Walls in the garden: 75 ideas that you will love

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The potholes, hills and slopes present a challenge for owners of households , because these steep areas of the landscape are areas of difficult access where you are not interested in planting flowers because it will take you a long time. That's why today we thought about presenting you with the best ideas of walls for the yard . Take advantage of these ideas to turn your retaining wall into a useful and attractive object.

Walls for the large stone garden

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Instead of using only one type of material for the wall, you can use a combination of several types of stones. Instead of making a standard retaining wall you can use your imagination and our ideas and incorporate different materials, texture and color. Raise the bar with these ideas that we present you of how to design the wall so that the design of your exterior landscape becomes the talk of the neighborhood. Bring life to your wall by incorporating a large flowerpot.

Walls to separate the plants from the grass

pond large stone wall plants ideas

You can also turn your wall into one by adding climbing plants, such as petunias, lobelia lavender rose. Your wall will explode in colors every spring and summer. Use the wall as a bed for plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Use the spring onions and rosemary to have different heights in its construction. These differences will create an interesting angle of flowers and plants. Add solar lamps around you to create a romantic and attractive glow at night.

Stone wall surrounding the pond in the garden

mediterranean style garden pond wall stones ideas

Another idea is to use pots to save space and have an impact on the project. The mixture of bright colors with beautiful green plants for your pots will create a beautiful contrast of colors and textures. A path of gray stones surrounding your wall will create the perfect scenery at the same time, it will contrast with the colors of your garden. Choose gray slate stones to create the path.

High stone wall decorated with flower pots

mediterranean style garden floor wood decorative flowerpots ideas

Use bright and beautiful flowers in red, orange and yellow tones to plant between the stones. Install the stones along the floor and around the wall to form a beautiful path in your back garden. Make your way to the dirt areas around the house or even the garden furniture. Innovative designs are metal fences filled with polished tiles that make walls decorating the garden.

High wall of plants in this garden with lots of nature

ideas original space garden wall plants tall natural ideas

But you can fill it with any type of stone and, above all, they are not harmful to nature, in fact. The large metal component of the fence and the rock are a great place that birds that can even nest will love. Some may think that the stone wall is something of the past but we assure you that they are making a mistake. But if you do not like it you can always make yourself a concrete wall.

Original ideas for the wall of your garden

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One that is not usually applied frequently are tiles. More than for the entire structure of the walls is something different at the time of covering any wall. They are cheaper compared to other solutions. Visually they look great if we look for a uniform surface in which a single color predominates.

Walls in the gardens selecting materials

garden water stairs tulips lovely ideas

Otherwise you can always combine several colors in the same space. There are great possibilities when it comes to using the tiles for roofs of garden walls. Both in color and in the possible patterns that are achieved with a little creativity. In addition to the walls can be extended to areas such as steps or the finishing of fountains and ponds in our yard.

Tall stone columns decorating the garden

Large garden grass blocks stone high decorative ideas

If concrete is about versatility, it is perhaps the favorite of those mentioned. It is an alternative that requires knowledge and the help of a professional. With the proper techniques it is relatively easy to build walls with interesting shapes. If they exceed one meter in height they require much more specialized care at the time of construction.

Stones of different sizes and stairs to take you to the resting place in the garden

garden lawn stairs concrete wall stones large ideas

For walls of greater height it is common that they are prefabricated. To locate them in the boundaries of the garden, posts with slots on the sides should be included as well. We can not fail to mention the brick because of its visual effect. If it's about walls for a traditional garden, its texture and tonality is the best. The so-called vitrified ones are also offered in the market.

Garden with grass and white wall that protects from unwanted looks

garden grass place resting walls large white ideas

Its difference in prices is higher but we will have more chances to play with color. For the walls of gardens the common bricks besides being more economical has a different image. Its image is more traditional providing a beautiful rustic accent with its terracotta details in different ranges. The brick has as a positive detail the versatility in terms of its combination with other materials.

High wall idea for more privacy in the garden

garden space meals table chairs steel wall ideas

Especially next to the stone will always have a beautiful effect in conjunction with the plants. When trails are used in these cases it is best to have finished in light colors. The stone in other cases is combined with metal meshes that make up the walls. This variant used as retaining walls in gardens on slopes is well known. For the conformation of the walls there are materials to which we can adapt with ease.

