Waterfalls and waterfalls in the garden - 75 ideas

great waterfall photo cover garden

The waterfalls and waterfalls they are the choice of many landscape designers for the most modern garden fountains today, so today we present a collection of seventy-five outdoor photographs with cascade fountains of different styles, we hope you enjoy the tour.

Design of gardens with waterfalls and waterfalls

nice design waterfall cataracts garden

Besides being pleasant to the eye and to the ear, the sources of cataract offer the advantage that they can purify the water by oxygenating it thanks to its constant cycle of movement, thus allowing the life of animals and plants inside the pond. On the other hand, if the waterfall empties into the pool we will also have our own spa in the garden.

Garden design with several waterfalls

nice garden modern style cataracts

Many designs of cascades of minimalist style coincide in that they expel the water in the form of a transparent sheet or curtain, achieving very pleasant and relaxing visual and sound effects. Above we can see an example of a garden with several waterfalls in different areas, it is a modern design.

The Andreas Remy Waterfall

terrace fountain waterfall pool house

Next we have an architectural design by Andreas Remy called precisely Waterfall. It is a modern building whose terrace located on the first floor consists of an incredible waterfall fountain that leads to the pool on the ground floor. In this way the aquatic spectacle can be contemplated from different angles throughout the building, a really great idea.

Oriental design waterfall fountain

modern house fountain waterfall garden

If we want to achieve a look of zen style You can not miss the rocks and pebbles placed in a decorative way. Above we will see a great model of minimalist garden but with a remarkable oriental influence that invites meditation. In turn, the water falls very subtly from the metal facade of a modern building.

Modern design waterfall fountain

pretty waterfall modern metal design

It is also true that many landscapers include some rusty or rusty-looking metallic elements in their designs. These details give the gardens a very modern look as they create a contrast of red tones along with the gray of the stone or reinforced concrete, above we have a great example that shows the aforementioned.

Pond garden with waterfalls

waterfall stairs stones garden pond

However, if what we are looking for is a natural and fresh look, we suggest placing rockeries or leveling with large stones or natural elements. The garden waterfalls made with rocks can become true oases within the garden, the perfect place to grow plants that need more water.

Garden waterfall with rocks and stones

fountain waterfall design zen style

Another variant of natural cascade is the one that appears above, in this case without plants but with an original decoration of stones of different sizes and barks of pine. What differentiates cataract models or waterfall sources very often is the way in which the water falls and the place where it flows.

Step waterfall fountain of modern design

stepped waterfall path modern garden

In many occasions we can contemplate designs in which the water is not appreciated at first sight but it falls on some surface covering it very delicately, as if caressing it. In the upper picture there is an example of a waterfall with very little intensity. We can barely see it as the water falls gently down the steps of this kind of garden path.

Modern style waterfall design

fountain waterfall garden modern style

The next waterfall source model also presents a fairly subtle water fall. A concrete wall with planters of work that is interrupted by a vertical strip covered with black tiles. Through them falls a thin curtain of water that is lost when it reaches the ground.

Modern wall design with waterfall

modern waterfall gray metal wall

Again minimalism makes its appearance in this garden wall design with waterfall fountain. Some of the current elements that we have already enumerated appear; the rusty iron wall, the river stones, the pine barks and also a symmetrical and ordered distribution of the plants.

Cascade fountain in minimalist style

waterfall style minimalist yellow flowers

In many cases we will also find that the waterfall source is not in a main place in the garden and in view of all, but rather serves as an ornamental complement and is located on the sides, on the fences of the garden or can even be hidden among the area of ​​vegetation.

Cascade design for natural pool

modern design cataratas jardin bio

In addition, cataracts are also very functional and practical. In the source model that we see in the upper part we have a natural pool with biofilters, well known for not needing chemicals to purify the water and for using certain plants instead. What happens in this peculiar design is that the water coming from the waterfall is already clean and is perfect for bathing.

Fountain with waterfalls and Led lights

modern waterfall fountain design

At night, the landscape of the garden can be transformed and dressed up to the point if we put some lights in the waterfall fountain. A luminous contrast on the movement of the water brings a very romantic touch, for this many choose the placement of led lights hints in certain key areas of the garden.

Wall with waterfall fountain

waterfall minimalist style garden wall

Another very attractive idea for the decoration of your gardens is with some walls from which water flows in the form of waterfalls. For that you can choose a metal platform that will create the effect of the waterfall or you can place pipes with modern designs that come out of the walls in the form of taps.

