Wool hats tips for a smart choice

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Each of the accessories we use is a way to make our style and personal taste known. Today we are going to refer to a very special one, it is about wool hats. This type of accessory perfectly combines aesthetics and functional part.

Wool hats concept in very special neutral tone

Men's concept masculine style wool caps

The wool caps allow us to shelter from the cold and at the same time look good. As with other accessories, the options are many. So we want to give you some general details to select the wool caps. The first one is practically inevitable, it's about your type of face. If it is an elongated face, avoid models with accessories on top like pom-poms.

Wool hats design in red very elegant and with a great feminine touch

red intense bicera wool caps

Also all design that looks high. They are models that will make your face look longer. Try in these cases that the wool caps that you select demarcate the line of the shortest face. The opposite happens when your face is square or round. At all costs, this visual sensation with a shorter face should be avoided. So those hats with pompoms for example will come in handy.

Infant version that closes on the sides of the face for greater protection

complete special children's wool cover caps

In addition to the type of face there should always be a proportion according to the person. This applies to any accessory be hats or caps. We will never wear a wool hat in all its splendor if we do not respect this and go to the extremes. Too big or small will make us look disproportionate and with some imbalance.

Another children's striped pattern inspired by sport and with striking tonalities

sport wool caps children's insides lineas

We can not miss something in the same important way, the color of wool hats. According to the criteria of many specialists in the case of women with dark hair, the most intense tones look better. If you have clear eyes, the vibrant tones will be perfect. On the other hand, light tones are reserved for those with certain golden tones in the hair. As for the clear skin tone, they look good with light hats.

Idea for a feminine design that includes a visor and two buttons on the sides of the model

Gray wool hats cover women's style

Especially when it comes to pieces of a single color. For the selection of colour you have to add the season and even the moment. There must always be a harmonious relationship with other clothing we use at that time. We have talked about hair and its interaction with the style of the cap is inevitable. Especially in winter we can not do without it but it always has an effect on the hair.

Floral-inspired ornament very common in the female designs of wool hats

wool caps idea flower detail china

Especially affecting the volume or keeping it fatty. So that when we use the cap and remove it, we should continue to look good, and we should prepare it beforehand. The care of the volume can be done with lacquer and then dry it. Similarly there is a large list of shampoos that help keep hair supple and soft. These are vital conditions to avoid phenomena such as static electricity that are very common in periods such as winter.

Beautiful design in bold colors and bee wings on the sides that make it more attractive

children's wool hats red concepts model

The cases of wool caps with visor demand very special hairstyles in the case of ladies. It must be said first that they are one of the simplest and most modern models at present. Being simple and recommended to be used with flashy hairstyles. It can be having the hair floor with true natural style. With this type of cap also the possibilities for wavy hair look perfect combined with these models.

Another elegant example of decoration of the hat with a floral detail in metallic tone

retro wool hats combination style flowers

Anyway, you can always have on hand any type of product to make the necessary corrections to your hair. A capillary oil is applied easily and very quickly. What makes it simple to put every last strand in the right place. In terms of hairstyles, wool hats offer many possibilities and are more versatile. Being a material that can be widened easily allows higher volume hairstyles so it is not a problem.

The light tones are very special and can be combined with many garments

pink wool caps, decorations, images

So if you prefer the hairstyles with more details are perfect. Another positive point is that these caps allow the entry of air. It will not be a problem if you have decided to leave with a very loaded and elegant hairstyle. To finish we leave you with a small collection of some very special designs for all the members of the family.

Very special idea for a feminine design in yellow that does not include a front visor

yellow special concepts design sites

Perfect variant of the same design without visor in light purple very elegant and feminine

lilac fabrics thick design color doors

Flower decoration with center inspired by children's animation and covers for the ears

combination yellow blue flower head girls

A combination of hat and scarf to complete an elegant and fresh image

combination garments retro style fountains

Another way to combine both pieces in lighter shades from brown and white

elegant brown tone special expensive browns

Male model in dark gray that does not include any type of ornaments in the design

Elegant combination yellow blue flower head men

Combination with scarf in the case of male designs also in dark gray

Stylish combined gros dark material elegant

Rabbit ears a perfect model for small twins and that looks fantastic

twins rabbits inspirations baby

No visor for a modern and very modern image in the case of male designs

gray concepts clear special solutions

Special monster ideas to use on Halloween or any other celebration

amazing creations halloween special walls

Very practical child model that covers the entire neck area and protects the child from the cold

inspirations animates colors sheep neck

This is another of the perfect designs for children and popular with some teenagers

model brown funny children ages

Variant designs for babies and they can be found in many colors and styles

twins blue flowers white option button

Undoubtedly this model is inspired by a fox and looks very funny in its forms

fox concepts design special wolves wool

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