Weddings in castles - We present you 17 romantic castles in Europe

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Celebrating weddings in castles as was done hundreds of years ago, is a popular global trend. For this reason today we have decided to show you some of the most romantic castles in Europe for your wedding to inspire you to make your wedding party an unforgettable event.

It is no longer a dream: getting married in a European royal castle is something that can become a reality. The perfect setting could make any marriage even more memorable, and nothing is better than saying "If I want" inside a castle that breathes splendor and style. As we all know well, Europe is full of castles that will allow you to celebrate your wedding in an interesting and unexpected space for the guests.

Weddings in castles - The Glenapp Castle in Scotland

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The first castle we show you is the Glenapp castle. Glenapp Castle is located near the coast of South Ayrshire in Scotland. The castle was built in 1870 and has 36 acres of land. It is said that former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and former US President Dwight Eisenhower were received at Glenapp for a meeting. Glenapp houses a variety of rooms that can function as wedding halls and receptions. Each room can accommodate between 40 and 60 people. Weddings can also be celebrated on the beautiful grounds that were designed by the famous Gertrude Jekyll. The land has an Italian garden, a walled garden and an azalea pond, all of which adds to the atmosphere Romantic of the castle.

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Weddings in castles - The Tarn Castle in Scotland

The castle of Tarn has the reputation of a Highland castle and is located on the south coast of the famous Loch Ness. The castle and its grounds cover 500 acres and have been registered as a "classic example of Scottish baronial architecture". It is known for its warm and opulent atmosphere, which makes it a privileged place for weddings.

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While Tarn Castle is known for its majestic interiors, its grounds are also a beautiful and appropriate place for weddings. The grounds offer a beautiful view of Loch Ness along with a lawn that extends to the shore of it. It is also a great place to see wildlife and offers a variety of activities ranging from canoeing to archery. What ensures that your guests do not get bored.

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Weddings in castles - The Augill Castle, in Cumbria, United Kingdom

Located in the beautiful region of Cumbria, the Augill Castle offers a beautiful wedding experience to those who wish to live their dream fairy tale and have always dreamed of getting married in a castle. Augill offers accommodation for 34 guests in all 17 rooms and free additional beds for up to 10 children.

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It also offers banquet arrangements for between 46 and 60 people. Wedding ceremonies and receptions can be held in the beautiful gardens and outside or in the luxurious interior rooms. Either way, this castle is a must if it comes to original wedding venues.

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Weddings in castles - Château d'Esclimont, France

The Château d'Esclimont is located in the beautiful area of ​​Esclimont in France. The Château has existed since the seventeenth century and is about an hour away from the romantic city of Paris. The Château offers exclusive wedding packages that include the use of some of its beautiful rooms, such as the Trianon reception room.


It also has some beautiful interiors that recall the French Renaissance, along with the serene views of the forest that surrounds it, which makes it the perfect staging for any fairy tale wedding.


Weddings in castles - The castle Hluboká in Czech Republic

The Hluboká Castle is located in southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. The castle is known for its beautiful and opulent interiors and its extensive and lush grounds. It is located in Hlubokanad Vlatvou. The castle of Hluboká was built for the first time at the beginning of the 13th century, but underwent several renovations and redesigns.


Its current appearance, based on Windsor Castle in England, was created in the 19th century by order of Johann Adolf II von Schwarzenberg. The castle has been opened to the public and has been used frequently for film shoots and weddings. Due to the romantic style in which it is built, Hluboká Castle and its grounds would be an ideal place for couples to make their fairytale weddings a reality.


Weddings in castles - Belvoir Castle in England

The Belvoir castle is located in the Belvoir valley and has existed since the 11th century as the ancestral home of the Duke of Rutland. The castle has been cited by experts as a perfect example of Regency architecture. The property consists of 1600 acres of parkland, trees, exotic plants and lakes, making it a suitable place for a fairytale wedding.


The Belvoir Castle offers incredible wedding packages for those who wish to get married and enjoy its beauty. Some of the benefits include the rental of two rooms for the ceremony and the reception, rooms with a capacity for 120 to 150 people, the ceremonial sword of the Duke to cut cakes and the firing of the 7 guns of the Duke. If you prefer a wedding in the garden, the Rose Garden is always ready to host you and your guests.


Weddings in castles - Ashford Castle in Ireland

Ashford Castle is located in the beautiful town of Cong in County Mayo, Ireland. The castle is more than 800 years old and dates back to 1228. It has beautiful interiors with more than 26,000 acres of land. Ashford Castle offers an excellent wedding package for those who wish to get married in its great halls and gardens.


You can rent the whole property and use all the wings and grounds of the castle to accommodate up to 160 guests. The castle staff will also arrange for the wedding ceremony to be held in one of the nearby chapels if necessary. In short, Ashford Castle offers an experience that will truly make your wedding real.


Weddings in castles - The Castello IlPalagio Italy

If you have thought of Italy as a wedding destination and want the place to be a castle, look no further! The Castello IlPalagio offers a romantic wedding experience amidst beautiful hills, vineyards and olive groves in the Chianti countryside in Tuscany.


