Works of art to decorate the dining room 24 inspiring photos

works of art panda box modern dining ideas

Today we have for all of you some very original ideas of dining rooms with decorative art paintings to inspire you. There are many design solutions that work in any space regardless of your design style.

Works of art that decorate dining room of different designs

vintage dining room table precious wall ideas

Some white decorations, for example, work perfectly for any room designed in any style and with any decoration. Another thing that we have often talked about is that natural wood also adapts to any decoration.

Pop art works to decorate the dining room

dining room traditional design pop art wall ideas

In the same way, some works of art are a great statement and a perfect solution for the dining room and not only. A painting on the wall is a simple but elegant decoration, regardless of the style of the room or what that work of art represents.

A table that adapts perfectly to the design of the dining room thanks to the combination of colors

modern dining room large picture highlights ideas

As you can see in these images the dining rooms decorated with works of art always look well designed elegant and attractive.

A rustic dining room with picture of sunflowers

rustic dining room picture sunflowers lovely ideas

The range of colors you use when choosing your framed artwork is more important than you think. Let's start commenting on the abstract arts.

Ideas for hanging a painting on the fireplace in the dining room

traditional dining room picture fireplace design ideas

If you have is not an art expert, the best thing you can do is choose contemporary abstract works that accentuate your color scheme or ones that have the same color palette as the furniture and walls of your dining room.

A painting that stands out in the dining room with a neutral design

beautiful picture dining room original design ideas

This is the easiest way to decorate. The dining rooms decorated with works in the abstract style are often very contemporary.

More pop art options to decorate the walls of the modern dining room

art paintings pop art design options ideas

An option to decorate a very simple dining room is to opt for a pretty picture and to make it even more visible is adding a lighting fixture. The artwork plus lighting is all you really need to create a very attractive area.

Modern dining room designed by Brian Patrick Flynn

design dining tables walls brian patrick flynn ideas

You can choose different types of materials, styles and shapes when you are preparing your central decoration or you can also make a complete area that feels like an entirely separate space.

One option to add color to neutral spaces is to put a picture on the wall

pop color dining design options ideas

If your artwork is big enough, you do not even need to hang it. The latest trends tell us that art supported on the wall is a perfect idea for dining rooms in which a contemporary and informal look is sought.

Ideas of classic style wooden furniture and cusdros decorating the walls

furniture classic style works art wall dining ideas

The lower your ceiling, the smaller the work of art you can choose, but if you have fallen in love with a larger painting you can support it on the wall and that's it.

Perfect geometric frame to decorate the dining room

abstract works of art geometric design ideas

In case you are worried that abstract paintings have many colors in them, you will always find something less striking. Or you can use a very colorful table in a dining room with a neutral color scheme of its own soft tones.

A beautiful picture to match the dining room chairs

works of art perfectly adapted design ideas

Many decoration stores offer a wide range of contemporary art so you can easily find what you are looking for. If you do not like these paintings you can always opt for works with geometric shapes.

Another original design by Brian Patrick Flynn

attractive works of art dining room design brian patrick flynn ideas

If you want a slightly more dynamic design for your neutral dining room, a work of art full of geometric shapes will be perfect. Instantly make your contemporary and modern dining room change its appearance and become a more elegant and lively space.

Ideas for spaces with furniture and walls in white

works of art kitchen dining design claire paquin ideas

The colorful abstract geometric illustrations work just as well as the minimalist graphics but bring another kind of dynamics to the interior. A minimalist work of art can also be used in a dining room with a contemporary design, especially if a lot of clean lines and discreet furniture have been used for the design of the dining room.

Large dining room a design by Gisele Taranto

works of art dining design gisele taranto ideas

On the other hand the brilliant works with perfect for dining rooms in which they must stand out on the other elements. And you can use them in a room where there are a lot of different colors and textures.

Large plaid ideas that make a color statement in the dining room


Now we leave you with these inspiring images of dining rooms with furniture of different design styles decorated with very nice works of art so you can find the best option for your dining room.

Yellow and black frame to stand out in the elegant dining room

Matted artwork yellow dining room design ideas

An art on marble very nice to decorate the living room

works of art marble wall living room design ideas

A very nice and elegant picture of Michael Bond

art works michael bond box dining ideas

Very attractive frame that adapts perfectly to the design of the living room

options decorate living room classic design paintings ideas

The dining room designed by Amy Lau Design with very nice picture on the wall

residence design amy lau design dining ideas

A very large picture that stands out in this lounge with simple design by Maven Interiors

residence design dining room maven interiors ideas

A dining room with very attractive furniture and pretty picture

chairs dining style modern design options ideas

A last dining option with decorative painting designed by Claire Paquin

works of art dining design claire paquin luminous space ideas





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