Youth bedrooms: 100 ideas for your teenager

Ghislaine Vinas teenage bedrooms green touches ideas

For a teenager, his room It is like a refuge, a private space where you can go when you want to be alone, where you can do almost everything you want and where he can certainly add his own touch to the interior decoration. To help them when choosing furniture, colors and decorations for bedrooms youth today we have compiled a hundred bedroom photos for girls and boys.

Youthful bedroom ideas for colors, furniture and decorations

carpet stripes white black bedrooms guys girl ideas

Since this space will serve as your bedroom, your office and as a social area where you will receive your friends and spend time with them, the decoration should be flexible and multifunctional. There are no rules when it comes to decorating a teenager's room. But there are some things that should be taken into account. For example, design and decoration should focus on functionality.

Spacious youthful bedrooms in vibrant colors by the designer Amanda Austin

Amanda Austin bed finished wood blue walls ideas modern

This means that you should try to find or come up with smart and space-saving storage solutions, that you should try to add multifunctional pieces of furniture, that you should carefully select the colors for the decoration and that you also take into consideration any personal preferences. , such as hobbies or favorite items. We all know that teenagers are difficult people to please so parents could have a difficult time when they are designing a space for them.

Wooden sheets in various colors for the bedroom wall

large bed large gray carpet bedrooms youth ideas

These good bedroom design ideas for teenagers are gathered to help all parents in this process. These ideas include designs for small and large juvenile bedrooms, for girls and boys, for those who like vibrant colors and for those who prefer more natural shades.

Vibrant orange desk with matching curtains

large room orange table youth bedrooms ideas

All these rooms are perfect for all teenagers' lifestyles: they have ideas for the storage space of their belongings ideas for the study and entertainment space. Already in other articles we have shown you some ideas of juvenile bedrooms.

Pictures on the white wall and precious drawings give a personalized rock to the bedroom designed by Anne Rue

Anne Rue rug beautiful bed light blue girl bedroom ideas

If you are looking for bedroom ideas for teenagers, think about what your child loves and see your bedroom through your perspective. A teenager has a different vision of a bedroom than an adult; He sees more than a place to sleep, it is where a teenager escapes from the world of demands and rules.

Very large closet for all your teen's things

large wardrobe all things clothes decorations boy ideas

There are few places where a teenager can express himself blatantly. The bedroom is the best option. Your favorite things are diverse and sometimes discordant, but with a little planning, all the ideas can unite wonderfully.

White wooden wardrobe for children grown

wardrobe white perfect linen bed prints ideas

The teenagers of today are aware of the design and are up to date on the latest trends. But they are divided between childhood and adulthood. Most teenagers have beloved toys that they are not willing to throw away, but they look for a more sophisticated room than their childhood room.

Red wood four-poster bed in rustic style

bed canopy color red wood dormitories juveniles ideas

A teenager will appreciate more an approach to a self-contained mini apartment where he can spend most of his time comfortably. Regardless of size, a teenager's bedroom needs to be versatile enough to play with friends, rest and sleep, all while reflecting his personality.

Very interesting picture and combination of yellow and black in the bedroom for teenagers

bed canopy black picture art wall bedrooms juveniles ideas

Teens love to spend time in their rooms because they feel safe and comfortable. Naturally attracted to fabrics and textures that feel good, be sure to add some delicate elements in a room. Some ideas include: Velvet wallpaper, a faux fur rug, hanging curtains to divide the space, plush bedding, etc.

Decorative baskets and beautiful bedding in vibrant colors

bed shelf decorative baskets clothes bed colors ideas

Bed and bedside tables in white wood and blue bedding

white wood bed linen blue bed ideas

Let's face it, teenagers and tidy rooms are a rare combination. The disorderly rooms seem to be a teenage rite of passage. Good storage options will be the best feature you will need.

Narrow bedroom with trees decorating the wall

Cathy Hobbs painted trees wall bedroom youth ideas

Having places to store all your things, even if it's as simple as throwing them quickly in a drawer, will keep your room tidy quickly. The storage items needed in a room include dressers, shelves, storage bins under the bed, storage benches or storage ottomans, or a cabinet wall around the bed.

Vibrant colors on the walls of your bedroom for teenagers

Claire Paquin bedroom girl vibrant colors blue design

Make storage fun for your child, just as you would with the other teen bedroom ideas. The combination of function with the unique personality of your teenager will create a space that you will love.

