Wood accents for modern interiors

super interior design wood accents

Everyone knows that wood always makes a room look warmer, more welcoming and more attractive. Today we want to show you a selection of impressive interiors decorated with Accents of wood, enjoy the journey.

Original modern interior designs with wood accents

original wooden interior designs

Natural wood is one of the most beautiful elements you can have in your home. Each piece has its own rich colors and its unique grain; It also has different types of finishes, both soft and intense bright mates.

Original terrace design with wooden accents

original design terrace porch

Wood also has a distinctive smell, and many people feel that it gives the house a stronger connection with nature.

Great wooden interior design in futuristic style

futuristic style wood interior design

The new trends in interior wood decoration have made it more attractive than ever, why not consider adding it to your home?

Nice design of wooden dining furniture

nice design living room

The main use of wood in homes is through furniture; tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, bedsteads, dressers, desks and all kinds of decorative accessories.

Original dining room design with natural wood accents

dining room kitchen accents natural wood

Each house that has enough space should have a good wooden dining table large enough for the whole family and guests, where everyone can gather for dinners.

Super design of wooden dining room

great design dining room

The wooden furniture offers an immediate elegance and, although they can cost a little more than the popular alternatives, their useful life is longer, which makes them a good investment.

Original modern interior design with wooden coverings

modern interior floor coverings wood

Whether it's smooth or carved, the natural tones of the wood are also very flexible when it comes to combinations with color schemes.

Original interior design of loft apartment with wooden shutters

original small interior design

The windows and doors of solid wood will give your home an excellent security. They are also good for sound insulation and, if the correct type is chosen, can delay the progress of home fires.

Nice set of venetian blinds made of wood

set venetian blinds made of wood

The windows With wooden frames, meanwhile, they look very good, whether natural or painted and provide excellent insulation, especially if combined with wooden blinds.

Original design of living room with wooden floor

living room wooden floor

The wooden floors They have been popular throughout this century. As long as they are polished thoroughly once a year, they are easy to care for and look impressive.

Great design of modern toilet with wooden wall

modern toilet wall panels wood

The wooden panels on the walls, which traditionally reach the height of the waist, can give a room or hall a classic elegance, dark oak is among the most popular options.

Stunning interior design with natural wood ceiling

impressive natural wood design

The wood-paneled ceilings are a bit more unusual and can be quite expensive, but in reality they manage to create a surprising aesthetic, especially if the ceiling is high.

Original ceiling design with wooden slats

decoration ceiling wood slats

If you want to go for it, consider covering a wooden ceiling with a different image painted on each panel.

Nice natural wood stairs

nice stairs wood accents

This year, wood is more popular than ever, is the result of several interior decoration trends that come together.

Nice interior design in modern style with wooden elements

nice modern style interior design

The fusion tendency consists of experimenting with the combination of different materials, and has shown that wood and metal can be seen very well together.

Nice interior design with natural wood floor

nice design natural wood floor

The bohemian trend has developed in reaction to the minimalism of recent years, and it has been seen that painted wood becomes a popular choice, while wood painted white works well with the coastal and nautical themes that so many people love.

Minimalist kitchen with exposed wooden beams

white kitchen exposed wooden beams

If you think of wood as an old-fashioned material, you may be surprised by some of the new trends that exist today. The carved and curved wooden forms are fashionable, and are used to create striking chairs and even bathtubs.

Minimalist interior with exposed wooden beams

interior minimalist style wooden beams

These are just some of the elegant wood elements that are making a comeback after several decades of distance, using all kinds of species and types of wood, from mahogany to driftwood.

Small kitchen with visible wooden beams on the ceiling

small kitchen wooden beams

The screens for wood dressing rooms make an elegant addition to the bedrooms, and you can even find interior designs with live wood that appears as trees, sometimes integrated into niches in the walls, which become part of the organic trend.

Original design of bathroom with exposed wooden beams

fourth bathroom wooden beams

While new wood can be very beautiful, especially in these elegant shapes, some people also prefer old or aged wood and do their best to recover it. Recycling old wooden furniture is a great way to reduce waste and create unique items.

