White subway style tiles in bathrooms and kitchens

original white tiles retro style

Today we are going to talk about a type of tiles that is causing real furor in the design of bathrooms and kitchens; the white tiles of metro type. You have been seeing them in numerous images of our aricles, and that is why today we want to delve into the subject and show you some modern designs so you can be inspired.

White tiles of New York metro style for bathrooms and kitchens

white tiles thorn fish

It has been over a hundred years since it was first introduced, but the popularity of the subway tile has proven to be timeless. Today there are more selections of subway-type tiles and new fashion products that are offered for kitchens and bathrooms around the world.

Original design of dashboard with square white tiles

white tiles modern kitchen

Who would have thought that when the subway system of New York City opened in 1904 the tiles ceramic rectangular designs would become such a familiar element. We can thank the architects George C. Heins and Christopher Grant LaFarge, who were hired to work on the subway. They came up with the idea and chose the tile in part thanks to its versatility, durability and easy-to-clean features

Design of modern bathroom with subway style tiles

white tiles bathroom

White subway-type tiles have become so popular that you'll find them in homes, restaurants, hotels and almost anywhere you can imagine. If you need a spectacular dashboard in your kitchen or a new look for the bathroom, the subway style tiles are not only elegant, but easy to maintain and quite durable to wear daily.

Original design of square kitchen white tiles

white kitchen tiles square shape

It is ideal for multiple applications, the subway type tile works in commercial and residential environments and is often used in walls of the backs and countertops in the kitchen, in the bathrooms around bathtubs and showers and even in chimneys.

Original bathroom with subway tiles with black joints

subway type tiles black joints

Once you find the metro style tile, check the product information to make sure that the tile is suitable for the application in your design.

Put white tiles in the bathroom

white tiles metro bathroom

Since the construction of the New York subway in the early 1900s, this very special design of the typical rectangular tiles with beveled edges has not lost its popularity among the architects and builders or fans of the Art Nouveau style.

Great white kitchen tiles

kitchen tiles white color

In many kitchen designs you will see a meter-type tile dashboard, and there is a very good reason for that.

Nice retro style kitchen dashboard design

nice design kitchen retro style

The metro style tiles are functional and beautiful and fit perfectly in different styles of interiors. The special nature of its beveled edges reflects the light in a special way, creating a very individual aesthetic.

Nice kitchen dashboard design with white tiles

nice kitchen dashboard white tiles

Generally, the subway tiles are small to medium in size and rectangular in shape. Nowadays, subway-type tiles can be found in a wide range of colors, a frost-proof design, with metal glazes and multiple formats; from the original format of 7.5 x 15 to the miniature versions of 5 x 10 cm.

Modern design kitchen splashback

great modern design kitchen

This modern kitchen with dashboard covered with subway tiles combines tradition with modernity and offers diverse design options. The subway style tiles can be made of ceramic, glass, natural stone, marble, or even metal. The material for the dashboard will depend on the style of the kitchen design.

Original design of kitchen spreader

original kitchenware decorating

The classic white ceramic dashboard with subway tiles is the obvious first choice for many people. Such tiles look great with traditional kitchen designs and classic furniture.

Original white kitchen design with square tiles

original white kitchen design

Glass-tiled backsplashes are most popular in modern interiors. Choose between a glossy or matt finish.

Original kitchen island design with tiles

kitchen island with tiles

The white marble tiles add style and timeless elegance to the interior of the kitchen and capture the attention of everyone. The metal or stainless steel subway tiles will give your kitchen an elegant and contemporary look.

Original retro style tiles for bathroom

tiles retro style bathroom

Design of bathroom with subway tiles

bathroom with subway tiles

White bathroom design with subway tiles

modern white bathroom

Nice bathroom design in white and light blue

nice design bathroom

Design of modern bathroom with white tiles

nice modern bathroom design

Design of bathroom in white and wood

fourth bathroom white wood

Nice design of modern bathroom

original bathroom design

Original white metro style tiles

original white metro style tiles

Original kitchen dashboard design with bright tiles

kitchen dashboard bright tiles

Great kitchen dashboard with white subway style tiles

kitchen dashboard design tiles

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