This castle was built in the 13th century and is a medieval castle of Tuscany. Castello IlPalagio offers a luxurious wedding experience in its grounds. You can organize a reception party for up to 70 people and hold the ceremony in the chapel located on the property. It also has several corridors that can be used for dancing and other fun reception activities.


Weddings in castles - Castello di Segalari in Italy

Castello di Segalari is located in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, about 62 kilometers from Livorno. This castle is an excellent example of Italian medieval architecture and has beautiful stone walls and a beautiful view of the hills that stretch out towards the sea. Castello di Segalari is perfect for large weddings, as the grounds can hold up to 350 people.


The castle staff will also help you plan all aspects of your wedding, from restoration to decoration. For those who wish to have a wedding at the church, the chapel located on the grounds is an ideal place for the wedding ceremony.


Weddings in castles - The castle Schloss Igls in Austria

Schloss Igls is located in the village of Igls, a few kilometers from the city of Innsbruck. The castle offers stunning views of the plateau and the surrounding mountain ranges, making it an ideal place for a wedding.


The interiors and grounds of Schloss Igls are classic examples of romantic architecture and landscaping. If what you want is a winter wedding, Schloss Igls can deliver it with style and opulence.


Weddings in castles - Palacio da Pena in Sintra, Portugal

The Pena Palace is located on the top of a hill in the municipality of Sintra of the Sintra Mountains in Portugal. The castle was initially built as a monastery, but later it was renovated in several styles similar to romanticism. The Pena Palace has luxurious and romantic interiors that were designed for the summer since the castle served as a summer palace for the royal family.


In addition to the beautiful interiors, the Parque de la Peña that surrounds the castle offers more than 200 hectares of splendid views of various trees imported from different countries. Palacio da Pena is a great destination for a summer wedding and guarantees an extremely romantic experience.


Weddings in castles - Château de Challain in France

Château de Challain is located in Challain-la-Potherie, in the south of France. The castle was built in the year 1050 and covers an area of ​​7,600 square meters. The interiors of the castle consist of hand-painted ceilings, sculptures and gothic panels and beautifully detailed wood carvings.


The Château de Challain also has gardens covering 72 acres. The castle has special packages for weddings that include benefits such as full use of the castle and its gardens, arrangements for more than 120 guests and an on-site chapel. This castle and its beautiful gardens are truly a fairytale setting for a dream wedding.


Weddings in castles - The Neuschwanstein Schwangau castle in Germany

The castle of Neuschwanstein has been described by many as "the castle of the king of fairy tales". It is located on the town of Hohenschwangau in the southwest of Bavaria and was built in 1869.


The castle of Neuschwanstein is known to be a good example of romanticism. The interiors of the castle were designed in a grandiose manner and were supervised by King Ludwig II himself. You can see beautiful views of the alpine hills, which makes it an ideal place for a fairytale wedding.


Castle Weddings - Dolder Grand Castle Zurich, Switzerland

The Dolder Grand is located in the beautiful city of Zurich in Switzerland. It was built in 1899 and offers luxurious and rich interiors, plus a beautiful view of Zurich. Many famous celebrities, from Winston Churchill to Michael Jackson, have stayed at this hotel.


The Dolder Grand offers an incredible wedding package that includes full use of the gardens and the ballroom, lodging in 175 rooms and suites and extensive banquet facilities. Combine this with the views of the Alps and the lake and you will have a fairy tale wedding destination.


Weddings in castles - Bled Castle in Slovenia

The castle of Bled was built in 1011 and is known as the oldest castle in Slovenia. It offers a beautiful view of a lake and an island, as well as the ridges of the Karavanke and Julian Alps.


The castle has combined styles of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture. Bled Castle offers wedding packages that include the rental of the wedding hall, a medieval welcome by the lord of the castle, the use of the castle and its grounds, and so on. With all these characteristics, you and your beloved are guaranteed a royal grandeur wedding in Slovenia.


Weddings in castles - The castle of Forchtenstein Austria

The castle of Forchtenstein was built in the latter part of the Middle Ages in Austria. The castle is located in the foothills of the Rosaliengebirge mountain range. Its current owners are the house of Esterházy.


The interiors of the castle of Forchtenstein are built in Baroque style and the decoration is luxurious. The view of the nearby mountains and forests also adds to the beauty of the castle.


Weddings in Castles - The Castle of Borthwick North Middleton Scotland

Borthwick Castle was built in the fifteenth century in North Middleton and has hosted historical figures such as Mary, Queen of Scots and Oliver Cromwell, among others. The castle is surrounded by a small river called Gore, which adds to the romantic atmosphere.

Weddings in castles - We present you 17 romantic castles in Europe

Borthwick Castle offers amazing wedding packages for those looking for a great Scottish wedding. Weddings can be celebrated in some of the chateau's rooms or in its gardens. Borthwick Castle will be the perfect place for your fairy tale wedding to come true.


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