Wooden pergolas for the garden - more than fifty ideas

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In today's post we will talk again about the wooden pergolas for the garden and the wide range of models that you can find in the market today. We will also see some of the most modern and current designs for wooden pergolas and which are the most suitable areas for their placement.

wooden pergolas deck house

Depending on the intended use and the furniture that will be placed in its shade, the pergola may vary in size and shape. In case we think about placing comfortable furniture for resting or dinning room to the roof of the pergola, it must be large and strong enough to safeguard the furniture.

White pergola in modern design

modern pergola white design archi

On the contrary, we will also see more modern wood pergolas designs with minimalist shapes that also fulfill their function in a very efficient way, as is the case of this pergola called " Frangisole "Created by the firm Cagis. The correct choice of wood is also very important.

Modern wooden pergolas

pretty pergola modern wooden pool

There are usually several types of wood which are the most used for the manufacture of the pergolas. Among them are different types of pine, oak, ash, sycamore, lime, cedar, natural beech edged and rounded beech edged. These woods are the most common and found in the European continent.

Classic design wooden pergola

pretty pergola wooden stately house

However, we can also find tropical or American woods in some designs of pergolas, this will depend on the preferences of the client. The photograph of the upper part shows us an example of a pergola of a rather noble design that covers a beautiful square of marble rest.

Corner-shaped garden pergolas

corner garden tumblers pergola corner

Another option is also very successful is the placement of wooden pergolas in the shape of a corner to shade certain parts of the garden without subtracting from the available space. There are just as we can see very simple structures for the pergolas, some even consist only of the columns and support bases attached.

Wooden pergola with curtains

pretty pergola wood brown curtains

In any case, a pergola can completely modify the landscape of your garden because thanks to it you can separate the different spaces for different functions. Regarding its functionality, there are also many possibilities. Some choose to place the plants directly on them with the pots hanging from the wooden slats;

Wooden pergola with covered roof

nice garden plants pergola wood

Others instead prefer to cover them completely with climbing plants to achieve a more natural and vivid look. If instead you prefer to create a fully covered space you can always choose a more closed design pergola model, or place awnings and curtains in the openings so that sunlight and rain can not penetrate.

Small room with covered fireplace

chimney pergola clear wood garden

The wooden pergolas that you can use in your gardens can also be decorated with a stone or brick fireplace. Also near the fireplace you can place a table with chairs and you can complete the decoration of this place with pots with plants or small trees in the four columns of the pergola.

Garden entrance with wooden pergola

pergola white wood entrance garden

On the other hand the pergolas can also be used to make small coffers in some parts of your garden as in the main entrance or to separate somehow parts of the garden. These coffers can be done with a flat or curved roof and you can decorate the two columns with some plants and bushes with flowers.

Wooden pergola with stone columns

columns base stone pergola wood

On the other hand, the curved roofs of the pergolas you can also do for those that are bigger and that you are going to use them to cover a rest area. In addition, the roofs of these buildings can be made with wooden beams in both directions and in this way you will make a roof with square motifs.

Wooden pergola with swing

swing pergola wood white curtains

Also in the pergolas, the decoration that is very good is that which is done with curtains. These curtains can be hooked to the columns and also inside the pergola you can make a swing subject of the roof of the building.

Garden swing with wooden pergola

swing sofa pergola wood garden

On the other hand, the construction with the swing is also very good when it has no curtains and the swing is seen in its entirety. These pergolas are very suitable for large gardens because you can create a part with a rest area surrounded by grass.

Modern design wooden pergola

modern design pergola wood cushions

On the other hand, the interior decoration of the pergola can be done with colorful cushions and a carpet that follows this line of decoration. Also to make this decoration more original and appropriate you can choose a wooden pergola of darker color because of this way the bright colors of the decorative details will stand out.

Large pergola for the garden

pergola design large wood garden

You have to take into account that the decoration of the pergolas and the columns of these can be done by adding grids in some of the columns. The decoration can be completed with climbing plants to which these grids will serve as support.

Modern design for wooden pergolas

pergola design modern patio wood

In addition modernity can be introduced in your garden combining wood and metal in construction. This you can do with a pergola that has some wooden columns and other metal. On the other hand, for the elaboration of the ceiling the square wooden beams are very well and are very appropriate.

