Wicker and rattan for garden furniture - 100 ideas

Rattan armchair round white color

Have you already prepared your garden to receive visitors? If you are still thinking about what type of furniture to choose, we have the solution. Today we propose a hundred ideas of outdoor furniture wicker or rattan, two very similar materials that are perfect for garden furniture for its beauty and strength.

Rattan and wicker garden furniture

garden furniture rattan several colors

To begin we will see some characteristics and differences of these two materials so that we have clear some concepts before choosing the most appropriate pieces. The wicker is a fiber that comes from a shrub belonging to the family of willows. Baskets and stems of the plant are usually used to make baskets and furniture.

Rattan armchairs with orange cushions

armchairs rattan cushions orange

On the other hand, rattan or rattan is a native vine plant of the tropical regions such as Africa, Asia and Australasia that usually reaches a great length. It has stems that are finer but at the same time very hard, and the elaboration of the products must be done while the rattan is still wet since it is then much more flexible and simple to mold.

Wicker garden furniture set

nice furniture set wicker garden

Both materials are usually knotted and braided to form the pieces, although wicker furniture is somewhat more flexible and lighter than rattan furniture, as well as being able to be painted more easily. On the contrary, the rattan is more resistant and supports the adverse conditions better. It is for this reason that many experts choose to elaborate garden furniture from a mixture of these two materials.

Gray rattan furniture set

nice gray ratan furniture set

Next we will go on to list some of the designs, types of elaboration and finishes typical of wicker or rattan furniture. First of all we have the "gray kooboo", very sought after today. It turns out that to achieve that original grayish tone the rattan must be submerged in mud for at least two days.

Vega model rattan swing

swing model vega jardin piscina

The Abaca rattan is made with black banana tree wood that can only be found in the Philippine Islands. The outer layer is removed and only the layer called pelepah is used. Once it has dried completely in the sun the material will be ready to be braided and will present a very original tonalities.

Great classic rattan armchair

super classic style rattan armchair

The next type of rattan is natural banana, this being a variant of the previous one with the difference that it can be found in practically all of Indonesia. In this case, the internal layers of the tree are also used, and the colors which are usually somewhat clearer such as browns, raw and beige.

Round rattan canapé

bed canape round garden rattan

There is also the rattan of Water hyacinth Brankas, this being a type of rattan much more fragile than those we have seen previously. This plant is aquatic and lives in rivers. Once the leaves and flowers are cut, the trunk can be used to make furniture and when dried, it acquires a beautiful light yellowish brown tone.

Rattan garden swing

swing garden ratan black vega

If we braid the water hyacinth rattan we will get a more resistant finish and also a darker range of colors. This type of elaboration acquires the denomination of flat rattan and is very current also in the interior furniture such as the sets of tables and dining chairs.

Black rattan swing with parasol

swing ratan color black garden

The Croco rattan is made from the outer crusts of the vine plant, for this reason it is a much darker and intense color. In case you want to give it another color we must apply a special product called Rattanland that helps to fix the paint on the surface of the material.

Rattan terrace furniture set

set furniture terrace sofa rattan

Also the Natural Peel rattan is similar to the previous one, however the second one is usually treated with lyes so that it can be clarified until it acquires a very pleasant yellowish tone. Another difference is that the twigs are cut in smaller size and the designs are more expensive, so we can find it more often in the smaller pieces.

Green rattan garden furniture

rattan color green furniture garden

Finally there is the Seagrass rattan, which is made with wild weeds. The original of this material is that once it is dry, besides being quite resistant, it still retains a very original light green color, although it can also be decorated with paintings. Once seen the characteristics of the different types of rattan, we can begin to distinguish them and see some of the most current designs for garden furniture.

Indigo garden furniture set

furniture set white cushions orange

Above we can see a wonderful set of garden furniture called Indigo . In this case the rattan is made from synthetic fibers and the basic structures of the furniture are made of aluminum, which also contributes to the pieces being very light and simple to transport. They also have a fairly modern design characterized by angles and straight lines.

Design of rattan loungers with wheels

Rattan loungers simple design wheels

Rattan loungers are also causing much furor in the designs of gardens and outdoor spaces around the world. The model that appears above is called Miha and also belongs to the collection of the signature Rattan House. Below we have the Denzo table, which in this case has a minimalist design with very simple shapes.

Square brown rattan table

square table rattan brown

As we can see, the rattan is taking a lot of prominence and is becoming the perfect material to design furniture both indoors and outdoors. The braided finishes are very nice and combine quite well with any type of decoration. The most classic style furniture

Set of rattan furniture for terrace

indigo model set terrace pool

They appear with curved shapes and very complicated braids, while the most modern pieces are always straight and simple. We hope that this brief introduction has helped you to choose your garden furniture.

Rattan furniture set indigo model

indigo model set photo sunset

However, we must consider that the rattan does not last long if it is subjected to the elements, especially rain and frost.

