White color and oak wood for modern kitchens

wood oak modern kitchen chairs

Kitchens White color and oak, this is one of the most current trends in the world of interior design and in our article today we will show you examples of the most attractive and functional. Do not miss our selection of fifty images and discover why so many designers opt for this combination of white and wood.

White kitchen and oak

white kitchen oak wood elements

Let's start by listing some of the qualities of oak. In the first place it is worth mentioning that it is a very hard wood, already used for the construction of ships and railway sleepers for its resistance to weather, water, shock and vibration.

White kitchen with oak

modern kitchen design oak wood

In the modern kitchens white oak wood can serve as a perfect complement providing a warm and natural touch. In the kitchen model of the upper parts we can see a clear example of what was mentioned; a spacious kitchen with modern design in which the wood fulfills the function of delimiting and beautifying the spaces intended for food.

Original kitchen design with a retro touch

modern kitchen design boho style

Photography: Stadshem

In the next kitchen design modern we can see a more retro style, ideal for kitchens of smaller size. Practically all the design is white, except for the great dining table made of solid natural wood. Some metal elements such as the oven and the hood give an industrial accent, while the square white tiles remind us of decades gone by, a really great kitchen.

Modern kitchen design

island wood gray color surface

As you can see, this combination is suitable for any style of decoration and allows endless variants that adapt to each type of space. Then we leave you with the rest of the photographs of modern color kitchens white and wood oak, we hope you enjoy them and that they do not stop visiting our page.

Kitchen furniture with wood laminate

white black furniture oak wood

The benefits of white color applied to the kitchen begin by transforming the space into something quiet and bright. In an environment like this there are great possibilities of combinations with other colors. The effect when contrasted with adequate light is extremely interesting. For the kitchen is very important because this will depend on our comfort at the time of preparing the different dishes.

Wooden kitchen in the form of ele

kitchen corner shape views garden

This own lighting increases the sense of spaciousness of the entire space by the light effect. If we want to increase the interest of the kitchen as well as the combination with wood, we can play with its different variations. There are different shades of white to which you can take advantage in the same space. The groupings range from the famous broken white to a certain silver tone.

Kitchen with minimalist style wooden furniture

modern kitchen design led lights

All these qualities make it ideal to experiment beyond our kitchen and in contrast to different materials besides wood. As a background color the white color is always the perfect tool to gain in luminosity. If you want to give more prominence to the rest of the colors is an intelligent way to use it in the kitchen. Although it is a small kitchen both the amplitude and the attractiveness of color will be immense.

Modern white kitchen

white kitchen high wood stools

Other times it is necessary to highlight some spaces in the kitchen or outside it where there is no natural light. Practically helps create a relaxed area near the kitchen in living rooms or dining rooms. Not being a color that jumps so much to the eye will always keep the atmosphere very elegant and discreet. When it comes to a kitchen where we want to make some changes, it's a good start.

Kitchen design with white furniture

white kitchen laminate flooring wood

Especially when you have to deal with colors too intense. Usually white is the perfect way to make them look less intense. In a small kitchen we will not have to give up some details in more vivid colors. With the help of white will not be a problem at all, the kitchen or any area where it is used will never be charged.

Design of wooden kitchen furniture

kitchen design minimalist oak

This does not mean that its use should not be taken with an adequate proportion. Do not abuse this color and do not use it in a monochromatic environment. Its combination with wood as we see in the images is perfect. The opposite is used only by creating a somewhat impersonal and cold atmosphere. Its effect to create peaceful environments at the end may stop working if not used with an adequate balance.

Kitchen furniture with wood laminate

kitchen wood dashboard color green

In addition to the wood there are other materials that will bring balance to any room besides the kitchens. The stone is one of them. A perfect solution for environments with a wink of nature and freshness in the design. For those who prefer a combination and game of colors there are several with which you can contrast and get great results.

Design of industrial kitchen with wooden ceiling

modern kitchen natural wood ceiling

As we mentioned its versatility allows it to contrast with many. The final result will be dependent on the color and style that is pursued. An elegant kitchen should focus on white and beige or gray. They work very well if what you are interested in is a kitchen that has a certain modern air.

Modern kitchen with laminated wood furniture

modern kitchen black wood furniture

With some accents of more striking and vivid colors the kitchen is updated a little more. There are very good examples of contemporary kitchens based only on white and black. The image that is completed is very current if you have the right furniture for this style. Once again we realize the impact of color to transform and change the image of spaces in a cheap way.

Kitchen with wooden ceiling

modern kitchen ceiling beams wood

Kitchen design with oak wood furniture

kitchen furniture oak wood

traditional kitchen chair wood

white kitchen beige wood floor

kitchen design modern wood oak

oak kitchen jarron white flowers

small kitchen natural wood shelf

small kitchen island shape ele

rustic wood kitchen design

traditional furniture design oak furniture

color white wood island oak

design kitchen furniture oak wood

laminate oak wood kitchen design

kitchen design orange tablecloth

kitchen design long wood table

design kitchens island white wood

futuristic white kitchen design

super modern white kitchen design

white kitchen island retro style

island white kitchen furniture wood

island kitchen mobile oak

cream colored rolbe wood

natural wood dining table

modern design kitchen wood

kitchen furniture oak wood

oak kitchen furniture set

white kitchen furniture dashboard wood

oak wood kitchen furniture clear

furniture kitchen all wood

furniture kitchen yellow wall

laminated wood furniture celestial wall

oak furniture kitchen traditional style

original design wood oak kitchen

original design kitchen laundry corian

black chairs furniture wood kitchen

window kitchen view garden chairs

special independent furnished kitchens

plants wood decorations ideas

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