Wooden ceilings - fifty modern ideas

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The wooden roofs they are a luxury for many, however, today we will see that currently is not so expensive to place a roof with a beautiful and warm wood finish, either polished and varnished or rustic and untreated, we offer fabulous examples for each Taste, do not miss any.

Wood ceilings for indoor spaces

modern bathroom wood laminate ceiling

First, we will list the types of wood that are most commonly used for roofing. Among the most common and according to their functions we will find the Paraná Pine, the Elliotis Pine and hardwoods in general for the beams and the suspenders; Paradise, Pine Elliotis and Pine without knots coatings ; Anchico, Quebracho Colorado, White Quebracho in columns; Timbó, Laurel, Pine without knots in borders and tables of Saligna for formwork.

Wood paneling for bathrooms

modern bathroom all wood pine

Previously it is known that the most used wood for roofing was the Brazil Pine, however today it is in extinction, so that its use has been replaced by that of Pino Paraná , being this second a variant of the Brazilian Pine although with more knots and less resistance. It is also more economical and is currently used for reforestation.

Wood ceilings for interiors

bar steel ceiling wood lamparas

The Elliotis Pine is a somewhat softer wood than the previous ones so it is not the most appropriate material to withstand high loads of weight, however it is perfect for coatings and machimbres and can also be used as a support structure. It is also important to know some information about the preservation and care of the wood in the interior spaces.

Rustic style wood ceilings

nice hall ceiling floor wood

The steps to follow are simple but require some dedication and time. First of all we should sand the pieces of wood with a sandpaper of medium grain, always following the direction of the betas. Next we will locate all the cracks of the slats to cover them later with a special putty for wood.

Nautical style design for salons

nice nautic style wood room

The wooden ceilings in the living rooms are very good especially when the colors and tones are combined in the right way. For that you can use a dark colored wood for the ceiling and the white color for the walls. In addition you can also make an extension of the wood of the ceiling by one of the walls. This extension can be done by leaving a part of white color so that it separates the wall from the ceiling or you can also leave it whole,

Kitchen with wooden ceiling

kitchen dining wood ceilings

In the kitchen you can use the same decoration for the ceiling. However, if on the walls you want to place also to decorate it is better that you use a wall of the same color. In this way the combination of colors will be more appropriate. Also if you choose a white furniture the combination with wood will be perfect.

Laminates of simil wood

modern kitchen wood laminate ceiling

On the other hand, you can also combine the colro of the wood of the ceiling with the color of the furniture. You also have to keep in mind that if the furniture is light in color you can use darker colors to decorate the floor and walls. However, this is more appropriate for large kitchens. On the other hand, for small kitchens it is better to use light colors.

Wood ceilings for modern kitchens

modern kitchen parrot yaco ceiling

In addition the wooden ceilings in the kitchens are also very well in the houses where the roof is descended and the kitchen is located under one of the wings of the roof. On the other hand, to complete the decoration of the ceilings you can also use large hanging lamps. Keep in mind that in the kitchens these lamps are very good when they are placed on the table or the countertop of an island.

Loft apartment with wooden ceiling and floor

kitchen rustic ceilings wood slats

On the other hand, in modern and trendy apartments you can see a trend that indicates interiors decorated especially with wood. The wood usually appears on the floor and also on the ceilings. However, on the roof you can see a decoration with wooden beams and also a simple wooden roof.

Interior design with wood laminate

nice modern dining room all wood

In contrast, wood laminate is also appropriate for decorating interiors. However, when you choose the wood you have to take into account the type of wood you are choosing because there is a difference in the maintenance of this. In addition, the colro wood also depends on the type of wood.

Modern dining room with wooden ceiling

dining room modern style wood ceiling

However, if in your house there is a part that is reserved for the dining room you can make a design with glass walls and a wooden ceiling. In order to keep this ceiling in the center of the wall you can leave some columns.

Floating deck of wood


On the other hand, the floating wooden roofs are also very modern and greatly increase the style and elegance of the interiors. In addition to the floating roofs the decoration becomes stepped and tiered. This way at the highest level you can place hanging lamps that reach the lowest level of the ceiling.

Rustic style wooden ceilings

design kitchen rustic wood ceiling

On the other hand, in rustic and rustic interiors the wood on the ceilings is very appropriate because it is combined with the interiors. Also in these interiors you can also place some large hanging lamps and in this way you will also give a very modern and elegant touch to the house.

Wood cladding in rustic kitchens

design kitchen traditional wood ceiling

Wood laminates for modern kitchens

Luxurious design laminate wood ceiling

design modern living room wood ceiling

bedroom wood ceiling moderni

bedroom style luxurious ceiling wood

rustic style wood design

modern bedroom ceiling rustic wood

modern bedroom wood ceilings

bedroom view sea ceilings wood

entrance hall design ceiling wood

modern design wooden ceilings

super bright wood ceiling kitchen

fourth bathroom ceiling wood

super modern laminate wood room

super bright wood ceiling


wood slats ventilated ceiling

minimalist dining table wood ceilings

minimalism modern floor ceiling wood

living room lining studio wood

living room modern wood ceiling

living room classic style wood ceiling

living room wood fireplace center column

modern living room ceiling wood fireplace

living room view roof wood floor

super terrace all wood pine

smooth ceiling pine wood

wood ceiling ventilated slats

unpainted wood ceiling gray

wood ceiling classic living room lights

wood ceilings classic bedroom

modern wood ceilings

wooden ceilings living rooms

wood ceilings modern style

roof roof parquet wood house

modern wood-lined terrace

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