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Today we present you some ideas of centerpieces for wedding because we know how important is the decoration of the wedding . The decor Wedding is always a serious matter that requires an individual and creative approach.

Centerpieces for wedding ideas for each style


You should try to capture the mood and find the right stylistic solutions, to create the best design and decoration of the wedding, using their innovative ideas and choosing from the many options offered by the market.


You can do this alone or entrust it to a decoration company with the intention of fulfilling all your dreams related to the most special day of your life. We are here to show you original and always different ideas thanks to the creation and constant work in new experiments and unusual options for the decoration of festive events such as wedding.


Each wedding has individual decoration that depends on the choices of the couple so that the decorations fully reflect their style. The most important thing of course is that the bride and groom fulfill their promise of love. But, much also depends on the environment in which this promise is going to be given.


Although today we are dealing with wedding centerpieces, they are related to the decorations selected for the church or town hall and the reception in general will depend on appropriate elections that have the same theme.

Centerpieces for high flower wedding a perfect choice


The basic rule when choosing wedding decorations is to choose a style. The style we choose will be our point of reference and will help us choose the wedding dress and all the other accessories.


For example, if you are going to wear a dress other than white, try to choose the same color combination to use when choosing accessories.


In the same way proceed in the selection of floral decorations. After choosing a bridal bouquet that is matching the dress and then using the same type of colors and the same style in floral arrangements and centerpieces.


When choosing the fabric for your wedding decorations, you can choose between three basic materials - organza, tulle, and wool.


The organza that is a smooth thin fabric that has a shiny surface, so it gives the impression of luxury and elegance. The advantage of this material is its flexibility and the fact that the organza maintains its shape and can be an original detail to decorate the table.


The wool is a material that is ideal as a central path on the table, or for the loop of the car. It can also be used to decorate the chairs or benches of the church. It can be combined with floral decorations.

Centerpieces for wedding in the vintage style


The tulle on the other hand is rougher than the organza. It also retains its shape and, therefore, is suitable for decorating chairs making ties, you can use it to decorate the windows, walls, creating small ornaments. For lovers of brightness our advice is to opt for tulle decorations with bright effect.


Another element that we can use for our centerpieces for wedding is jewelry, no doubt, in the decoration of the place of the celebration we can use jewelry. These jewels have to be combined with the jewels that will be put on.


Do not forget that the guests will probably spend most of the day in the celebration room and therefore it is important that they feel comfortable and of course, you want them to have fun at your wedding and make this day unforgettable for all.


A main element, which can be used as a good decoration, are the cards with the names of the guests that are a detail that should not be missing from the table. Each guest must know where to sit because of this the cards will be a great help but because they do not turn them into decorative elements.

Centerpieces for wedding-high-plants-chandeliers

You can select the classic cards, and place them on the table, or you can choose a more original way by putting them in the center of the plates with a flower or you can put them in beautiful photo frames.

centerpieces for boda-atmosfera-romantica-ideas

To create a festive and romantic atmosphere will help the candles. An interesting option would be some candles floating in containers filled with water, which is in the inside of the wedding table.

Centerpieces for very elegant wedding in white and green

centerpieces for wedding-white-green-flowers

In the table you can also spread rose petals. Or depending on the time you are getting married, it can be dried leaves if we are in the fall and so that our table is even more luxurious and elegant select pearls, rhinestones or crystals. No doubt your table will look elegant and luxurious.

centerpieces for boda-cactus-camino-ideas

The decoration of the main room, and of the tables in particular will depend on the architecture of the room where the wedding banquet will be held, you can even take advantage of the shape of an existing decoration. Finally, it is not necessary to be too exaggerated in terms of jewelry.

centerpieces for wedding-way-succulents-candelabra-cristal

If you have a wedding to be held in the church, although there will not be much time spent we should at least try to decorate the banks. It is very convenient to choose more modest flower arrangements. The church itself has a type of decoration so this can be a challenge.

centerpieces for wedding-candelabra-flores-blancas

If you have long, narrow tables with high table centers, you will be successful as this will give your tables some dimension. Be creative you can choose between ceramic vases and candlesticks or alternating them.

centerpieces for wedding-candlesticks-candles-flowers

You must seek to balance it considering the size of the space. Large windows need to be balanced. The longer tables are the perfect solution to give more depth to a bare room and avoid feeling cold.

