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wooden porches

Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, it is also great to enjoy the outdoors, even if it is only from your balcony, porch, terrace or patio. And speaking of that, what is the difference between all these spaces? Certainly they are similar to some extent and we often use them indistinctly. Even so, this does not make them synonymous. In fact, there are clear differences between all the areas described by these terms. In our article today we are going to focus on the wooden porches, but first let's see what their characteristics are.

Wooden porches

wooden decks and porches

A porch (from the old "portico · in French, from the Latin porticus" columnata ", from the portal" paso ") is a term used in architecture to describe a room or gallery located in front of the entrance of a building that forms a low front , and placed in front of the façade of the building that commands, it can be defined more simply as a "projected building that houses the entrance door of a building or as a hall or room. The porch exists as much in the religious architecture as in the secular architecture and is in different forms and structures, constructed with diverse materials all over the world.


terrace porch with views

There are several styles of porches, many of which depend on the architectural tradition of their location, as well as various names used. The porches will allow enough space for a person to stop comfortably before entering or leaving a building, or to relax. Many porticos open outwards with a balustrade supported by balusters that usually surrounds the entire porch, except where the stairs are located.

patios and wooden porches

The word "porch" is used almost exclusively for a structure that is outside the main walls of a building or house, with many different designs and ceilings either under the same roof line or as towers and turrets, supported by simple columns or ornate colonnades and arches, such as that found in Reina Ana-style architecture, Victorian-style Spanish colonial-style houses, or any of the buildings and houses in American colonial style.

Detail of the domestic wooden porches

wood porch designs

Some porches are small and cover most of the entrance, or even wrap around the sides or run completely through the entire building. A porch can be part of the ground floor, or an upper floor.

original designs of wooden porches

A porch is a covered shelter that is projected in front of the entrance of a house or building in general. The structure is external to the walls of the building, but may be enclosed in certain types of frames, including walls, columns or screens, which extend from the main structure.

great designs of wooden porches

A balcony is a platform on the outside of a building, enclosed by walls or balustrades, supported by columns or console brackets. The platform is projected from the wall of a building, usually on the ground floor. The balconies are typically small and are not used as social spaces or for entertainment purposes.

modern wood porch designs

This term has two forms, 'verandah' ​​is also correct, although the version without an 'h' is usually preferred. A terrace is a covered platform along the exterior of a house. It is level with the ground floor and often extends both through the front and the sides of the structure. It can be partially enclosed by a handrail.

classic wood porch designs

A patio is an outdoor paved area next to a house, usually used for dining or recreation. The term comes from Spanish, where its meaning is different (inner courtyard). The common materials used when building a patio include concrete, stone, bricks but also tiles or pavers. The patios are often decorated with plants and outdoor furniture.

traditional wooden porch designs

A deck is a flat platform, usually without a roof, adjoining a house. The covers are usually made of wood and rise from the ground. It can include spaces for barbecue, dinners and seats. The covers are usually enclosed by a handrail. In some cases, the covers can also be covered with a canopy or pergola.

Minimalist wood porch designs

Should you build a patio or terrace in your garden? How do you know which one is right for you, your lifestyle and your outdoor living space? And how can you really see the difference between the two, anyway?

modern wood porch designs

To begin, let's define them. Patio is a word in Spanish, which means that it is a patio of a house or building. A patio is traditionally an open space surrounded by walls or other structures or is an area of ​​land adjacent to a building. A garden differs from a patio in that it does not have to be surrounded by walls. It is similar to a patio because it is an open space that can be located directly on the ground.

modern wooden porches

Courtyards can be attached to a house or separate. They are often designed and oriented with the landscape in mind. Courtyards are versatile: they can take any shape and be constructed with a variety of materials, including concrete, pavers, stones, tiles, bricks, pebbles, rocks or gravel. Most courtyards are located on a concrete slab or on a base of sand and pebbles. Because courtyards are built at ground level or around them, they do not require security guardrails.

The covers are made mainly of wood or a composite material of wood or vinyl

decoration of wooden porches

The covers are mainly made of wood or a composite material made of wood or vinyl, such as Trex. Popular roofing timbers include redwood, cedar and pressure-treated pine. Care properly, the covers offer a beauty and warmth different from any other material. You can stretch on a platform without a cushion and still be quite comfortable.

design and decoration of wooden porches

Like patios, decks can be attached to a house or independent. Decks are often designed to take advantage of a view. Decks can have different levels and often need guardrails. Certain types of wood decking and composites are resistant to insects. Unlike natural wood, vinyl and composite floors do not splinter and generally do not deform.

ideas for design and decoration of wooden porches

Before starting a project, check with local zoning laws. Some cities or counties require plans and official approval from the planning commission, along with periodic inspections during the construction process. This could determine if your project becomes a terrace or patio.

