection on the wall

walls design clock projector schedule

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colorful red lamp effect plant

picture textures walls lamp column

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large bedroom curtain furniture window

Transparent doors effect cabinet closet

space corridors luxury glass curtains

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wall shine effect furniture geometric rack

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