Zen inspiration for oriental design houses

Japanese wood garden house zen

We present the great design houses of Metropole Architects with Zen influence. We will see the importance that has been given to the element of water and its appearance in each and every one of the spaces, both indoor and outdoor. Every detail is designed to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Design houses with oriental influence

house salon water marble design

This beautiful house is located in the Zimbali Estate Estate of South Africa. To achieve this special aquatic effect, the structure has an underground tunnel that allows the flow of water at all times. In addition, natural materials have also been selected that adapt to the environment, such as stone or wood.

Oriental design houses in zen style

Zen oriental design houses

At first glance you can see the eastern influence in the home designs of this firm, for example on roofs and wooden structures. The exterior blends with the interior architecture, creating really unique and great spaces with the use of bridges and joining platforms that run all over the place.

Backyard with oriental style garage

Japanese design houses zen style

The designs of houses of this style they can even confuse us so that we do not know how to differentiate the inside from the outside. We can find patios covered with roofs and porches, or independent wooden huts located in the garden, and they are all surrounded by water ponds with Koi fish.

Outdoor pool design half-covered

zen pool design houses

As for the interior decoration, we will see that the large windows and glass elements are essential to achieve such a natural effect. In some bedrooms The feeling of spaciousness and freedom have been achieved thanks to the windows, and that is that the transparency of the glass provides more than we can imagine.

Interior hall with koi pond

design houses zen platform

In a certain way, the zones opened or separated by a mere crystal provide tranquility because they show everything behind, so that they eliminate the feeling of surprise and mystery from the environment, everything is visible and at the same time each space has a appropriate place for its specific function.

Japanese style garden shed

wooden deck teak platform pool

Modern kitchen with island in oriental style

modern kitchen oriental style marble

Original column design with fossil footprints

column brown footprints fossil leaves

Designs of modern houses with a zen touch

oriental designs of modern houses

Interior design in minimalist style

carpet zebras modern style glass

Oriental style interior design

interior design zen style

Zen design houses by Metropole Architects

great designs of zen houses

minimalist beige marble kitchen island

garden sunset oriental zen design

white table brown leather chairs

large wood dining table

dining table floor wood terrace

furniture design zen interior bedroom

furniture leather brown salon stairs

wall wallpaper wood trunks

pond oriental design zen

Large teak wood crystal pool

pool platform teak wood chairs

plants wooden house plants garden

room games billiards modern design

bright red chair mobile wheels

outdoor area pool stairs wood

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