Wooden boxes used to manufacture furniture - 75 ideas

hammock table swing

Today we will talk to you once again about the wooden boxes or pallets to make original furniture, and it turns out that this trend is in constant progress, although it is already known worldwide. It is a great and sustainable way to decorate, do not hesitate for a moment and join the movement of the recycling of wooden pallets.

Wooden boxes or pallets to manufacture furniture

sofas seats made wooden boxes

As a result of the widespread use of wooden boxes to manufacture furniture, specialized companies have also begun to emerge precisely in the production of pieces with pallets . One of the main advantages offered by this type of furniture is the resistance and durability, after all, wood is still wood.

Armchair with wooden pallet

green terrace seats pallets wood

In the picture that we can see above it appears an original seat for exterior with a part destined to serve as auxiliary side table. Its elaboration has consisted in joining the wooden slats necessary to form a rectangular structure on which cushions have been placed and cushions .

Dressing floor covered with wooden slats

decoration walls wooden pallet

In the following image there is a dressing room with structures and integrated work compartments. In this case it has been given a merely decorative use to wooden pallets; wooden slats have been placed horizontally to cover the walls of the bottom of the dressing room. The result is very original, and also serves to isolate and soundproof in a practical way.

Wooden pallet table with blue legs

wood pallet table blue legs

Another great idea is the one we have above; Four old wooden table legs have been placed on a pallet, with hardly any modifications to its structure. The result as you can see is fantastic; the legs provide a classic and retro style in a very modern tone, while the surface of the table continues to show its original appearance, although with several strokes of navy blue paint, details that make the piece have even more charm.

Sofa with backrest and wheels

interior seats wooden boxes

Garden seats of wooden boxes

beige cushions garden seats

Steps to manufacture garden seats

seats garden boxes wood pallets

Set of bar counter with stools

bar garden stools wood

Design of living room table with wheels

pretty table flowers red wood

Bedside table with green wheels

wooden boxes furniture wheels

Super hanging wooden pallet bed

hanging bed palet wooden boxes

Swing made with wooden boxes

swing made wooden boxes

Pallet terrace furniture set

set furniture terrace made pallets

Wooden pallet bed with drawers

design modern bed wood pallet

Models of wooden pallet chairs

design chairs wood pallets

Wooden table with drawers

design table pallet wood drawers

Pallet table design painted blue

design table pallet color blue

Table surface with slats of different colors

original design wooden pallet table

Design of wooden dining table

Super dining table wooden pallet

Simple design pallet table

super design pallet table

Pallet table with original engravings

table pallet red ribbons letters

Design of pallet table with steel structure

table pallet chair color blue metal

Living room table made with wooden boxes

table boxes wood blue sky blue

original design wooden pallet table

bed structure wooden pallet headboard

super table plants central planter

photo collage furniture pallet wood

wooden bar table pallets

rolling table wooden boxes

pallet table blue color wheels

white table wood pallet crystal

set table glasses two stools

high table design home pallet

garden table wooden boxes

garden table center pot plants

wooden table shape cube


Palette table painted green

pallet tables lemons

table view fence wooden pallets

bedside table wheels pallet

bedside table design wooden pallets

furniture store fruit drawers pallets

furniture bar bar wooden pallets

furniture shelves wooden pallets

wood furniture simple bedside tables

furniture painted pallets blue color

furniture pallets design modern style

furniture made wooden boxes

wall panel living room tele pallets

original clothes rack wooden boxes

original design style table pallet

unpainted wood pallet

wood plate garden flower pots vertical

corner games for children made pallets

chair made wooden boxes

wooden chair wooden boxes pallets

chair pallets colors

chairs design boxes wood pallets

chairs garden boxes pallet

armchairs garden pallets wood colors

terrace chairs made pallets

armchair palet three cushions

original armchair pallets two cushions

salmon garden color sofa

large sofa wheels wooden boxes

sofa interior wood cushions colors

surface table wood pallets

high stool made wooden pallet

stool garden planter boxes wood

terrace furniture pallets green cushions

deckchair blue wood boxes

fence garden wooden pallets dog

fence garden hanging pots

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