Garden with pond and low wall

garden pond small stone walls ideas

The panels are a common case and have different possibilities according to the material. Both galvanized metal and polymers are especially applied in roofing. It is precisely their appearance and strength that makes them perfect for use on walls. In the fences of any type can be used or in segments within the garden itself.

Large garden protected by white stone wall

garden minimalist style large lawn ideas

Especially the metal combined with the wooden poles will have excellent stability. The shape of the panels allows them to be applied in their vertical or horizontal position. The finishes are diverse especially with wood and its combinations. If on the contrary we want to give a new image to our walls it will be enough to apply a layer of plaster.

Old wall of stones of different sizes

garden style rustic benches wood wall high ideas

It is an economical way to renew surfaces. If you do well the imperfections in the walls will be a thing of the past. With a layer of this material with sand, the aesthetic changes completely. The best of all is that there will be no need to paint them once finished. Simply with their texture they look nice and aesthetic to the eye.

Beautiful wall for garden with privacy

garden wall high table chairs minimalist style ideas

If you prefer, it is totally possible to paint them, which must be taken into account that over time they will require periodic maintenance. A coating using the stone is another guarantee of success for an unattractive wall. If we have some disused dishes or pieces of tile can be interspersed between the stones to create a more interesting effect. Now we let you review our images and choose the best idea for your garden we are sure it will be great.

Wall made by large stone blocks for this lovely garden

garden wall concrete two levels table chairs ideas

Pond with two waterfalls and stone wall

garden walls stone fallen water pond ideas

Garden with pavement and low stone wall

garden walls small pavement stones big ideas

Lovely garden several levels divided by walls

garden levels large lovely lounge chairs ideas style

High white wall so that nobody can bother you while you rest in the garden

pergola garden crystal precious wall large white ideas

Garden with large stone block wall lit by candles

beautiful garden night wall stones large candles plants ideas

Garden with lots of vegetation and stone wall

garden rivulet surrounded stones big ideas

Interesting ideas for small wall in the garden

garden chairs colors walls pots concrete ideas

Large stone blocks divide the spaces in this garden

garden floor wood jacuzzi sunshade sunbeds ideas

garden floor stones pots decorative walls ideas

garden several walls stones great interesting ideas

garden several levels high walls original ideas

place stones entrance house wall small original ideas

place stones surrounded lawn ideas walls ferns pretty

high wall color yellow bench wood garden ideas

high wall floats ideas surround modern house

low wall garden decorative elements ideas

white wall high protects privacy garden ideas

Decorative wall modern garden ideas pretty

large white wall decorated protects privacy garden ideas

large wall intimacy garden minimalist style ideas

granite wall multi-level staircase flowers ideas

interesting wall tiles windows idea garden chairs white table

wall jardin idea fallen water precious modern

wall garden stone flowers grass staircase ideas

original wall garden tile ideas rustic style

stone wall color gray ideas pretty

stone wall different place bench wood ideas

wall stone large garden furniture comfortable ideas

wall stones path wood pond big ideas

wall stones color earthy black ideas

wall stones different sizes garden plants bench ideas

wall stones large tall flowers herbs ideas

wall large stones decorative figure garden modern ideas

wall stones plants precious ideas modern garden

wall protects romantic place chairs table ideas

high walls fall water garden ideas flowers

high walls garden stone levels stairs ideas

low walls white color surround space plants garden ideas

Walls tiles decorate house beautiful modern ideas

walls small blocks stone circle precious ideas

walls concrete garden flowers grass stairs ideas

walls concrete garden surrounded plants chairs reclining ideas

walls garden tall plants large pool ideas

walls garden divided two spaces lawn pavement ideas

walls garden entrance house ideas stones nice

walls garden space lovely meals rose grass ideas

walls garden large plants stones stones ideas

garden walls flower pots large floor tiles wood ideas

walls garden nuveles stairs several surrounds house ideas

walls garden plants grass naturalness ideas

garden walls surround place meals ideas

walls garden deck chairs place rest level high ideas

used garden walls benches original ideas pretty

small walls garden large stones lawn ideas

stone walls large fountain garden water ideas

walls stones large sand garden pretty ideas

walls stones large fence green wood ideas

wall fence high stones large different sizes ideas

special light colors ideas

wall walls special wood slats

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