Wood countertops for the kitchen - tips to consider

wood countertops

The wood countertops They are increasingly popular among kitchen designers. If you are considering this idea, before going out to buy, consider some advice on how to choose the type of wood, design and maintenance of this type of coatings.

Tips for choosing and maintaining wooden countertops

modern wood countertops

The wooden countertops look nice and warm, as they provide that rustic and homely touch that we all expect to find in a kitchen. But before choosing any model, we must ask ourselves a series of questions so that the purchase is efficient:

How to choose wooden countertops for the kitchen

buy wood countertops

What should be done before installing a wooden countertop? What type of wood should be chosen? What precautions should be used?

Tips for choosing wood countertops correctly

light wood countertops

First of all, you should know that there are several types of wood available for countertops. On the one hand, soft and therefore more fragile woods, such as eucalyptus or bamboo; on the other, the most resistant types of wood, such as beech or oak. When choosing the type of wood, consider the color and price.

Island modern kitchen with wooden surface

island countertop wood

Before choosing a wooden countertop, also consider the environment. For a person who often cooks, it would be best to opt for a firm, more resistant wood. It also depends on the mood you want to give your kitchen.

Original design of wooden kitchen countertop

kitchen countertop

Bamboo is a useful wood, but its appearance is unique and may not fit the style of your kitchen. We advise making your choice, not based on price or maintenance, but in comparison with the style of your kitchen. A solid wood countertop will bring warmth in a white kitchen, for example.

Modern kitchen industrial style with wooden worktop

modern kitchen

In terms of price, wood countertops are often more expensive than laminate countertops. For example, a laminate countertop will cost around 50 euros per meter versus 150 euros for a wooden countertop.

Kitchen design with wooden surfaces

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The installation of a worktop wood is simple, just be careful when you join. With a solid wood, there will be no cut in the joint of the factory.

Design of modern wooden countertop

modern countertop design

Therefore, we must pay attention to the cutting angle, especially if you do it yourself. Just remember that wood is a natural material that can spoil slightly when exposed to moisture, heat or cold.

Original modern kitchen countertop

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But as long as you properly seal and maintain the wood, it will remain a beautiful and functional surface for the kitchen.

Great wooden kitchen island

kitchen island wood

Always place hot pans on shelters or trays to protect your countertop against stains, burns and scratches.

Beautiful natural wood countertop

natural wood countertop

Do not cut directly on wooden countertops. Always use a cutting board. Clean up spills quickly, especially if they are a type of stain such as red wine or berry juices.

Original design of wooden countertop

wooden countertop

Do not forget the coasters or plates for tea and coffee cups to avoid the rings on your countertop. Avoid the use of hard and chemical cleaning products on wood.

Rustic kitchen design with wooden countertops

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Instead, clean with mild soapy water and diluted vinegar to disinfect. You can also use baking soda mixed with warm water to gently exfoliate stains. Try to always keep your countertop dry.

Modern small white kitchen design with wooden surfaces

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Coat wooden countertops with high quality mineral oil once a month. Only mineral oil is safe for food and does not become rancid like cooking oils.

Countertop with wooden surface

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To clean your countertops you need: safe mineral oil for food, sandpaper (grain 120 and 180), a slice of lemon, salt, hydrogen peroxide and two rags.

Kitchen island with wooden countertop

Island of cooking

For the removal of spots you can use a fresh lemon. You should cut the lemon in half, and rub the stained area with the cut side.

Surfaces of wooden countertops

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You can add salt for additional abrasion. If that still does not work, try adding a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to a cup of warm water and rub in the stain with the mixture.

Countertops and wooden kitchen surfaces

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To clean thoroughly use a sponge to rub the entire surface with a non-toxic cleaner. Let dry.

Island modern kitchen with wooden countertop

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For a polish you should sand the surface lightly with 120 grit sandpaper, and thoroughly with 180 grit sandpaper until the wood becomes smooth.

Original rustic wood countertop design

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Spray the food grade mineral oil liberally on the surfaces and rub thoroughly with an old cotton cloth. Let the wood absorb it for about 20-25 minutes.

Beautiful wooden kitchen countertop

beautiful kitchen countertop

Wipe with a clean, dry cloth and enjoy its renewed surface.

Original designs of natural wood countertops

natural wood countertops

Great modern design kitchen with wooden surfaces

modern design kitchen

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