Work from home, ideas to create a productive environment.

work from home curtains cushions mural

Today the fact of working from home has become a reality more than palpable. It is an opportunity to plunge into a different office environment. With the difference that it can be from a cabin, house on the beach and more. Environments of this kind cause creative thinking to be stimulated in a different way.

Work from home, use natural light

work from home paintings brown ceiling

Therefore we bring you some tips and creative ideas to transform your office at home. The walls are fundamental in each space and this is no exception. Use neutral colors such as silk gray or cream. This makes it possible to add colors with accessories. Thus, a balance is achieved in the entire office environment. Distractions that may interfere with daily work are also avoided.

Work from home, practical furniture

work from home cojins studio curtains

To stimulate creativity there is nothing better than a corkboard. Place one with inspirational images and texts that are also of aesthetic value. We can also add some color with artistic works such as paintings. Without being too expensive only some of your preference. An important detail is the lighting of this space.

Bold and fresh design

work from home gray black books

This is also a way to change the image of your home office. Encouraging the work area to stay well lit helps to keep you active and productive. A desk lamp or the strips of LED they are some solutions. Usually for those of us who handle documentation, space is vital. Make sure you have enough storage space for everything you need.

Variant for small space

work from home white curtains chair

A messy environment can interfere with any productive process. Your most immediate workspace can also be customized. There are simple options such as custom-made decorative paperweight. We would also add some natural touches with plants indoor. Rate some of the ideas that we leave you below. Surely you will find the precise environment.

Play with textures, brick wall

work from home classic walls texture

Cool style with ample storage

work from home curtains fresh skins

Models with white use

work from home white creative desk

Create conditions for lighting

work from home elegant wood buro

Walls as center of decoration

work from home gray colorful walls

Minimalist style, white and wood

work from home computer white lamp

Ideas for rural environments

work from home gray ideas logs

Lighting with adjustable lamp

work from home gray walls lamps

Designs in small premises

work from home gray stripes wood

Style for a spacious and modern room

work from home gray leather armchairs

Custom space with pictures

work from home bricks walls skins

Use of space

work from home furniture ideas curtain

Plants to bring the desk to life

work from home plants decorating pots

Attractive gray tonality

work from home red sphere lamp

Walls of geometric textures

work from home chairs design light bulbs

cushions design curtains luxury lamps

environment wood shelf desk mirror

flower wood shelf table

house decorated mural studio clock

collection white stools chests books

picture smile design leather armchair

elegant white lounge cushions number

elegant practical wood yellow style

elegant brown decorative criteria armchairs

elegant brown criteria sofa books

space white table mural pictures

studio wood classic furniture flowers

flowers number cushions decoration windows

cool decorated dog black plants

books shelves lamp shade wood

wood floor orange chair armchair

mother daughter work shelves wood

striking white furniture wallet chairs

modern crativa stay yellow carpet

orange design wooden chair pictures

natural plants flowers red jarron

small space detail woman pictures

plants wood curtains floor clock

reduced space wood ceiling shelves

white chair furniture black design

white chairs woman shelf lights

chairs design black house lamps

chairs wheels colors rustic white

chairs wheels colors sofa cushions

green walls mural leaves flowers

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