Indigo set of brown color

dark brown indigo set

For this reason, 10 years ago, the manufacturers of garden furniture, looking for an alternative to wood, began to weave sofas and garden chairs in synthetic fibers to make furniture with the comfort of rattan but that could remain outside.

White furniture set

indigo model set sight close

Synthetic rattan is now a bestseller, much of it still manufactured in the Far East, where the traditional weaving experience has never died. Most eco-rattan designs form main living room furniture, modular sofa units or rounded chairs with chubby cushions.

Wicker furniture modern design

set model indigo views river

All synthetic rattan manufacturers make modular systems, which can be arranged in different ways.

Rattan table and chairs set

set table chairs rattan brown

All these pieces need to be placed on a terrace, terrace or patio: they do not move easily and would ruin a lawn if left in it for more than a couple of days.

Classic wicker furniture set

wicker furniture set classic style

Minimal maintenance has been a primary point of sale for synthetic wicker: a quick spray with a garden hose is all that is needed to keep most parts clean. If your children crush a cake in the fabric, you have to vacuum first, then wash with a hose. If necessary, use a sponge with a very diluted detergent and then rinse.

Rattan bar furniture set

rattan brown rattan furniture set

Be careful with cushions made of quick drying foam with waterproof covers. Most standard cushions come in brown, neutral and off white tones to complement the rattan, although you can order cushions in colorful patterned waterproof designs at high-end firms.

Rattan outdoor furniture

set furniture cafe exterior rattan

It is worth taking some time to consider what color of rattan will complement the textures and tones of your terrace. A gray or natural fabric with variegation of color, and a scraped or grooved surface on each thread works well in traditional gardens, it looks good on a stone or chipped granite floor or a gray weathered wood deck.

Gray rattan garden furniture set

furniture set garden rattan gray

Dark brown, narrow weft, with a uniformly annotated surface, sometimes called "spaghetti cloth", it looks great on a brick patio, terracotta tiles or natural pebbles, and a black fabric is better in a garden grass and silvers, with slate, steel, stones or topiary.

Four-seat rattan sofa

nice gray rattan corner sofa

In the trade it is considered that the white furniture of the rattan is best seen in a Mediterranean garden, but they can also look great on a modern glass-sharpened balcony, overlooking the sea, or next to an isolated turquoise pool, with white surrounding walls .

Set of brown wicker furniture

furniture set brown ratan terrace

Black wicker furniture set

black wicker furniture set garden

Set of brown rattan garden furniture

rattan garden furniture set clear

Black rattan dining furniture set

black rattan dining furniture set

Set of black armchairs with green cushions

black set ratan green cushions

Set of wicker furniture with blue cushions

furniture set ratan blue cushions

rattan furniture set red color

rattan wicker classic chairs set

Set of armchairs ratan model kano

brown penna rattan chair

design white furniture rattan garden

design classic style garden furniture

modern design furniture rattan white

design furniture white black ratan

design terrace furniture rattan black

great rattan chairs blue color

Super white rattan terrace

super modern armchair terrace views

photo rattan house modern design

photo side armchairs ratan marron

gazebo garden furniture rattan pink

gray dove rattan furniture garden

garden furniture rattan black color

black ball furniture rattan deco

ratan table set model ricco

rattan table black high stools

Round table benches brown wicker

round table made of rattan and wood

table añta jardin high chairs

dining table chairs rattan

round tables ratan brown color

table stools high rattan white

classic furniture rattan white color

garden furniture rattan brown

furniture dining table chairs wicker

furniture wicker cushions orange terrace

wicker furniture color brown garden

wicker furniture set brown glitter

rattan furniture black green cushions

furniture rattan black green cushions

garden furniture rattan white color

lilac rattan furniture

rattan furniture brown color terrace

rattan furniture modern garden design

rattan patio patio terrace brown

rattan furniture integrated parasol umbrella

rattan furniture round purple cushions

beige rattan terrace furniture

brown and green rattan furniture

original design rattan swing white

original design chair garden ratan

modern style patio furniture rattan

ratan link beach furniture white

rattan color black classic style

simple design chair ratan marron

Outdoor wicker armchairs white color

ball rattan furniture garden sphere

armchair design modern rattan green

nice design garden furniture rattan

armchair shape nest round ratan

egg rattan armchair modern design

rattan armchair color green water

round chair photo link

rattan sofa color white pool

terrace design furniture colors wicker

modern terrace furniture rattan white

modern terrace view furniture rattan

white ratan design hanging chair

deckchair shape boat ratan kano

chaise lounge shape black ratan bed

Kano model sunbeds green cushions

round sunbeds ratan brown beach

deck chairs felling nice garden rattan

sunbeds model felling garden terrace

dining room furniture

rattan furniture

garden furniture

white armchairs

gray armchairs

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