Patios and decks for wooden porches: the similarities

Wooden furniture

Both patios and decks are outdoor spaces or in the backyard that define areas of activity and guide it from one space to another. Other features that they share:

You can build a roof or pergola on shade or privacy. An outdoor kitchen can be located on a patio or terrace. Both can house fire pits, although a fire feature placed on a roof will require a fire retardant material that separates it from the wooden platform, such as concrete, ceramic, porcelain, etc. A patio or terrace You can surround a pool or spa.

Care of wooden porches

rear terrace

Unlike a concrete or brick patio, wooden porches need to be maintained annually to preserve their beauty. This may require scrubbing or sanding. If the platform has been too long without regular care, it may be necessary to re-varnish or paint it. Either way, it will require preparation to make sure there are no nails, screws or loose boards. It must also be sanded or refinished to ensure there are no pieces of wood that can chip off. A variety of cover products are available, depending on the scope of the repair project. Depending on the material, a patio should also be maintained, although it does not require the same level of attention as a patio. It may be necessary to replace the bricks, the pea gravel must be cleaned and raked, and it may be necessary to clean the concrete to remove the mold.

Pressure-treated pine resists rot and repels pests

ideas of design and decoration of porches

Will your new platform be an improvement or an eyesore? The answer depends on the type of wooden platform you use. Pressure-treated pine resists rotting and repels pests, but green or yellow-colored wood can be unsightly and the pesticides it contains may be unhealthy. For a more secure and attractive terrace or porch, choose an attractive and yet durable wood for floors, rails and steps. Store the pressure treated wood for the frame and supports.

Types of wood for wooden porches

design and decoration of porches

Explore these resources to find the most popular and durable wood for decking and wood porch floors.

Ip with slate inserts

design and decoration of porches and gardens

Ipé (pronounced ee-pay) is an almost magical South American hardwood. The Forest Services Products Laboratory provides the best grades for resistance to insects and rot, and the wood is so hard that it is almost as difficult to burn as concrete. It is dense and very heavy, which makes it somewhat difficult to work, but with a wonderful wood to use with stone and slate details. The use of wood from rainforest forests can be controversial. If you choose ipé for your deck, make sure it has the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) registered trademark, which certifies that the wood has been harvested responsibly. The established importers like IpeDepot.com use the term FSC Ipe Decking to describe their products.

Western red cedar cover

decoration of covered porches and gardens

Will your porch be covered or not? The wood you choose must have excellent resistance to decay, and cedar is one of those woods. Western red cedar is reddish brown. Within a few years, cedar ages to a silvery gray. This soft wood splinters easily, but it holds up well in the rain, the sun, the heat and the cold. To add beauty and durability to your cedar deck, use a penetrating stain. Real Cedar is the website of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association based in Canada. Consult organizations like this for more information and a better understanding of cedar products.

Modern style wooden porches

covered porches and gardens

Like the cedar, redwood is a soft but durable wood that ages and acquires a pleasant gray color. A redwood cover will resist rot, but prolonged moisture will cause the wood to blacken. To maintain the beautiful reddish hue, use a clear sealer on the redwood deck or the porch floor.

designs of covered porches and gardens

Mahogany is a hard tropical hardwood that resists pests and rot. Treat it with marine oil and look like teak. Or let your mahogany mallet age to a silver tone. You can choose between several varieties, and each one has its pros and cons. Whichever type of mahogany you select, make sure you have the "FSC" mark to ensure that tropical forests have not been harvested irresponsibly.

"Philippine Mahogany" is not genuine mahogany. The term "Filipino" is a trade name for Southeast Asian Shorea woods sold in North America. In Australia, this wood is sold as "Pacific Maple". However, Philippine Mahogany has many of the wonderful characteristics of true mahogany.

designs of covered porches and patios

Gonçalo alves or Tigerwood is a South American wood of great visual variation. The color and grain can differ from board to board to provide an interesting and rich presentation when used for the deck. Some installers consider that this wood is difficult to handle due to its inconsistent nature: a board can present hardness and softness. BrazilianKoaWood.com has been selling this product since 1992 under another name, Brazilian Koa. Tigerwooddecking.com sells the product as Tigerwood. Although this exotic wood has several names, it is not Zebrawood, which is another striped product.

Rustic wooden porches

covered porches and patios

covered court

covered porch and patio

terrace at the entrance

american porch

terrace with awning

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simple decoration

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