Oriental style living room decoration with wooden floor

decoration oriental style salon

Old doors can be transformed into bed bases, old floorboards can be assembled together to build tables, and any type of planks can be transformed into shelves.

Super rustic wooden roof design

rustic style wood ceiling design

Basic carpentry does not require many tools, and you can find videos online to help you develop the skills you will need. Sometimes, all you have to do is sanding the rough surfaces and adding a new layer of varnish to transform an old piece of furniture into something that all your guests will envy.

Modern living room design with rustic style wooden accents

super design living room wood

Wood is not only an attractive, resistant and useful material; It can also be a good choice when it comes to the environment. The purchase of new wood, harvested in a sustainable manner, guarantees the maintenance of forests, which absorb carbon from the atmosphere and slow down climate change.

Original modern kitchen design with laminated wood cabinets

modern kitchen laminate wood cabinets

Because it is a good insulator, wood floors, wall panels, shelves and window frames can keep heat in your home and reduce fuel use. Unlike many other materials, wood decomposes naturally if pulled and does not cause contamination.

Great youth room design with wooden ceiling

youth room wood ceiling

With so many approaches to choose from, you will not want to risk ending up with a mix of styles, so take the time to think about how you can add wood to your home. A good point to start is to think about color.

Stunning interior designs with wooden accents

stunning interior wood designs

In general terms, the woods can be divided into blondes, dark and red, but each one has its own subtle tones. Light woods, such as pine, are the best if you want to use a large amount in a room, but keep a broad and well-lit feeling at the same time.

Original interior of modern design with wooden platform

interior design modern platform wood

Dark woods will give you a traditional and handsome look that conveys gentleness and style. Red woods can make a whole statement, so they are usually used with more moderation; for example, in a single communicated piece of furniture. A red wooden work surface can really light up a kitchen.

Original modern style interior design with wooden ceiling

interior style modern ceiling wood

Although the knots are part of the charm of wood, the less there is, the more resistant it will be in time. Avoid parts where there are knots in areas that are under a lot of stress.

Original modern office design with wooden elements

original design office office

When buying wooden furniture, check that the joints are solidly placed and that the wood produces a clear sound when hitting on it. Well-chosen wooden items can last a lifetime and over time can be transmitted to your children.

Original design of modern wooden stairs with integrated LED lights

original accent stairs wood

Each type and species of wood has an individual cellular structure that creates unique physical properties that determine suitability for different uses.

Original design of hanging staircase with handrail and wooden steps

original design hanging staircase

For example, the hardness of the wood is very variable, so certain species of wood are not recommended for the soil because they are not strong enough to withstand heavy wear and tear.

Original design of modern kitchen with wood siding

original design kitchen cladding wood

Below we will show you a brief comparison of American hardwoods, softwoods and tropical hardwoods often misused and their appropriate applications:

Original design of modern dining room with wooden wall

original design dining wall wood

Hardwoods are deciduous trees that have broad leaves, produce a fruit or nut and generally dormant in the winter. In the forests of North America grow hundreds of varieties that grow in temperate climates, including oak, ash, cherry, maple and poplar species. Each species guarantees the long life of furniture, floors and carpentry, and each one offers unique marks with variation in grain pattern, texture and color.

Original design of modern wooden bedroom

original design bedroom wood

Soft or coniferous woods have needles instead of leaves. Widely available, the coniferous trees of the United States are cedar, fir, pine, redwood and fir. In a house, soft woods are mainly used as structural timber, with limited decorative applications.

Original design of living room with wooden accents

original design living room

Tropical hardwoods, including mahogany, rosewood, teakwood and wenge are not native to North America. They grow in the world's tropical forests and must be imported for domestic use. While some tropical hardwoods can be used for indoor applications, including soils, the color, grain pattern, hardness and brightness of many imported woods differ from those of American hardwoods.

Original interior designs with wooden accents

original designs accents wood

Original interior design with natural wood beams in sight

original interior wood beams sight

Original rustic industrial interior design with wooden accents

original industrial rustic interior design

Original modern interior design with fake wooden ceiling

original design interior ceiling false

Nice modern interior design with red wood accents

salon kitchen accents red wood

Apartment located in Tel Aviv called TLV Get Away with wooden interior

original design interior apartment wood

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