White and wood - Fifty ideas to decorate your kitchen

kitchen laminate wood details deco

Today's topic is about the latest kitchen designs created by combining the color White together with wooden elements to achieve wonderful results, take ideas of innovative technology, functionality and good taste of the most modern and sensational designs for kitchens. Do you want to achieve that elegant look in your own kitchen? Natural materials and simple colors are ideal to start, and have the added advantage of being easy to adapt to changing tastes. It is very fun to see how designers use these ordinary ingredients to create a variety of distinctive and attractive cooking styles. Both the light and the dark palettes are represented.

Modern kitchen in white and wood

white wood modern kitchen design

We will begin by introducing some of the most requested materials in terms of strength and finishes. As we can see, any furniture can appear to be solid wood without being, and this is thanks to the laminates . This material consists of different layers of agglomerates that can be made of wood or other materials such as paper, for example.

White color design for kitchens

white wood kitchen modern style

Such layers are compressed to such an extent that they end up creating a very solid piece that is resistant to shock and heat. The final layers will be those that will be visible, so these will be the ones that bring color and finish to the final appearance of the laminated surface. Another material that can achieve different colors and finishes is quartz.

Solid wood kitchen surface

nice kitchen classic island style

We will find many quartz or Silestone countertops in kitchen designs more modern because this material can be found in a wide range of colors, so it is perfect for kitchens of striking colors or smooth and modern finishes. The only disadvantage that it offers is that it is not too resistant to very high temperatures.

Modern kitchen with wood laminate

nice modern kitchen laminate wood

The following photograph shows a design of the company Elia that is part of their collection of white kitchens. Laminates appear on both the surfaces of the countertops and furniture and on the parquet floor. In addition, this company offers glossy or matt white finishes also from several different materials such as acrylic or medium density fibers.

Laminated kitchen furniture with white and wood finish

nice modern kitchen laminate wood 1

Next we will see some very curious novelties regarding ergonomic designs for kitchen furniture. Perhaps the most innovative and useful so far is the Gola shooters system. Actually Gola systems do not consist of handles as we usually see but have a series of slits that we can pull to open the furniture in question.

Gola handle system for kitchen furniture

large kitchen velvet carpet brown

We can even find kitchen furniture so minimalist that they go unnoticed, pretending to be part of the architectural structure. In these cases many times we will not even find the slits to pull doors or drawers since they have been replaced by intelligent opening systems through a small compression, that is, they open if we push their surface slightly.

Wood laminate kitchen furniture

nice kitchen black modern chairs

Finally we will also describe some of the most sought after materials in kitchen designs that we have not mentioned before. The Ecomalte is relatively new and is ecological. It is widely used to coat floors, walls and other surfaces, and is also ideal for outdoor spaces.

White and wood design for classic kitchens

beautiful kitchen floor parquet wood

Granite is one of the best known and used materials in countertops and kitchen islands, however, getting a white granite countertop may not be an easy task; This material is not usually of a single color and it is of good quality, so we suggest asking a specialist for advice before opting for a completely white granite countertop or other monochromatic finish.

Kitchen of white color very illuminated

modern white kitchen wood stairs

Another option for a more traditional and traditional covering is ceramic, whether in tiles, tiles or large panels. It would not be any problem to find pieces of white ceramic, but it has the disadvantage of being a breakable material and little resistant to shocks and shocks.

Small kitchen with white and wood finishes

kitchen style boho white wood

We will also describe some of the properties of the microcemento. This material is created from quartz and cement forming layers of about two millimeters thick that can be applied to the surfaces of kitchen furniture. They do not have joints so that they can be placed in large parts achieving smooth finishes.

Kitchen design by Martin Siegner

kitchen Martin Siegner

This magnificent kitchen benefits from its unique position above the recessed living room, surrounded by a large sliding glass window and flooded with abundant light. The floor-to-ceiling cabinets filled with wood provide a natural balance to the wall of vegetation surrounding the patio.

Kitchen design by 3D World Renderings

3D Kitchen World Renderings

Minimalism always works very well in a kitchen, as long as it has enough storage capacity, which definitely makes this design. Using a recessed ceiling in a windowless room can sometimes make space too dark, but the use of lightweight materials with a slight brightness helps maximize lighting from other sources.

Great kitchen designed by Dervish Group

Dervish Group kitchen

Industrial influences define this elegant space that appears above. The chairs and stools are from the Steelwood collection of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec - named after the surprisingly unusual combination of materials used in their design.

Kitchen design by Int2 Architecture

Int2 Architecture kitchen

Fresh and creative This kitchen contrasts the dark and light materials with a powerful visual effect, which is reflected in the elegant stools of the kitchen bar painted with immersion paint and powerful geometric illustrations. The black and white print on the wall is the work of the very popular Jenny Liz Roma.

Beautiful kitchen with wood laminate furniture

pretty kitchen wood laminate furniture

White kitchen with wooden floor

kitchen nice wooden parquet floor

Futuristic white kitchen

futuristic style kitchen white color

Dark wood laminate kitchen cabinets

Modern illuminated kitchen laminate wood

Kitchen furniture surfaces in different finishes

white island wood laminate kitchen

modern laminate kitchen wood slats

kitchen wood countertop granite gray

modern kitchen boho style countertop

modern kitchen egg shape lamp

modern kitchen wooden parquet floor

small kitchen white laminated wood

small kitchen white wood

rustic kitchen wall bricks

modern kitchen laminate island maderna

kitchen style traditional kitchen countertop

design kitchen orange flowers countertop

light wood laminate kitchen design

design kitchen wood brown wall

countertop wood futuristic white kitchen

countertop solid wood kitchen island

super kitchen laminate wooden bell

Great brown wood laminate kitchen

great kitchen lime green wall

great counter island wood bands

great island kitchen wood granite

island bar dining laminate wood

island kitchen color white wood

island kitchen marble frames wood

modern kitchen island metal hood


wood beige design kitchen

kitchen dark wood brown wall

dining table island white stools

kitchen furniture color white wood

laminate kitchen furniture red wood

kitchen furniture solid wood table

white walls light wood furniture

wooden floor island white kitchen

white kitchen ceiling beams wood

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