Centerpieces for wedding romantic style

centerpieces for wedding-candelabrum-transparent

Another thing we can do is play with the shapes you do not have to choose round, standard dishes. All the components of the design must work together so choose dishes that mimic the shape of the table. Creating a subtle point in this way by using sharp sides.

centerpieces for wedding-colorful-simple-style

Another thing you can do is visually lengthen the tables this with the help of a table runner or with the combination of several layers of tablecloths. Although the use of solid tablecloth will not be a mistake either, letting your centers stand out.

centerpieces for wedding-style-glass-bottles

Disperse details on your tables. If in the banquet room you have rectangular tables that have a lot of space to fill, the trick here is to keep in mind that not every inch has to be covered. Prevent this possible color overload by using accent tones at a couple of strategic points.

centerpieces for wedding-style-flowers-colors-neutral

A good decoration can be the cushions of the lounge chairs, with centers lined with tall chandeliers, flowers of the same color as the cushions and original menu cards.

Wedding centerpieces with light colors decoration

centerpieces for wedding-style-romantic-roses-peonies

If the banquet was held in a room with high ceilings, tall windows you should think of a way to fill in the space you need a little filling. The solution is in the organization of the tables opt for an organization of long forms tables organized in rows or U-shaped. See how the lines of color saturate your party room.

centerpieces for wedding-style-rustic-elegant

Think of three details, since we are sure that it is not easy to commit to an arrangement, we have thought why not work with a trio? Better said, grouping arrangements of similar colors and sizes in the center of the table.

centerpieces for wedding-style-vintage-book

Be careful not to fall into the trap of decorating only in white since choosing accents only in white can be a bit boring. Why not give life to our white decoration with metallic details, such as gold, in specific areas?

centerpieces for wedding-flowers-pot-wood

A good advice is to think about small things. Many times it is better to choose a style that does not get so much through the eyes. The subtle details often make a much prettier presentation.

centerpieces for wedding-flowers-orange-yellow-green

Play with the shapes in a round table can get a little attractive using arrangements in other ways. For example, you can enter a rectangle and a square in the center of the table to avoid being too boring.

centerpieces for wedding-ideas-camin-flores-blancas

If in change your tables have a square shape it can be a bit simple so combine it with something that attracts attention such as mahogany tablecloth chairs in orange and bright pink napkins and anemones in the centerpieces.

centerpieces for wedding-tablecloth-brilliant-roses-orchids

The squares are solid shapes, but they need some symmetry so we must concentrate on what the table will decorate and what surrounds it. Be sure to place an even number of chairs on all sides.

centerpieces for wedding-frame-ideas-wedding-chic

You can incorporate circles and round accents to avoid feeling too serious. You will be surprised at how easy this can be. Place hanging high centerpieces and circular lighting (also known as paper lanterns that never get out of style) hanging from the ceiling.

centerpieces for wedding-frame-number-table

Add formality since overexposure of the material from which the table is made immediately establishes a casual tone. Hide the surfaces by dressing them in silk tablecloths.

centerpieces for wedding-mold-candles-combination

Did you select a space for parties that is not so well defined? Maybe your wedding is in a garden or a yard or under a tent. The square tables could help but not align them better to set them in angles to give your space a little bit of emotion.

centerpieces for wedding-peonias-roses-chandeliers-vintage

Now we leave you with our ideas of centerpieces for very original weddings so that you will be inspired to choose the best option for the most special day.

centerpieces for wedding-candles-color-blue

centerpieces for wedding-candles-plants-pots-ideas






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