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A wedding is an event that should be remembered with a smile on the face, and for this you must choose a wedding dress that perfectly suits what the bride herself has always dreamed of. It is not always easy for brides to choose bridal gowns, because the bride's attire should be perfect, like the whole look. Tenderness, femininity, softness, elegance, lightness.

Wedding dresses 2019 the best of spring collections

You do not know how to choose the only and the most beautiful dress of girlfriend 2019 we will help you with this. In our article, you will read about the most fashionable trends for this season, we also present you a collection of luxurious and first class photos for every taste. Everything just for you, dear ones brides .


Beautiful wedding dresses 2019: current trends of the spring summer season

The fashion industry never sleeps and always presents us with new fashion trends. In 2019, fashion designers advise choosing wedding dresses with an open back or a V-shaped neckline, because it perfectly emphasizes the tenderness and femininity of the bride. In addition, we can not fail to observe the wedding dresses, which perfectly replace the wedding dresses and bring enthusiasm to the celebration.


Fashion trends are not saved, from wedding accessories this year. This season, instead of the usual veils, the designers wore layers and capes, which were in perfect harmony with the youthful appearance.


Does a bride in a white dress look bored and too traditional? Then feel free to choose wedding dresses 2019 blue, mint, pink or yellow. These bright colors will attract the extravagant brides that will make your wedding unforgettable.

And now we will tell you more about the styles of wedding dresses for the best brides


Wedding Dresses 2019 Do not forget the timeless classics

White, ivory, light pink and champagne are the most common shades of a classic bridesmaid dress. You should also keep in mind that classic wedding dresses are often very exuberant, delicate and luxurious. This season, designers advise choosing the 2019 wedding dresses in classic style with floral embroidery. Such elements will make the image of the bride very refined and real.


Even girls should look at dresses with open shoulders, because they look very feminine and cute.

When choosing a soft and beautiful wedding dress 2019, brides will feel like queens. What else is missing from the real queen? That's right, the crown. Therefore, in addition to or instead of the veil, you can use a tiara or a luxury crown.


Beautiful wedding dresses 2019: an elegant dress

The bride should always be gentle and feminine, so designers advise choosing wedding dresses in the modern style. With the help of these dresses incredibly beautiful images are created, which will surely please everyone and will become and thanks to the details in the dress it will be able to inspire when choosing the decorations for the wedding.


In addition, it is recommended by trend creators to experiment with colors, for example, you can choose fashion red wedding dresses that are attractive to bright and eccentric girls. Even this election will attract women who are not getting married for the first time, because such a vivid image will not run out of guests' attention.


The choice of accessories for the wedding dress is excellent, since the veil can be tested in the same color scheme as the dress, the crown and the delicate flowers.

Wedding dresses 2019: romantic Provencal style

If the bride and groom decide to get married in an open-air place and have chosen a decoration in the Provencal style, their outfits must also match this style. The Provencal style is very similar to the rural style and implies the use of natural materials and simple forms.


Designers advise choosing wedding dresses 2019, simple and it is very important that they emphasize the naturalness and simplicity of the bride. During this season you can experiment with the length of the dress. Both short and long dresses look great.


If the Provencal style is not your thing you can go for a boho design. Instead of veils, it is better to use small wreaths found in the bridal bouquet or delicate edges, which compliment the image of the bride in a charming way.

Fashionable wedding dresses: soft boho style


Any event in the boho style is always lightness, tenderness, romance and love, so this style is what you need for your wedding. Luxurious and amazing wedding dresses in the boho style are an appropriate idea for many brides, because they have fine lines, lightness, freedom and non-standard like all, without exception.


Everyone knew that this was going to happen: the English Royal Wedding officially invaded the 2019 wedding shows. Each collection paid tribute to the Givenchy wedding dress that Meghan Markle wore at her wedding. In the wedding dress collections of 2019, there are necessarily dresses with boat necklines, as well as clean and minimalist silhouettes. All the designers paid their respects to the Duchess of Sussex and her elegant wedding dress.


Another trend is pants and overalls

It is not the first year that we see pants and overalls in bridal collections. And in 2019, bridal pants suits became an almost mandatory component of any collection. Planning to have a fun party right after the wedding ceremony? The perfect wedding suit will then be ... wedding jumpsuit! Fashionable wedding jumps are inspired by the bride's desire to feel relaxed and beautiful





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