Wooden sliding door for the interior

sliding door wood design modern interior ideas

Today we have ideas for sliding doors for you wood for the interior of the house. The sliding door can be made from almost any material and is an option that seems to have captured the heart of the owners of households in recent years.

Wooden sliding door perfect for modern interiors

sliding door wood design bathroom ideas modern

Sliding doors can add character and style to any space. Whether it's a rustic design with wrought iron or a modern one with steel, the options are also almost endless.

Luxury bathroom in which the wooden sliding door stands out

sliding door wood design bathroom options ideas

But before choosing sliding doors we invite you to read our article in which we will list a series of things that you should think about.

Ideas of white sliding doors in the interior

sliding door wood design white modern ideas

One of the most important things you should consider before adding or removing is the stability of the structure. Unless you have sliding doors in your home previously created, there is no way to know just by looking if a door is adequately framed beneath the panels.

Lacquered wooden door to separate spaces in the house

sliding door wood design bright ideas

Although a door like these offers a parallel diffusion of weight through the head, the load can be very large and the door will be on the outside of the frame.

Blank kitchen with wooden door as well as the walls

sliding door wood design modern kitchen ideas

You need to know if the door or doors you have chosen are too heavy for the track system you are going to use, which is especially important if it is a DIY project.

A minimalist living room design with white painted door

sliding door wood design white color ideas

While all modern homes are built with frames that can support the weight of old houses, it is very possible that they can not. For this you must check before starting the drilling. For this it is very likely that you need a professional.

Ideas for sliding doors to separate the dining room and the kitchen

wooden sliding door design traditional dining room ideas

Another thing you should think about is where you are going to put the door and what spaces it separates with it since what works for some people will definitely not work for others.

Very large sliding doors for the interior

sliding door wood design dividing spaces ideas

Take, for example, sliding doors for bathrooms. Keep in mind that a sliding door does not open like normal doors so if you are in a hurry you may not be happy trying to slide your doors.

Sliding doors with rustic design for rustic interiors

sliding door wood design bedroom bathroom rustic ideas

Another thing between the wall and the sliding doors will be a small space since the sliding doors do not seal the opening of the typical way of a normal door, this space will depend on the type of track you choose.

Wooden sliding doors

sliding door wood design two angle ideas

If you prefer privacy, especially when using the bathroom, be sure to get the best possible contact between the door frame and the door itself.

Country house with sliding doors at the entrance

wood sliding door design entrance green house ideas

Due to the way they are installed, the sliding doors may have blocking. This is not preferable for families with small children, as children could lock themselves in the room.

Ideas for sliding doors to hide the washer and dryer

sliding door wood design space space washing machine hidden ideas

However, it can be a good option if you want to put them as a door to the guest room or bathroom where you would like the option to block it. But let's not forget that there are options to add a lock such as the hook closure.

Ideas of sliding doors of industrial design

sliding doors wood industrial design ideas

Many like the rustic romance of worn wooden sliding doors. Others are attracted to the aesthetics of a mid-century design. Whatever your style preference, make sure the door matches the appeal and design of the space.

Ideas of natural wood sliding doors very nice

sliding doors wood interior design wood ideas

If you like the look of wooden sliding doors but want something with a bit more luster than a recovered wooden sheet, consider adding a mirror surface or an extra layer of lacquer. This will add to your design a beautiful functional look and it will be a unique statement.

Door made of recycled wood sheets

sliding doors wood interior design options ideas

You can also use the door as a focal point. The wooden slats will stand out against the white walls of a living room or kitchen and will be impressive.

Sliding door options for your closets

sliding door wood design wardrobe ideas

We should not underestimate this type of doors since they can do much for our design. In fact, a sliding door can be a very successful choice for an interior and this is shown in the images that we show you today.

House with vintage design and wooden sliding doors

sliding doors wood lacquered wood design ideas

But a sliding door is not the answer for small rooms. You need to have enough space on the wall so that your door can slide. Now we let you review these pictures again and be inspired.

Options to separate your office from the rest of the house with sliding door

sliding door wood design wood posters ideas

One more idea of ​​a blank door for the modern house

wood sliding door design hall ideas

Ideas for sliding doors to hide your shelves in the kitchen

sliding door wood design practical ideas

Wardrobe ideas with sliding doors

sliding door wood rustic design vintage ideas

Rustic house with wooden sliding doors

wooden sliding door design rustic living ideas

A door that separates the bedroom and bathroom painted light gray

sliding door wood design separates bathroom bedroom ideas

Kitchen with cabinets with sliding doors in the house designed by i29 Interior Architects

sliding doors kitchen design i29 Interior Architects ideas

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