Wood design countertops - gives a natural touch to your kitchen.

countertops modern design modern backrest

Design countertops and one of my favorite materials: wood. It will be our thematic thread today with a series of truly charming proposals. The wooden countertops are perfect if your kitchen is rustic style. Its natural beauty transmits it to the countertops that are one of the most visible areas in any kitchen. With respect to other materials, wood has many positive aspects that stand out.

Countertops wood design combined with stools

countertops blue design walls stools

Its durability would say that it is the first of its aspects to stand out. With the right treatment the wood design countertops can last a long time. It is a material that with the passage of time can be gaining in personality and more if it is the interior of the home. Just as regards cleaning, the work is simple and this is very important. A special protective oil can be used with a frequency of approximately two months.

Design countertops, treated wood

countertops design white polished wood

We just have to be very careful with the products that can be abrasive. Scratches or breaks on the surface can be solved with a uniform sanding to reach the bottom layer. The hygienic aspect is another of the strengths of the wood design countertops. So natural It is a material that offers greater resistance against bacteria compared to others. During the assembly it is necessary to apply a glue that prevents moisture and seals the wood.

Wooden accent in all the furniture

countertops light design light metal stools

Leave these steps in the hands of professionals, they are not difficult to install, but they require precision. Plan your countertop from the kitchen design period itself. This way you will have the necessary time to determine the style and nuances. Always ensure that the wooden countertops match the kitchen decor. Although above all things must be in line with your needs. If you are one of those who love kitchens modern Maple is right for you.

Excellent contrast with rock wall

countertops design combined wood shelves

Its light colors make it ideal for these spaces. Otherwise another lasting would be the oak, also for contemporary kitchens. Otherwise you can opt for the elm or fir if it is lightness. Enjoy this selection of cuisines around the world. The common denominator in them are the magnificent wooden countertops. Maybe some will captivate you for your next project kitchen.

Wood in several sections

countertops stepped wood design sections

Attractive countertop, traditional kitchen

countertops design shelves glasses clock

Modern variant combined with blue

blue glass shelves design countertops

Ideal for field environment

countertops design island gray cat

Clear wooden edges

countertops design lights broad pictures

Excellent contrast with dark furniture

dark industrial wood design countertops

Practice for islands

countertops cozy design kitchen chair

Dark tone for contemporary atmosphere

countertops modern design lamp stools

Adaptable to multifunctional furniture

countertops design railings wood books

Beautiful contrast with marble

countertops design contemporary marble plants

Combination with stools of the same tone

countertops design stools

Furniture in treated wood

countertops traditional design kitchen copper

Wood in various shades

countertops traditional design cozy lamp

Elegant dark hue

countertops traditional design plants hood

Smelling colorful kitchen

countertops design decorative glass letters

cozy stylish blue mattresses lights

attractive wood decoration led flowers

Cheap wide decoration design jarron

warm wood metal steel attachments

country mounts saddles stools white

cream shelves wood countertops lights

elaboration space small wood island

countertop marble green tiles traditional

traditional countertop white chairs clock

large wood white kilns furniture

island wood functional countertop flowers

island patio exterior sliding wide

Lamps decoration attractive design

wood flowers chairs cushions shelves

wood chair dark meats pipes

massive counter traditional kitchen clear

metal table coffee machine countertops steel

modern white kitchen contemporary brightness

modern wood steel environment led

black tube oven white kitchen

duck onions kitchen natural drawers

small variant watch dark scale

plants extreme watch steel chairs

white clock kitchen countertop elegant

romantic lounge chairs contemporary bottles

rustic countryside kitchen decoration wood

traditional wood countertop small green

traditional house creative kitchen window

grapes lemons metal sink glasses

modern kitchen blue glass dashboard

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