Walls with wood for bedrooms

walls with wood

When we want to decorate our interior in an original and modern way we usually bet on different decorative means such as picture , shelves or photos. In this article we will talk about a very elegant decoration that focuses basically on the walls. It's about the walls with wood , which are covered or covered with this material, although there are also panels for this type of decoration.

Walls with wood for the interior of the house

walls with wood bedrooms

To begin with, it must be said that the wood you use for decorating the walls can have different designs and you can choose some very interesting option. In this photo, the wood on the walls is cut into irregular pieces in terms of shape. These pieces are not placed as if they were assembling a puzzle, but they are superimposed on each other, leaving a small space between the pieces. Behind this panel have been mounted lights that illuminate the empty lines that remain between the wood. This somehow makes the wood shine and highlights the irregularities of it.

The use of wood in the decoration of walls

walls with wood rooms

On the other hand, you can also opt for wooden panels that are the type of headboards that are placed behind the beds. This type of walls decorated with wood are very original and modern and you can also install small lights in them to increase the elegance and style of the interior.

The use of wood in the decoration of the walls of the bedrooms

walls with wood design

On the other hand, in the decoration of walls with wood you can combine types of wood of different colors or textures. In the image above, for example, the light color of the wood of the furniture and the headboard has been combined with the dark color of the wood on the rest of the wall above the bed.

One of the rooms of the luxurious Edelweiss chalet

interior wood walls

In this photo we present you one of the rooms of a very luxurious villa called Edelweiss. This hotel is located in the French Alps, more specifically in Courchevel. As you can see it is a room in which the use of wood is quite widespread, since the wood has been used both for the walls, as for the floor and the ceiling.

An interesting and original design for the wall of your bedroom in combination with mirrors

walls with wood bedroom

In this photo you can see other ideas to decorate walls with wood. You can do it with a wood in which the design allows you to put something else underneath, that is, you can choose a wood in which there are holes. In this way, in the part of the holes you can place mirrors. This way you will get a very modern and elegant interior. Besides the color of the wood you have to combine it with the color of the rest of the bedroom and you can extend the wood also on the floor in slightly darker tones.

A textured wall that mimics the wood for the wall of your bedroom

walls with wood room

The walls with wood are very good also in the bright interiors. However, if your interior is very bright and there are plenty of light colors it is better that you use a material to line walls with wood that imitates it. Also on the wall you can add other types of decorations such as paintings or a fireplace like the photo in gas.

Walls covered with wood to decorate the interior of your house

modern wood walls

On the other hand, the wooden walls of your room can occupy almost all the walls. On the other hand, for the floor you can choose a wood with different shapes or in which wood of different colors have been combined. The wood gives a very natural look to the room and it fits very well in the smaller interiors.

Taking advantage of the figures offered by the cut wood to decorate the interior

walls with wood original bedrooms

On the other hand, the walls in wood also allow us to take advantage of the figures offered by the cut wood. You can place those figures on the wall of your bedroom. If the flower is of a darker color, you can combine this color with the color of the wood of the soil, choosing a dark color too. While the rest of the walls can be a light color. In this way, you will achieve a contrast between the colors of the wood.

The combination of different types of wood and different colors for the decoration of the bedroom walls

walls with wood original rooms

The combination of colors and textures can also be done by choosing more muted tones of the colors of the wood. At the time of color you can make different shapes with both colors to find the contrast in colors and shapes. As you can see in the photo above, this contrast has been achieved and the light color of the wood seems to stand out, while the dark color makes the background paper.

A bedroom decorated with the color of wood on the walls and the color white

original wood interior walls

If your room is smaller, you can use a light colored wood and combine it with the white color to give the feeling of more spaciousness.

A very modern and original bed placed on a wooden platform that extends through the wall

decorate walls with wood

Different designs of the wood for the decoration of the walls

line walls with wood

A horizontal design of the wood with projections for the decoration of walls

walls decorated with wood

The verticality of the wood designed for the walls of your bedroom

wooden walls

Walls with wood for interior decoration

wooden walls

A room with a sloping roof and a wooden covered wall that follows the inclination of the ceiling

decoration of walls with wood

A wooden decoration made with small squares for the wall

wood on the walls

Make the room completely wooden

decorate walls with wood bedrooms

The use of recycled and polished wood for interior decoration

line interior wood walls

The tonalities of the wood in combination with the colors of the interior

walls decorated with wood rooms

A simple decoration of the walls with wood

wooden walls bedrooms

Covering the floor and wooden walls of the same color

interior wooden walls


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