Idea in dark blue for walls and pink armchairs

Claire Paquin youth bedrooms armchairs pink wall blue design

Beige and wooden wardrobe in the bedroom for teenagers

beige boys girls teen bedroom ideas

Carpet in various colors and blue armchair

colors bedroom armchair blue carpet ideas

Striped wall and beautiful mirror for the girls' bedroom

Denise Fogarty bedroom girl place lovely makeup ideas

Combination of green and pink for furniture walls in the bedroom for girls

Denise Fogarty bedroom blue wall sofa bed canopy mirror ideas

Lovely black and white wallpaper and matching carpet

Denise Fogarty wall stripes colors paper wall white black girl ideas

Bedroom for kids with very original idea for the wall

blue bedroom kid decorations big bed ideas

Very elegant bedroom for older girls

stylish girl bedroom sophisticated beige wall ideas

Curtains and bed linen with different prints in vibrant colors

bedroom girl many colors cushions clothes bed ideas

Bedroom for teenagers very feminine in pink and black

bedroom girl pink black white combination ideas

Bedroom with two beds with purple carpet and furniture walls

bedroom girls purple color beds walls carpet ideas

Bedroom for narrow boys with wooden bed

bedroom-boy bed wood narrow wall beige ideas

Green and light blue in combination in this bedroom

bedroom two beds green light blue ideas

Blank bedroom with lovely chair

Beautiful bedroom light colors female teen girl ideas

Very interesting wall paper and orange bedside tables

bedrooms girls grown paper wall bedrooms youth ideas

Bedroom with blue wall and chomenea very nice

young bedrooms blue wall white sofa fireplace ideas

Bedroom with large closet and shelves on the wall

youthful bedrooms broad carpet floral motif ideas

Bedroom with very large wardrobe and yellow desk

teen bedrooms large closet large colors ideas

teen bedrooms large closet large orange ideas

teen bedrooms wide yellow wall blue floor ideas

spacious teen bedrooms large closets ideas

teen bedrooms wide bed wood desk ideas

teenage bedrooms wardrobes shelves comfortable util ideas

youth bedrooms blue bed wheels-two teenagers ideas

youth bedrooms blue boy desk ideas

teenage bedrooms light blue yellow two beds ideas

bedrooms teenagers bed wardrobe wood ideas

youth bedrooms bed wardrobe wood blue ideas

youthful bedrooms white wood wall beige wall ideas

youthful bedrooms girl pink wall picture ideas

youthful bedrooms girls pink wall blue desk ideas

Youth bedrooms kid bed wood wardrobe shelves ideas

youthful bedrooms vibrant colors wardrobe ideas

youthful bedrooms orange furniture carpet ideas

youth bedrooms combination orange blue wardrobe wood ideas

youthful bedroom decorations desk shelf ideas

youth bedrooms two beds closet green yellow ideas

youthful bedrooms two beds colorful broad ideas

junior bedrooms two built-in beds cabinets ideas

youth bedrooms two beds desk ideas

juvenile bedrooms two beds narnja wheels ideas

youth bedrooms two separate beds cabinets ideas

juvenile bedrooms two boy beds steel black ideas

junior youth bedroom desk yellow brown ideas

youthful bedrooms blue desk shelf books ideas

youth bedrooms shelves books decorations ideas

youthful bedrooms minimalist style subtle white ideas

youthful bedrooms narrow white wall yellow ideas

youthful bedrooms luminous window shelves ideas

Youthful dormitories a lot big bed ideas

youthful bedrooms orange floor wood carpet purple ideas

youthful bedrooms blue wall green carpet ideas

youthful bedrooms wall white tiles orange ideas

youthful bedrooms red walls blue desk ideas

youthful bedrooms green walls wooden floor ideas

bedroom youth wall red floor wood ideas

youthful bedrooms green wall closets orange ideas

youthful bedrooms wall light green vibrant colors ideas

youthful bedrooms doors glass colors vibrant walls ideas

youth bedrooms clothing bed colors wardrobe wood ideas

youthful bedrooms window blue luminous wall

youthful bedrooms green broad shelves ideas

bedroom three teenagers ample beds canopy ideas

Erinn Valencich desktop bedroom girls white wood ideas

juvenile bedroom

youth bedroom wood

large juvenile bedroom

youthful hippie bedroom

modern bedroom

Jane-Ganz comfortable bed backrest gray bed ideas

Laura McCroskey sophisticated bedroom large bed cushions ideas

Lauren Rubin junior dorms blue white couples ideas

Liz Carroll white sofa tables lamps youth bedrooms ideas

place make up closet mirror bedroom girl ideas

bedside table wood white bedrooms youth ideas

Nancy Snyder carpet colors desk white ideas ideas

Nancy Snyder small room decorative pictures wall ideas

wall wardrobe built-in white bedrooms youth ideas

wall light blue space clothing large bedrooms youthful ideas

wall color purple curtains cushions yellow prints ideas

wall laminas wood colors bedrooms juveniles ideas

Avram Rusu night table white wood clothes blue bed ideas

wall-white blue stripes wide bed boy dormitories youth ideas

Patty Malonecom traditional style youth bedroom ideas

Patty Malone blue bedroom contemporary style ideas

Susie Fougerousse room bed wood desk wall blue ideas

Tobi Fairley white bed furniture desk wood colors vibrant ideas

Tobi Fairley Pink Walls Bedroom Teen Girl Ideas

combination several colors dark light bedrooms youthful ideas

bedroom desk wood mirror large youth ideas

youthful teenage bedrooms subtle modern ideas

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