Wooden tables - 24 designs for the modern dining room

wooden dining tables design jean prouve ideas

Today we have for all of you some ideas of wooden tables for the modern dining room. Because the dining room is the meeting center in many houses and for many families we have decided to help them find the most suitable dining table to accommodate family, friends.

Wooden tables design by Cattelan Italia

wood dining table cattelan italia ideas

We must also think of a design that is a good investment and that can last for decades and even be passed on from generation to generation. In addition to being practical, a dining table should also establish the general atmosphere of the space.

Wooden tables an option from the Gemma collection by Altinox Minimal

wooden tables altinox minimal gemma ideas collection

If you are looking for a dining table you should consider what works best for your space. You can opt for a more casual vintage or rustic wooden design or a large lacquered wood table to evoke sophistication and formality.

The wooden table Amond de Bonaldo

wooden tables amond wooden table bonaldo ideas

Another important thing we should think about is the size of the table . The size of your table will depend on the size of your room but also on the needs you have. You should think about how often you use the dining room and more or less how many people should accommodate your table.

Modern dining room with wooden table from the AX collection by Bonaldo

wooden tables ax collection wooden table bonaldo design ideas

If your whole family lives nearby and you visit them often, a larger dining table would be a good option. On the other hand, if the family does not come much to visit, they could opt for a smaller design.

The Maggese Plus dining table designed by Paolo Cappello for miniforms

wooden tables dining room design maggese plus miniforms paolo cappello ideas

One piece of advice we can give you is that you do not think of the dining room table as just a surface around which the family gathers to eat.

A table for the Magis wood dining room with green chairs that stand out

wooden dining tables design Magis ideas

In the market we can find many interesting options with different shapes, styles and colors that can turn the dining table into a substantial piece of furniture that can set the tone for the design of the entire room.

A large Hülsta table perfect for large dining rooms

wooden dining tables design dining table hulsta ideas

If you have a house with furniture and classic details we advise you to choose a rectangular or round table two options that adapt to most dining spaces.

A lovely wooden table by Dale Italia

wooden dining tables design table dale italia ideas

Round tables facilitate the flow of conversations and rectangular tables accommodate many guests, especially when they are extended.

Oscar's dining table EmmeBi

wooden dining tables design oscar emmebi ideas

If instead you are looking for something more contemporary our advice is to choose a square table for a more unique and modern look. For greater versatility, you can get an extendable square table that transforms into a rectangle when it is extended.

Table for the wooden dining room designed by Paolo Cappello Miniforms

wooden dining tables design paolo cappello miniforms ideas

For a dining room with a unique look, you can choose a table that has a shape that attracts attention. Our advice is to choose an oval or octagonal table, for example, to enter curves in a square room.

Oval-shaped dining table by Meridiani

wooden dining tables design plinth oval table meridiani

In addition to the way the material of your table is very important as you can see in our photos even if it is wooden tables they are all very different.

Radius wood table for Bensen

wooden dining tables design radius table bensen ideas

For a space designed in the traditional style, the best complement to your decoration will be a dining table true to this style, with rich wood finishes and carved legs that are characteristic for the classic style.

Another Radius table design for Bensen

wooden dining tables design radius table bensen dining ideas

If instead your style is rustic a prefect option will be a very thick worn wooden table. A recycled or worn wooden table in combination with a pair of benches instead of traditional chairs is the perfect choice for a rustic interior.

Wooden table designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Vitra

wooden dining tables design vitra edward barber jay osgerby ideas

The wooden tables are not very modern but if you opt for a wooden countertop and support made of metals, such as stainless steel or chrome finishes can add a modern look to your dining room.

The table for the dining room Zeus by Vincent Van Duysen

wood tables dining room design zeus vincent van duysen ideas

A solid wood table that does not include other materials, such as plywood but is more expensive will last a long time and most of the scratches and stains can be repaired. But on the other hand the wood can be divided over time.

A table for the dining room of Colli Italia

wooden tables design colli italy wooden table ideas

A more affordable option to solid wood is veneer, a thin layer of wood stuck on top of a base, such as plywood or medium density fibreboard.

The Driade dining table designed by John Pawson

wooden tables design driade john pawson ideas

The high quality sheet metal tables have a solid core. The veneer is more affordable and is divided less than solid wood. However, peeled edges and blistered surfaces can occur, most often in inexpensive pieces.

The Easel table designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

wooden tables design easelv ludovica roberto palomba ideas

Now we leave you with our ideas of wooden tables for the dining room presented by the best brands and designed by the best designers to inspire you.

The Eliot dining table by Cattelan Italia

wooden tables design eliot table cattelan italy ideas

A perfect dining table option for interiors and exteriors is the Cronos de la Ethimo table

wooden tables design ethimo chronos wood table ideas

A table with steel support and Hülsta wood worktop

wooden tables design hulstl table ideas

A wooden dining table from the Anapo collection designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Driade

wooden tables driade gordon guillaumier anapo collection ideas

Tria wood dining table designed by lorenz + kaz for Cole

Original shape wooden tables cole lorenz kaz ideas

A table for the dining room in the Acco collection designed by Florian Schmid for Miniforms

miniforms florian design schmid acco collection ideas




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