Wood fireplaces with storage spaces.

wood fireplaces styles colorful rugs

Wood fireplaces are really special in any space. Excellent for winters and for colder days are also highly decorative. There is an extremely attractive detail and it is the wood and how it is stored. Storage is also a way to make the fireplace more elegant. The space we allocate to storage must meet several conditions.

Wood fireplaces style with rocks

wood fireplaces styles styles rocks red

The storage space must be dry and ventilated. All this must guarantee that the fire is henceforth more effective. Today we will share some options design which are really significant. As you will see, they are storage spaces that the designers have taken advantage of. As we mentioned, the storage area must be dry.

Wood fireplaces, idea for walls

wood fireplaces styles styles cushions wood

It does not matter if you are indoors or outside. All this is because logically wet wood has less value for heating. Another detail is to move it as far as possible from the ground. The air must circulate in several of its points while it is stored. The certainly decorative sense must also respect the distance with the wall.

Contemporary living room

wood fireplaces styles styles colors paintings

Between the wood pile and the wall a distance between five and ten centimeters should be planned. As we will see in the pictures, the cases of outdoor storage are also special. As is logical, it must be protected from the elements, mainly rain and snow. At the moment the proposals that use this type of creative solutions are increasing.

Outdoor storage

wood fireplaces styles styles gardens plants

In the images you will notice how it can be adapted to each space. The modalities tend to be dissimilar and adaptable to many media. You can stack on a shelf or in a space on the wall. What all these projects share is that firewood is the point of attraction. This is perfect for rustic or industrial style rooms alike.

Small space in walls

fireplaces gardens black flowers

Variant for exteriors

wood fireplaces exterior bamboo styles

Design in colorful living room

wood fireplaces styles variants cushions

Elegant and modern in courtyard

wood fireplaces styles variants fire wall

Storage with LED

wood fireplaces styles candles crystals

Contemporary atmosphere with whites

environments sums style shines tables

environments sums style wood curtains

environments sums style rose flowers

environments sums style lamparas paredes

environments sums style vartiations candles

environment decorated style variations cement

cushions crystals home gray gold

cushions glasses home furniture red

cushions crystals house furniture trunks led

crystals sums style vartriations rocks

ideas living rooms house furniture crystals

ideas salons house variants metals

Lamps house variants plants lights

salons house variants art metals

logs lounges house variants wood

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