Zen gardens - 25 Oriental style landscaping ideas

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Today we will talk about the Zen gardens Oriental landscape designs intended for meditation, do not miss this selection of twenty-five models of gardens with designs very influenced by Japanese culture, we hope you enjoy the tour and that the images will inspire you to create your own garden Zen style

Zen gardens of modern design

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While we visualize the different garden models, we will briefly introduce some characteristic details of this landscaping movement that is so well known worldwide. It turns out that in reality the real name of this type of gardens is " Karensasui "and usually consists of sand, gravel and rocks, although occasionally it can also be found with some mosses.

Design of Zen gardens with plants

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Another essential characteristic of Zen gardens is that they must have certain dimensions. The different actions performed in the arena have their own individual meaning; for example, the sand The finest symbolizes the sea. In addition, the original Zen gardens are not made to walk on them, they should only be contemplated.

Decorating gardens with sand and stones

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Numerous studies carried out all over the world have demonstrated the relaxing properties of these gardens with the theory that the human mind manages to decipher the subliminal messages hidden by the larger rocks strategically placed. Actually the Dry gardens have always been very typical of Japanese culture, but it is believed that from the twentieth century the movement began to spread to different geographical areas.

Japanese garden design with many plants

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In general, Zen gardens are a landscape project that can not do without the natural elements. In practice, according to all the elements we have mentioned, it is a garden designed for contemplation. So it must above all maintain its natural appearance and that harmonious relaxing effect on which we have spoken.

Dry garden design in zen style

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The creation of Zen gardens becomes simple if we master certain elements of Japanese culture. Each element that is used is much more than a simple aesthetic detail. The burden of meaning and symbolism is equally important. All the harmony and symbolism must be based on the elements that we already discussed, plants, rocks and water.

Urban gardens zen style

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To begin to create our Zen garden size limitations are not important. It may even look better if it is not too extensive. If you have enough space in the yard, it's best to do it in a simple way. In essence an area with a fluid visual aesthetic and that helps to relax. There are even miniature variants when there is no real space in the house.

Japanese style bamboo fountain

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With the help of a tray, it is easily done. In these cases it is perfect to decorate any area of ​​the house. To begin the creation of Zen gardens, think of the location as the first step. This has to do directly with the size of the garden. So you have to think about whether we will use the entire area of ​​our patio to create it.

Japanese rock and bamboo font design

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Then mark a space with a wooden frame that you can fill with sand up to about ten centimeters. So it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of sand at our disposal. As we see in the photos the integration with rocks and water is important, but the effect of the sand is simply magical. This makes it the predominant detail of these spaces.

Water fountain round zen style

round stone fountain zen style

Basically the important thing is that each element is well organized and maintains a perfect visual harmony. Remember that the intention is always to have a relaxed design. With the help of the wooden frame or some molds, we will avoid extending all the sand used to other spaces. Later we began to shape the sand with the help of a rake.

Design of modern gardens in Zen style

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Especially the strokes are those that represent that beautiful symbolism of this type of garden. Their shapes can represent the waves that form in the water rhythmically. You can not miss the stones in Zen gardens. Combined with the pebbles they are the perfect complement to the sand in these gardens.

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Little by little we will be completing a completely Zen aesthetic in our patio. Always taking care that this aesthetic is inserted with fluidity in the surrounding landscape. We will place the largest rocks in the sand, always based on balance. An excess in this part can spoil the organized and relaxing image.

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Many rocks convey a sense of disorder producing an opposite effect. Other aspects that water represents in combination with the previous ones are responsible for completing this beautiful and natural aesthetic. To create a Zen garden, think that an objective is to give greater prominence to the beauty that surrounds your space. This has made the popularity of these gardens continue to increase.

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Our patio will not be the same with a garden of this type. If you are a lover of the natural and the exotic this is precisely the type of garden that we recommend. On the other hand, according to the elements that compose it, our work is much easier. They are extremely easy to maintain if we compare them with traditional gardens.

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Another element that usually appears in Japanese gardens as we mentioned is the source of water with a design of the most simplified and natural. In some of the examples that appear in the images we can see sources made of several bamboo canes that are subject to a huge mineral rock. For more information on this topic do not miss our article water sources Zen style, you will love it.

Zen gardens bamboo fountains

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vertical garden jardiniere zen design

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small patio design zen style

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covered porch gardens zen design

interior terrace garden zen style

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