White and black kitchens - 50 great ideas to consider.

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The white and black kitchens are really elegant and create a really impressive appearance in every home. Today we will see how to include both tones in a space as important as the kitchen. As a rule it happens that the color scheme in many kitchens places the white in walls and cabinets. Black is seen more generally on countertops, islands or the dashboard.

White and black kitchens, color accents with fruits

black white kitchens green fruits

These are not inflexible rules and our gallery of images with black and white kitchens proves it. There are other creative ways combining black cabinets or in both colors. For the floor we can combine the wood , gray or white. Those that combine black and white, similar to chess boards, are suitable for kitchens with classic furniture.

Black and white kitchens, stainless steel furniture

white kitchens black metal stools

Stainless steel is common in kitchens with this color range, especially modern ones. No matter what style you are looking for the color scheme of the kitchen is very versatile. We only have to add some accents of color so that the space does not get saturated. One method can be using bright colors. It is a way to give a touch of modernity to the space.

Variation with black countertops

white kitchens curtains dog carpet

The best thing when it comes to black and white is that it does not matter what color you select. The combination will always be perfect. Do not abuse this resource either and distribute it in different areas. In addition, a little life can be added to the black and white kitchens. With decorative elements like plants we will also add some shades of green.

Combined furniture in both colors

white kitchens futuristic metal stool

Other resources can be tapestries, colored bottles, pots and others. The dashboards of wall panels are another resource to give another escape of color. The combinations of live tiles can be used to make the dashboard the point of attraction in the kitchen.

Furniture with black background

white kitchens futuristic textured walls

At first glance it seems that the question is very simple and designing a kitchen in black and white is boring and uninteresting. But, in fact, to create a balanced black and white interior, it is not so easy since the effect is sought and the quality of the execution of the ideas must be impressive.

Option of natural wood flooring

white kitchens modern black plants

You can choose a classic contrast, filling the room with sobriety and comfort, so that the kitchen is incredibly elegant.

Large blank countertop

black white kitchens curved led

Creating a space in which both colors are used equally is not an easy task, even for a professional, so black or white one of them must dominate. This does not mean that on a black background we must put details in white (or vice versa).

Decorative elements in black

black white kitchens design branches

You can think of many combinations, with patterns and patterns, combinations of furniture, details of complementary colors or spectacular lighting to create a very bright kitchen in your home.

Dashboard with blank countertop

black white kitchens shelves dashboard

Our advice is to try to divide the space such as white floor, black walls, white furniture, black splash guards, black white ceiling wall cabinets. This technique provides a discreet harmony and order in the interior.

Add some touches of life and color

black white kitchens towel flowers

Do not forget that the presence of a large amount of black in a small kitchen will oppress and suppress space. Only if the room is large, does the black fit perfectly. The kitchen in black and white is very graphic.

Contrast in black and white walls

black white kitchens brown sink

It is best to opt for clean lines and solid geometry. The floor in the kitchen can be in a single color (usually white). But this does not mean that you can not opt ​​for gray or beige. In the white and black kitchen you can use ceramic, laminate, wood and even cork.

Variant with light wood floor

white kitchens wicker baskets led

If black is the predominant color, we advise you to let the dark surfaces be bright and the white ones to have a matte or textured color. If you add depth in the kitchen in black and white it will make it more practical.

Decorative elements in black

black white kitchens dish decoration

Another thing we can do is complete the walls with decoration. You can add watches, pictures, old photographs and more details. As you already know it has a lot of options for the realization of a fantasy kitchen.

Elegant black floor

black white kitchens elegant floor

You can decorate with a drawing, a strange composition, flowers and popular paintings, even on the walls. You can choose one of the walls with and put on it elegant wallpaper in which the lighter color predominates.

Black dashboard with texture

white kitchens texture flowers chair

For the small kitchen better to use wall paper with fine shapes or mosaics. For the large kitchen an imposing figure. On the dashboard you can include another color, but only one. If a multicolored coating is used, the kitchen will lose its beauty.

Color accents with fruits and vegetables

white kitchens carrots orange color

The work surfaces are usually black. This is understandable. There are many combinations of kitchens with white walls and black colored worktops. If you do not want black countertops you can opt for shiny surfaces, solid wood or natural stone such countertops will become the main elements of the interior.

Black background wall

stainless steel metal chairs lamparas

Although the black countertops are very practical, but the most impressive option for the work surface is bright red. Imagine what a kitchen with white cabinets with black door doors, chess floors and red details will look like.

Combined furniture in black and white

wide modern creative kitchen plants

The bright surface will make the room look more modern and add vivacity to the design of the room. Here we leave several proposals in our gallery. Enjoy them and find ideas for future projects.

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