Well or fire dish and modern furniture in the garden

fire pit beige armchairs lovely view romantic candles ideas

In our article today we have some very original images with ideas add a well or a plate of fire in the yard . As you will see there are wells of different shapes and of course different materials. The round wells are conducive to conversation. This type of fire pits must have a wall, no higher than 12 cm, to keep the fire low to the ground and so that people can easily see each other over the flames.

Well of fire and fountain in a lovely one

water fire garden benches cushions light brown ideas

Larger stones around the top of the fire pit will allow guests to sit on them when not in use. The furniture can be placed around the bonfire which makes it easier to have conversations with the people sitting next to you, as well as those in front of you. In addition round wells are the most traditional and used and very easy to find.

Fire pit and wooden armchairs with green cushions

water fire garden modern pool armchairs comfortable broad ideas

The other most common form is the square shape that fits well into gardens with a formal and elegant design. We say this because the wells that are square shaped are almost always made of concrete with precious marble or granite countertops in which you can also sit when it is not lit. Although this does not mean that square stone pits can not be made.

White armchairs large flower pots and fire in the modern garden


The last type of wells that we have for you are the rectangular wells that like the squares are almost always made of concrete but its use is rather decorative. It is very common to see rectangular wells that are continuation of a wall or are used to divide spaces in the garden. Fire dishes can also have different shapes but the most used is the round shape since we have been around fire for centuries.

Modern terrace with fire place designed by Arianna Noppenberger


The plates are made of steel and the most used color is black although you can also find precious concrete plates. We advise you to check the other items that we have for places of fire in the garden but after seeing these original images that we have compiled today.

Blue cushions and stones of the same color in the place of fire

bench concrete cushions colors place fire garden ideas

Very large garden with grass and fire place

benches stone garden broad lawn precious green ideas

Fire place made with stones in the modern garden

Carter Kay back yard grass path stones fire ideas

Wooden chairs and place of fire in the modern garden

large house garden broad place fire grass ideas

Black wooden pergola and island with fire in the modern garden

outdoor kitchen pergola wood island fire interesting ideas

Fire place surrounded by rattan armchairs

Four rattan armchairs surround place fire terrace ideas

White swing chairs and fire place in the modern garden

Edward Andrews back yard swing chairs white wood fire place ideas

Dish of fire and black steel benches and many plants in the modern garden

Jane Ellison exterior oasis garden dish fire banks steel black ideas

Fire place surrounded by benches with cushions of vibrant colors

large garden benches stone wood armchairs place fire ideas

Pergola and place of precious fire

large garden place fire armchairs comfortable pergola ideas

Stone stairs many plants and place of fire in the modern garden

garden wide plants stones place fire ideas

Modern terrace with wooden floors and benches and fire place

garden curved floor benches wood cushions precious colors ideas

Zen style garden with fire place

garden african style bench place fire stones design ideas

Deckchairs, parasol and place of fire in the modern garden

garden contemporary style place fire stones sun loungers sunshade ideas

Spacious garden in a minimalist style with fire place

garden place fire grass spacious reclining modern ideas

Curved bench and place of fire made by precious slabs

modern garden benches stone place fire cushions colors ideas

Bench and wooden armchairs surround the place of fire on the shore of the lake

lake shore garden place fire chairs wood ideas

White lounge chairs and fire place in the garden

small garden sunbeds plastic white place fire ideas

Lovely views from fire place under palm trees

garden floor stones palm trees beautiful views teak chairs ideas

Rattan sofas and place of fire in the garden

back garden modern house sofas rattan modern ideas

Steel chairs with red cushions surround the fire place in the garden

Joan Grabel chairs terrace fire fountains black water ideas

Very spacious garden with jacuzzi pool and fire place

Joseph Vassallo place fire garden wide tropical style palm trees pool ideas

Vertical gardens and lovely fire place

Kevin Smith contemporary garden place square fire modern ideas

Stone bench with blue cushions and place of fire in the garden

Kevin Smith fence high wood benches stone place fire garden ideas

Many chairs surround the fire place in the garden

Kristi Will well garden wide chairs pools floor stone ideas

Zen style garden with water fountain and place of fire

place fire black baldos bench wood fountain water garden ideas

place fire benches pergola wood chairs rattan ideas

place fire lawn chairs garden nice ideas

place fire gas wood black chairs steel ideas

place fire garden modern floor slabs stone ideas

place fire marble luxurious garden pergola sofas comfortable ideas

Steve Chepurny parasol table comfortable place fire resting terrace ideas

place fire round stones chairs stairs lawn garden ideas

place fire armchairs cushions color blue precious garden ideas

place fire modern sofas terrasa relax house ideas

wood grass place fire sofa big armchairs ideas

table fire gas chairs rattan black cushions ideas

wall steel place fire chairs sunshade garden lawn ideas

wall wood garden place fire sofa precious ideas

pergola kitchen exterior modern place fire garden ideas

pergola wood kitchen exterior place fire chairs teak ideas

pergola floor wood sofa cushions blue modern ideas

piacin place fire garden modern benches wood ideas

large pool benches fire trees garden nature ideas

dish fire garden back bench steel pool ideas

dish fire garden back pergola furniture wood ideas

wood fire modern stools white terrace floor wood ideas

dish fire black benches blue cushions garden ideas

fire black teak sofas garden modern garden ideas

dish fire armchairs wood teak garden broad ideas

dish fire terrace floor wood furniture rattan ideas

round dish garden surrounded benches plants ideas

well banks garden wide floor wood ideas

well fire tiles bench wood wood stones plants ideas

fire pit bench grass pergola wood garden tiles ideas

well fire benches wood floor slabs great ideas

well fire benches chairs wood cushions orange winter ideas

fire pit garden lawn white fence modern ideas

fire pit garden design large stones stairs ideas

fire garden design modern pool palm trees ideas

well fire garden design sofa plants stones ideas

fire pit garden modern minimalist style lovely ideas

fire pit modern armchairs views precious ideas

well fire patio design benches armchairs sofa ideas

fire pit pergola armchairs wood cushions green ideas

pit fire stone benches cushions vibrant colors ideas

well fire stones grass armchairs wood teak ideas

fire pit stones stools cushions red armchairs teak ideas

well fire stone terrace garden modern spacious lawn ideas

fire pit round design decoration garden stone ideas

fire pit round garden design modern house ideas

fire pit round stone style modern garden ideas

fire pit round armchairs cushions beige garden modern ideas

pit fire surrounded benches concrete cushions broad lawn garden ideas

fire pit surrounded chairs vibrant orange garden ideas

well fire chairs wood teak broad palm trees grass ideas

well garden sulo stones chairs wood design ideas

pit pergola wood large slabs fire place modern ideas

pit stone armchairs teak slabs large stone garden ideas

well terrace fire chairs wood cushions views ideas

fire chairs brown place fire trees modern ideas

modern chairs green cushions surround place fire garden lawn ideas

red chairs wood teak place fire garden wide stones ideas

rattan armchairs black place fire garden wide ideas

Steve Chepurny place fire terrace terrace wood modern ideas

terrace wide chairs cushions slabs place fire ideas

terrace style minimalist place fire bench wood floor slabs ideas

terrace place fire floor wood deck chair sunshade ideas

modern terrace place fire pergola large furniture rattan ideas

modern terrace chairs place fire views lovely ideas

modern terrace sofa armchairs orange color place fire narrow ideaa

terrace floor wood benches fence high place fire ideas

views ocean terrace place fire sofas rattan ideas

fire pit round garden armchairs cushions green stones ideas

pergola large wood swings chairs garden fire place ideas

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