White magic in the living room 50 ideas to succeed

magic white wall osura furniture carpet hairs living ideas

In our article today we have some very original images that will make you invite white magic at home with ideas from salons modern whites. The living room is the heart of a house, since it is the room where you spend most of your time and which characterizes the entire living environment. Therefore, the choice of decorating this environment is particularly important, as it will affect our psychic and our mood while we are there.

White magic in the spacious and modern living room

success design modern living room large table crystal furniture white ideas

In this sense, even the colors chosen for furniture and walls will play an important role, since they will be able to create special optical effects, depending on their use. These images will try to give you the best ideas to decorate the living room through the use of white, neutral color that never goes out of style, but is constantly reviving with glamor and sophistication.

White magic for salon design

success design modern living room furniture white minimalist carpet ideas

Painting the walls of a blank room means making the environment appear visually more spacious and giving it a luminosity since this color is capable of reflecting sunlight like no other. This characteristic, however, must be taken into account if we live in a sunny attic, because this effect could be particularly intense and excessive.

Living room and dining room with white walls and furniture designed by Fabio Gianoli

Fabio Gianoli dining room white table large wood ideas

This color is ideal, for apartments on lower floors, in general, with less access to natural light, do not forget that you will also save a few euros on electricity bills. A white shade very suitable for furnishing the living room is the ivory white, which is characterized by an innate elegance and is perfect for the lining of the sofa.

Very original picture in the modern white lounge

Kashuk Constantine salon large white marble table ideas

We can also use this color for the library, as well as for the dining table, maybe combine it with chairs in natural wood, which will give the room a Provencal atmosphere. The risk of white is, in fact, its tendency to make an aseptic environment, and it must be well balanced and moderated by strong and vibrant colors. To do this you can use colored cushions or a rug. In our images there are ideas for everything enjoy the white magic we have collected today for you.

Red carpet in modern white lounge

white magic red carpet lamparas preciosas ideas

Modern white living room with light blue decorations

magic white painting wall living room high ceilings ideas

Lovely pictures in the modern white lounge

white magic female decoration pictures wall living ideas

White vases decorating the modern living room

white magic decoracio salon vases great ideas

Pink cushions in the modern white lounge

magic white table glass windows cushions ideas

Black and white furniture in the modern living room

magic white furniture wall picture large floor wood ideas

Black armchair makes contrast in the modern white lounge

magic white wall cupboards living room modern ideas

Black wall and fireplace in modern white lounge

magic white wall black salon decorative dishes wall ideas

LED lighting on the wall of the modern white lounge

white magic dark wall large rug modern living room ideas

Wooden tables in open modern white lounge

combination white wood living room kitchen dining ideas

Black and white combination for the modern white lounge

magic white living room black modern lamp foot ideas

white magic salon touches green carpet black ideas

white magic salon modern black carpet ideas

magic white large sofa pictures wall living ideas

white magic big sofa wall brick ideas

magic white sofa stools curtains furniture living room modern ideas

magic white television sofas table glass ideas

white table living room modern dining room ideas

wall brick white living room sofa modern ideas

living room large wall white sofa fireplace black carpet ideas

living room flooring white walls sofa beige light ideas

living room white carpet furniture beige tables cafe ideas

salon white broad yellow armchair rug stripes ideas

living room white kitchen sofa small window ideas

living room white country style fireplace table wood ideas

living room kitchen small white table coffee black ideas

living room dining room windows white luminous original ideas

living room scandinavian design coffee table white original ideas

dark blue carpet living room curtains white furniture ideas

living room Scandinavian style fireplace chairs wood ideas

living room minimalist style white broad beige sofa ideas

modern living room large windows large white furniture ideas

modern living room white table wood broad ideas

living room modern white tables glass wood ideas

modern living room design sofa white table chair hanging ideas

modern living room minimalist style white sofas ideas

modern living room table silver shining precious white furniture ideas

modern living room white wall black furniture ideas

living room modern small curtain green ideas

living room modern sofa large slanca luminous floor wood ideas

living room furniture white touches black wall ceiling lovely ideas

living room open garden pool furniture white ideas

living room dining room kitchen white carpet green ideas

living room small sofa gray white walls ideas

Susanna Cots living room white cushions black window ideas

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