Super pergola round big roof

On the other hand, the square wooden beams in the ceiling can be placed on the other beams and in this way the effect will be a thicker shadow. In addition you can also combine wooden beams of lighter and darker colors and thus introduce the originality.

beautiful pergola red wood garden

Also in the gardens the decoration of the wooden pergolas is very well with flowers, if you do not have plants near the pergola. You can plant these flowers in pots and you can hang them on the wooden beams. In addition you can also replace the pots with baskets and in this way you will get a more modern and elegant decoration.

dark wood pergola garden armchairs

In addition to the wooden pergola you can give a much more solid base using stone or brick. In this way you can make the columns of the stone pergola to a certain point and then you can continue with the wood. Also under the ceiling beams you can also place a grid.

original design wooden pergolas garden

On the other hand, you can also choose some pergolas with very original and modern ceilings with very original curved forms. In these pergolas the shape of the roof can follow a spiral and twist a little towards one of the sides.

small wood garden design

On the other hand, you can also choose the pergolas and simple constructions to decorate your garden. For these pergolas you can use wooden beams for the roof that you can place in a triangular shape and you can also use wooden beams to make the columns of the house.

wooden pergola swing garden

After deciding if a pergola would be a good detail for our garden you have to decide your material. We have been talking about wooden pergolas but the varieties in this sense are many. Especially based on combinations of materials that increase their beauty and durability. The benefits are similar regardless of the type of material.

pergola huge solid wood sofa

Besides the wood there are PVC structures that usually have a very accessible price. As an aesthetic detail, they are not as attractive as wooden pergolas for a garden. For the image of the patio to be truly modern, a metal structure is perfect. Both metal and wood require a cover that protects the material from moisture.

pergola corner shade shadowed terrace

The wood as we have mentioned is a perfect material for a natural environment. There are many solutions and variants of pergolas but wooden ones never go out of style. In terms of combinations, it has many possibilities when it comes to decorating the entire structure. As we mentioned, an adequate treatment will allow it to last longer in good conditions.

pergola garden lights night garden

The photos show us the great variety of models and possibilities that wood pergolas have. When the time comes to decorate these spaces you have to start with a good selection of plants. Each of them can give a different image with a perfect finish. It is an economic decoration and you can get a lot in the yard. To decorate a pergola with plants there are several simple options.

pergola wood base platform garden

The first one is the use of pots placed in different points. Around the pergola they look perfect and likewise inside. The poles and the roof area are ideal to place some hanging on the structure. According to the dimensions of the patio next to the wooden pergolas, some larger ones planted in the ground are another good idea.

pergola wood white garden furniture

The bushes will give us a greater privacy and avoid air currents. We can not forget the climbing plants for this decoration. Simply the appearance is incomparable with these varieties of plants. A perfect case are the climbing roses to combine beauty and aroma. Any decoration without good lighting would really be nothing.

pergola wood with floor platform

In addition to beautiful the lights will allow you to enjoy the patio at night. In general, the use of lights will depend to a large extent on the size of the entire pergola. It is necessary to use one or more points of light depending on this characteristic. To make it more comfortable you have to avoid that the lighting is too intense.

pergola wood design minimalist pool

In case of having a dining room or lounge area it will be a little uncomfortable. There are several indirect lighting options that blend perfectly with the landscape. To be just what we need it must be a soft lighting that maintains a pleasant and fresh atmosphere. The decoration of the pergola space can not overlook a successful selection of furniture.

pergola wood flowers hanging flower pots

Let's say that some of the essentials are tables and chairs. If we pretend to have a good time in these spaces, they are necessary. With these pieces we will have the necessary comfort to spend relaxing outdoors. Wood and wrought iron designs are now widespread to complement the pergolas.

pergola wood fountain modern garden

The important thing is that good care is maintained to protect them in the case of humid environments. For the furniture of the pergolas we can also use those made of synthetic fibers. They will save us a lot of work in terms of periodic repairs and maintenance. The last step is a cover for the structure that protects us from the sun. Climbing plants are a good choice as well as several tissues.

pergola wood furniture garden deck chairs

pergola wood painted white furniture

pergola wood round ceiling

pergola wood triple ceiling park

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