Wooden and cement house in India, designed by Studio Course

wooden house

The combination of different decorative details can have a very original and elegant effect for your home and your interior. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about a wooden house in India designed by Studio Course in which cement is combined on walls and floors to make massive decoration, however for decorative details it is used wood and a very nice decorative contrast is created in this way.

A very modern and original wooden house from Studio Course

Indian wooden house

Keep in mind that these wooden houses of designers and architects can be for you a great source of inspiration for the decoration of your homes and interiors. You can use the same ideas to decorate your house with wood in the doors and in the windows. Also in front of the door you can also make a wooden decoration with the furniture and some cabinets hanging on the wall.

A house in which the wood is combined as decorative details and cement

concrete house

On the other hand, in the interiors of the large wooden houses the decoration with the plants is also very appropriate and it looks very good, since green is a color that combines very well with the color of the wood. In addition, the plants will introduce more life into your home and fill it with a pleasant air. On the other hand, in front of the entrance door you can place some stones and in this way you will make a decoration that will do much to Feng Shui.

Using wood to create very modern and original decorative details

Indian concrete house

On the other hand, in a home wood in which the decorative details of the interior are of wood and the house is of two or more floors you can place some stairs also of wood, but of a different design. You can choose floating steps that may be hanging from the ceiling. In this way you will add a lot of style and elegance to your interior.

Creating a decorative contrast with the color of the wood and the gray color of the concrete

wood houses

On the other hand, you can also use a shelf with which you can cover a whole wall and you can also choose a shelf of an interesting and original design. Keep in mind that the color of the wood when combined with the color of the cement the decorative contrast that is produced is very pleasant and original. You can also use the micro cement to make a more original decoration of the walls and floors.

A wooden house in India with decorative wooden details on the walls and ceiling

original wood house india

On the other hand, for the roof you can use wood and wooden beams. Keep in mind that if you combine the color of the wood of the ceiling with the wood of the decorative details of the interiors you will be able to make a very modern decoration of a wooden house and cement.

Using the cement to make an original decoration of the walls combined with the wood

original wood house india

A roof covered by wood and wooden beams to decorate the interiors

original large wooden houses

Some large windows with wooden frames to decorate the interiors of the houses

original wooden houses india

A combination with a lot of style and elegance of cement and wood

original modern wood house

The decoration of the walls with some furniture and wooden shelves

original modern wood house

Filling the interiors of wooden houses with style and elegance using cement to decorate the walls

original modern large wooden houses

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