Windows with seats - fifty cool ideas

window seat modern design

The windows with construction seats are very common in traditional houses in the United Kingdom but their use is spreading all over the world today. It is very nice to see the outside sheltered from the cold and the precipitations in an interior padded and comfortable corner, for that reason today we will show you fifty examples of windows with work bench that will give you ideas to design your own.

Windows with integrated work seats

design bench windows wood

Photography: Hester + Hardaway

In the image at the top we can see a fabulous interior design of the firm Dillon Kyle Architecture . In this case, it has been possible to create a nautical air corner thanks to the wood paneling and the small window with natural wood frames in the form of a semicircle, which is also decorated with classic motifs.

Hallway with window and seat

seat corner small window white

The following seat model for window It is located in the entrance area of ​​the house and its use is to serve as a seat to be able to take off comfortably when entering the house. In this case the bank is one seat only, and has been known to take advantage of the space available that is in disuse in the corners.

Bedroom with seat in the window

window seat small green color

Actually this type of window seats are species of winter terraces; allow to enjoy the outdoor landscape in those areas where weather conditions do not allow outdoor leisure. Who has not dreamed of contemplating the rain from a comfortable work bench quilted on its own bedroom ?

Padded seats under the window

bed window seat

But this is not all, window seats usually fulfill a second function; They are also trunks or comfortable to store things. They can have drawers, doors or compartments with perfect shelves to place books and create a well-lit place for reading.

Window seats with drawers

seat window color red drawers

We leave you with the rest of the images of our collection, we hope that these can serve as inspiration to devise seats for your home's windows and can give that touch so welcoming that everyone will thank in the rainy afternoons of Sunday as a family.

Design of integrated sofa under the window

seat window sofa color orange

Living room with trunk in the window

boho style window seat design

Integrated living room furniture with window bench

orange seat classic curtains

Windows with padded seats

seats cushions bands birds sparrows

Modern design window seats

modern window seats gray cushions

Window seats with gray cushions

seats windows cushions gray cushions

Integrated bench with colored cushions

seats windows cushions stripes colors

Integrated bench with flower cushions

seats window cushions flowers

Design of dresser with drawers and seat

window seat white drawers cushions

Integrated furniture with seats

window seat owl plush deco

design seat window cushions green

seat window sofa color brown

window seat minimalist style

bench work minimalist design

bench window puppy color white

bench window white curtain flowers

library window central bench furniture

nice design window seats

nice design small window seat

nice children's bedroom design

canopy bed seat window

collage design benches for windows

window collage shabby chic style

green cushions red carpet

design window drawer seats

design seat recessed window bank

classic design window bench cushions

design bench small seat window

bedroom color pink bench window

children's bedroom bench window cabinet

modern bedroom views seat window

modern bedroom views bank window

two benches skin seat central

modern design windows benchescomodas

super design windows celeste seats

cabinet bench drawers window

small integrated window seat baul

salon color white cushions orange

living room classic style banks windows

living room modern window seat curtains

living room small window seat wood

small living room bench window

dining room color gray pigeon

windows white color drawers

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