Garden with ponds and waterfalls

modern waterfall garden pond

On the other hand, large gardens can be used to make a decoration with very elegant and original water. You can create small square pools arranged in a stepped manner with steps of interesting designs with Arab or oriental motifs. These steps can be placed between the ponds and in this way you can create waterfalls and waterfalls.

Garden design with pools and waterfalls

waterfalls fountains water terrace garden

The same original and modern stepped design created with waterfalls can be done with swimming pools. However, to increase the style and elegance of your garden you can place some regtangular pools from which the water falls directly from one pool to another.

Design of waterfalls and cataracts of stones

waterfalls waterfalls gardens modern stones

On the other hand, natural and wild landscapes can be transferred to your garden using stones or river rocks. These stones have smooth surfaces and are rounded because water creates these shapes and surfaces. Also in the water you can also plant some river plants and in this way you can relive a very natural landscape.

Design of pool and jacuzzi with waterfall

pretty waterfall jacuzzi garden rock

In addition, the jacuzzis can also be used to create the effect of the waterfalls. You can combine them with swimming pools and in this way the water in the pool can fall into the jacuzzi. On the other hand, in this way you can also add an extra extra to your back jacuzzi.

Modern design pool with waterfall

waterfalls pool modern side design

On the other hand, waterfalls can fall into the swimming pool, leaving them as jets from the wall or from the walls. These designs can be modified by adding the number of jets that you want your wall to have or the number of jets that you can have.

Design of koi pond with waterfalls

waterfalls waterfalls water plants

On the other hand, in the houses that are built in places where the land allows to have a large waterfall you can use the stones to create waterfalls in which it falls into a larger pond. In this way you will add an attractiveness to the landscape of your garden and you can also complete the decoration with the plants you plant.

Garden rockery with waterfall fountain

cataracts garden fountain stones rocks

In addition, cataracts with stones can also be smaller. In these cases the stones can be placed and ordered in the form of a pyramid and create some steps that lead the water to the pond. However, you have to keep in mind that if for the steps you use flat stones with vertical cuts, the water will fall more sharply. On the other hand, if you use rounded stones, the fall of the water will be softer.

Lighting for pool with waterfall

cataracts pool night lights colors

You must also bear in mind that one of the effects that you can add to your gardens with pools and waterfalls is the lights. These can be placed in the parts that you want to illuminate to highlight at night. In this way your decorations with water in the garden will also be seen in the dark.

Design of natural pond with waterfalls

design waterfall pond natural garden

On the other hand, you can introduce naturalness into the landscape of your garden using the stones and creating very small waterfalls that are usually found in the middle of nature.

design waterfall garden modern rocks

modern design waterfalls fence garden

design water fountains modern style

modern style koi pond design

modern garden design japanese style

modern design water fountain beam

modern design fountain water stone

modern design pool waterfall lights

modern design roof terrace waterfall

design patio garden wall waterfalls

huge waterfall curtain water andreas

pond small stone garden waterfall

pond garden stone two waterfalls

pond garden koi fish waterfalls

pond koi fish waterfall bench

pond round platform wood waterfall

super waterfall garden natural stones

super design waterfall waterfall table

fountain waterfall flower pots

fountain waterfall arch ancient stone

fountain waterfall vertical glass sheet

fountain waterfall garden plants rocks

fountain waterfall wall stone pool

fountains waterfall wall stone

modern garden fountain three waterfalls

fountain garden zen minimalist style

pool jacuzzi fountain waterfall

garden pond natural oriental style

garden pond bridge waterfall waterfall

modern garden wall waterfall pool

modern garden pool three waterfalls

front view terrace waterfall Andreas

garden night pool waterfalls lights

garden zen fountains rocks stones

modern design fountain waterfall garden

wall stone fountain vertical waterfall

wall wall waterfall waterfall bricks

patio night pool waterfalls

courtyard fountain waterfall stepped corner

modern patio pool waterfall wall

small terrace wood pool waterfall

large pool water fountain waterfalls

large pool three waterfalls

round pool platform wood waterfall

Garden Pool Semi-covered Fountain Cascade

bridge pool stone waterfall stone

rocalla waterfall cataracts swimming pool

large rock central fountain water

rocalla fountain waterfall stones garden

view garden modern fountain waterfall

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