Wooden crafts for beginners

wood crafts

There are many articles that we have dedicated to crafts with leaves for autumn and other types of handicrafts, but in this we will talk about a very interesting topic that are the wood crafts . We will guide you for beginners, for people who are interesting and would like to do something like that.

Wood crafts and the necessary tools

hand tools for wood

Before going, we will see what are the manual tools for wood that you can use and what each one is for. The twelve tools that you see in the image are usually sold together in a case, since they are the most important for a wood carver. They are cutting tools and have many ways to adapt better to different surfaces and to make the shapes you want on wood easier.

The use of tools in wood crafts

beginner wood crafts

The tool you see in this photo is specially designed for this kind of shapes, for curves and circles, but it can also be used to dig in wood and make holes in it.

Crafts with wood for beginners and the use of the most important tools

original wood crafts

The holes as we have mentioned are made with the same instrument because its curved edge and its surface sunk inwards allow us to sink the tool into the wood to be able to make easy wood crafts.

The pyrograph, one of the most important tools in pyrography

wood crafts house

Another very important instrument that you have to have when doing manual works in wood is the so-called pyrograph. This instrument has to be plugged into a socket and you have to wait a bit until the metal tip gets hot. you have to be careful not to touch it because the temperature is very high and you will burn. The pyrograph is used to make the drawings on top of the wood, burning it. You can grab it as if it were a pen or a pencil and start drawing. We advise you that before you start drawing with the pyrograph you make the lines of your drawing on the wood with a pencil so that you do not make mistakes and that you follow these lines with the pyrograph.

Ideas for wooden crafts for beginners

wood for crafts

The wood crafts and drawings made with this instrument have a finish like the one you see in the photo. The dark contours of the drawing are due to the burning that has been done with the pyrograph. After making the drawing if your wood is thicker, you can use the other cutting tools to give relief.

Easy drawings for beginners who want to work with wood

original wood crafts beginners

Another advice that we are going to give to people who are starting with this art is that at the beginning you make drawings and things easier, such as, for example, drawings of leaves or plants and flowers. After making the contours of the drawing you can fill the inside of the drawing by making the pyrograph to the wood, but without pressing it towards it and without keeping it long. This way you will get that lighter color of the wood inside that differs from the dark contours.

The effect of the pyrograph on wood

original wood crafts house

At the end of these exercises you can have a very beautiful and original image that you can hang on the wall of your house, since it will be a work of art made by you. You can decorate the image to your liking and give it the shape you want.

The type of wood that should be used in manual works with wood

modern wood crafts

As for the type of wood that you can use to make crafts with wood, the linden wood is the most popular among beginners. This type of wood is a very light color, between white and pale yellow, its rings are slightly marked and does not have a characteristic smell. This is the type of wood that you can see in the photo below.

Fine wood in crafts with wood

difficult wood crafts

Another type of wood For crafts that you can use is poplar wood. This type of wood is more resistant than the previous one, but it is softer and for that reason it is very comfortable and easy to make holes, dig and make some crafts with fine wood.

Easy ideas to make in houses with wood

crafts wood walls

The white walnut wood is also suitable for beginners. Its color is a darker brown than the color of lime or poplar wood and is ideal if you want to make something of a not so light brown. In contrast, black walnut wood is also very popular among wood carvers, but it is more expensive than the other three wood types. This type of wood is easy to dig but it is very strong and heavy, that is why it is a good choice for furniture making.

The drawings that can be made with the pyrograph

wood wall crafts

And finally, probably the most used and most popular wood for digging wood is oak wood. This wood is very strong and resistant and does not rot, which is why it is used in the production of furniture.

Some images made with tools and with a pyrograph

crafts wall wood house

With these woods you can make some very original deoraciones in your houses for the walls in the form of paintings. In addition you can also place them on the shelves to decorate the rooms. On the other hand, to make these images you can select some motifs that combine with the other motifs of your interior.

Crafts of flowers made with wood at home

crafts with wood

In addition you also have to keep in mind that the types of wood will have a different color tone of the wood. In this way you can use a wood of the color that best matches the other colors of your interior. On the other hand if you want to use them to decorate the walls you will have to take into account the color of the walls.

Molding the wood and creating original drawings

crafts in wood

Locomotive images will also look great indoors. To make the most outstanding effects you will have to use the tools that we talked about at the beginning to make the wood crafts.

An easy image to make some wood crafts for beginners

manual works in wood

In this way in some parts of your work there will be some more prominent cavities and others more smooth. In addition these forms can also be used to decorate your doors and furniture.

Harder wood crafts to do at home

crafts with wood beginners

You have to bear in mind that the figures with leaves of the Baroque type that give movement and dynamism to the decoration are very suitable to decorate the furniture. To these sheets you can add some curved figures with ringlets.

Complication and advancement come with time

crafts in house wood

Three types of leaves made in three different types of wood

crafts with easy wood

Some original tree leaves made on a piece of thick wood

wood for crafts beginners

Something easy and simple to do at home with wood crafts

crafts with fine wood beginners

The figures that can be made with wood

crafts with fine wood

The mastery and complexity of manual works with wood

manual works with wood beginners

Being a professional with wood and making beautiful shapes

crafts with original wood

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