Youth bedrooms - Everything you need to know


A youth bedroom is often a space in which different styles are mixed, adapting to individual needs, in which a clear image of the character of a child who becomes an adult is sought. One of the most difficult things is designing room for the teenager to hook up.

Modern youth bedrooms for girls


For example, an adult usually knows exactly what he would like to see in his room, we can not say the same of young people who often want "all at once" all with the intention of having a bedroom beautiful, elegant and that has nothing to do with everyone else.


The planning of the juvenile bedrooms depends on the following factors: the number of square meters of space, the possibility of dividing the room into zones the wishes of the owner of the room. These basic factors will establish the direction we should follow when thinking about the distribution of the room.


We consider three issues, the size of the area. Here we know that the possibilities are the following. You may have a large and spacious room, a normal room or a small room.


The design of a spacious and spacious room will facilitate the lucky owner since in a large room it is very easy to create any design and unleash the imagination. Well, if we do not want the bed to be in the center of the room, we can place it in a corner next to the wall or on the opposite side of the window.

Narrow juvenile bedrooms

bedroom-youth-decoration-ideas-attractive 1

The wardrobe can be built into the wall in a girls room can come with a large dressing room. The work area with a desk and a computer can be placed near the window, away from the space of the bed. If it is a question of large youth dormitories we have the opportunity to divide into sectors one to have fun and rest, another one for the study to divide we have to use space separators.


In large youth dormitories there is enough space for the organization of an area in which our teenagers can receive their friends, this can be designed between the bed area and the work area. An original idea is to establish transparent hanging chairs with soft cushions and a small coffee table, where you can eat, drink tea and organize the laptop.


It is impossible to imagine a youth room without the following elements TV, stereo, speakers, computer etc., in these photos we show you ideas to better plan the area in front of the bed. For example, a dresser and chest of drawers are perfect elements in the girl's bedroom. These pieces of furniture can be placed in the bed area.


In a large room, you do not have to think about the size of the furniture, although we should not put everything in it so there is an empty space. It will not be hindered for medium-sized youth bedrooms in planning circumstances either.

Contemporary youth bedrooms

juvenile bedrooms-original-details

In such an area it is easy to put everything you need: a bed or a sofa, a closet, a work space (table, chair, computer or laptop, book shelves), a TV table, your own television and other equipment and for girls a dresser with mirror.

junior-style-classic bedrooms

If all these required items are the right size and placed correctly, there may still be room for a leisure area with friends. The arrangement in an environment with medium size should be as ergonomic as possible and as orderly as possible to create the illusion of space.

juvenile-narrow-long bedrooms

If the bedroom is small, its design will consist of the lack of zoning. In small juvenile bedrooms we will only put the necessary furniture and better not to put them near the window, so that they do not interfere with the light. In the small room it is almost impossible to make an ergonomic design, the main thing is that the color of the walls, ceiling and floor is bright, and help to visually expand the space.

Youth bedrooms with classic design

youthful-furniture-white bedrooms

Let's talk a little more about the different areas that we should create. If space does not allow zoning is necessary without fail. Youth dorms can be divided into the following zones- bed area, work area, leisure area and closet area and other accessories.

youthful bedrooms-furniture-wood

Each of these areas is revealed thanks to specific units of furniture, which visually divide the room into sectors so that later on you do not have to install any type of dividers or screens. In the bedroom spaces can also be divided with the help of lighting.

juvenile bedrooms-decoration-blue

For example, in the work area, in addition to the main lamp we can place more ceiling lamps near the bed we can incorporate table or foot lamps and for the rest area it will be enough with the use of the main light source.


It is difficult to clearly delineate the area when the room is quite small, in which case it will be sufficient to simply place the furniture correctly. What should you consider when choosing furniture and decorations for the youth bedroom? When it comes to choosing the furniture and decorations for a young person's room, a lot of mistakes can be made.

youthful bedrooms-wall-color-gray

Follow the designer's recommendations and your own vision. Before choosing what it is you should ask the young person to give them some guidance on what the room wants.


At an early age it is very difficult to determine the design of the room, for adolescents and young people it is supposedly easier although teenagers are very susceptible to fashion trends and what is fashionable nowadays can become old-fashioned tomorrow.


That is why we should not comply with all their demands because we do not want to redesign a room and make major repairs in the coming years, it does not even make sense.

youthful bedrooms-wall-wood-options

Before starting with the future interior design, we must consider whether the room is designed for a boy or a girl, the individual requests of the young person, the combination of colors, the set of furniture, the dimensions of the space, the current trends in the design of Youth bedrooms, so that ours will not lose its relevance.

modern-juvenile-bed-canopy bedrooms

The possibility of connecting a neutral version of the design with something more exuberant and with the elements that emphasize the character and personality of the child who is already becoming an adult. The room should not be impersonal, so be sure to fill it with your personality.


The choice of the position of each element in the room is one of the main stages in the creation of the atmosphere of space. To create a good atmosphere, include the following steps: color selection; selection of a set of furniture; choice of floors, design of doors and windows; Decoration according to the selected style.


At this age, young people are passionate about different things and their needs are the most important, they usually ignore the parents' point of view and do not listen to their advice. Feel self-sufficient, able to make decisions, to reject any advice that goes against your wishes.


For a good design it is also important at every moment to agree with the teenager to try to understand his reasons but if he is wrong also explain to him so that he understands. Keep in mind that a teenager may decide to paint the walls with bright colors (due to the youth that expresses with colors of this range).


You can also go to the other extreme and ask for a dark room (many people in this age also want to hide from the outside world and not attract attention), you can ask for an extravagant decoration that quickly becomes irrelevant.


At every moment we must think that the design of the room should be done in such a way that it can be updated and changed without difficulty in the future. When choosing furniture do not forget that although there are things that may not like young people today may become tomorrow's favorite things. So choose the bed with wardrobes underneath whether you like it or not.


In addition to the bed we must include a wardrobe, furniture with drawers if we have space furniture for living room shelves for books and other accessories, a chest of drawers, bedside tables a small table in the rest area, a desk, chairs etc.


In addition to the basic set of furniture can be served with some furniture organizers that are especially good for students who constantly forget where they leave their things, a small dresser next to the bed for girls. It is important to emphasize that the furniture must be as ergonomic, mobile and functional as possible.


A bedroom designed by Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs




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